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[before_listing id=470 images= youtube=null] Hi, I am looking for friends who may have advice/wisdom about living off grid in NZ. I especially favor the NW corner of the South Island, but any Kiwi advice is valuable…everything from government issues to weather. Touch base and we can network. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks![landbuddy_listing id=470 images= youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “looking for friends and advice on New Zealand”

  1. kevin

    Hi – there are a few Earthship fans in New Zealand – although they are narrowly focused it might be a start

  2. MarkLee

    Hay all! Glad to make the acquaintance of other like-minded. Riaz, I must confess ignorance as to the GODZone. Is this a specific area of NZ, or a name for the entire country (which wouldn’t be inappropriate!) In any case would love to chat with all of you. Feel free to drop me a line at anytime. I am currently in Asia, but the big move could come soon…who knows? :) Am interested in the Earthship design as well.

  3. Steve


    Check my blog – we are living offgrid now west of Christchurch – you are welcome to visit if you want to ask some questions.

  4. coolrio

    Greetings from New Zealand!

    I am looking at getting a group together to form a community to live “off the grid” in New Zealand. I have been a resident of New Zealand for the last 11 years and positively love this GODZone. My strengths encompass knowledge of the building code in NZ, friendships with other earthship builders, contacts overseas to procure solar, biogas and other materials at economical prices. Would love to get in touch with others who have complimentary and diverse strengths to set sail on building a community of Earthships here in GODZone………

    Warm regards,


  5. spike

    i am working towards this goal also … possibly on the coromandel peninsular or south island.. would like to connect with others .

  6. No Use For A Name

    Hey mark I just discovered this website and your comment was the first thing that caught my attention.I too am looking into going off grid in New Zealand I was just looking at land on line lastnight.I live in Texas and I know nothing about the government status in new zealand or where the best place to relocate would be but would you be interested in going in to this together?Like getting a small community going?