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hello have property as of Jan 31 2018. have cabin kit off grid solar wind parts,

just waiting to get there an get driveway in then it begins
hope to find friends that we can bounce ideas off each other

Now waiting on weather to break thinking April first have job till then.

hope to hear from other in ont

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17 Responses to “Looking for friends”

  1. SirThrivalist

    Greetings John, My wife and I homestead 103 acres around the corner from you in Commanda, ON
    (Christian, homeschoolers, preppers, out door enthusiasist, homesteaders)…we got a lot going on but love learning.

    • John

      Hi there how’s things going haven’t heard from u I sent message an didn’t get reply hope all is good I’ll look for reply john

    • John

      Hi hope all is good having some medical problems so not up there a lot witch sucks messing with my plan but . Anyway hope we can meet as soon as I am ok an up there

  2. Soleilenergy

    I am looking to meet like minded people. I love the outdoors like crazy and will be ready for my self sufficient lifestyle very soon. I have a lot of skills and I am currently in the Contracting world as my profession. Would love to communicate sometime. If interested. Evangeline

  3. littlea7


    I am currently attending UBC Vancouver and have been brought up in a very academic and corporate setting. I have always prided myself in the passion of learning. However, I believe I have misdirected my learning. I grew up in the corporate world, but know that I would be much happier contributing to a much quieter and simpler life. I am currently looking for a mentor, likeminded individuals, or community where we can build on the skills required to live that sort of life and with those skills, be able to offer whatever services that may mutually benefit everyone. If you are interested, please feel free to respond to this email and we will see where we can go from there.

    Thank you for your time.


    Adam Little

  4. Eilish McVey


    My name is Eilish, and I am a masters student studying design strategy in Toronto Canada. I am currently working on a project surrounding home energy storage.

    I I was wondering if there would ever be a time that we could chat about your interest and experience in off grid living. I am currently in the research phase of the project and I am gathering insight on how those interested in living off grid think about energy use.


  5. James

    I’m currently trying to see if anyone has land to relocate to off grid in April . please shoot me an e mail so we can trade a bio and some pre ideas if interested?

  6. Martin Germain

    I would love to talk with you. I’m very qualified in construction and heavy equipment operations. I am very interested in joining you. Can you please give me a call. 928-715-7748.

  7. Mgrrmain

    Hi I’m Martin please call me at 1-928-715-7748

  8. BobbyKorona

    2/28/2018 hello from Florida ….. Would be interested in your off-grid project, when you start on the solar setup. Currently have solar panels and batteries but confused about a charger controller that will handle (28), 100watt panels and (40), 45ah batteries….. my email … … have a grate day .. Bob :)

  9. Fragginz

    Congratulations! and good luck with this new great life.

  10. shawnna

    iam SO interested in the off gridlife…iam a hardworker, hard work for our daily living is so satisifying at the end of the day. most importantly Iam WILLING, i love life, quick learner, pretty tough for a girl, lol i wood love to get to know ppl who are like minded, if you are interested, email

  11. Ari

    Are you looking for a roomate to live off grid? Details on your cabin , how many it acomadates, stove, washroom or outhouse? How far from city town?.

  12. John

    Near port loring ont

  13. shane

    Where is the land located?