I have 5 acre’s and off the grid. Would like to meet a female interested in helping me and to share my place with. I have military background, firearms instructor. I am building my home with 2: shipping containers. Do not smoke, drink occasionally, still working full time and have solid income.

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9 Responses to “looking for female with desire to be off the grid”

  1. Christina

    Where are you located?

  2. MO70

    I am currious as to why you’re looking for a female only?

    • DWN551

      Looking to share my place with a companion, not a roommate. Guys should be able to figure out how to go off grid and build whatever they need or join in a community style lifestyle with others to learn from.

    • Dale

      Looking for a companion not a roommate

    • valentin cojan

      2 alfa male is not gone work…I need some advice about cooking I feel better in presents of a women Nothing else,,

    • Bobbie

      I find this amazing! This is what I want. I have been looking for someone with the same interests as mine to do this. Unfortunately I have only begun my research on this life. I hope to be by May. 2019

    • Lisa

      It’s my dream to live off grid, are you still looking for someone? Im 36, how old are u?

      • offgrid@946

        I am 61 years young. I am very active, building my own home and kayak 10-20 miles frequently.