[before_listing id=364 images= youtube=null] Tecoma Valley is in northeastern Nevada, in Elko County. It is 2 ½ hours from both Salt Lake City and Twin Falls Idaho, and hour and twenty minutes from Elko Nv, and 55 minutes from both the towns of Wells and Wendover. Montello is a small town in Tecoma Valley that has a grocery store, hotel, gas station, post office, small hardware store, a mechanic, and a place to buy firewood.

Land in Tecoma Valley is cheap, generally from $300 and acre to $500, but prices vary. The ground water in the area is good for drinking, and if you choose the right property you can have a water well dug under 200 feet. There is plenty of sunshine and wind. The climate is typical high desert, with some regional variation.

We are looking for people who want to be a part of a progressive yet sustainable community development project. For more information contact us via email: golds_borough@yahoo.com
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11 Responses to “Looking for family oriented people to join growing offgrid community.”

  1. Midnightred

    This sounds like the perfect thing for me and my boyfriend. We have been saving to go off-grid for a while now and are now in a place that we would like to join a community where we can learn more about how to run one. I am a reclamations artist and I have been working in the past few years on how to turn my art into functioning pieces that will do more then one thing. I work in stained glass and make jewelry too. My partner is a jack of all trade and does a lot of online promotional work. We currently have a cat and are both animal lovers. We are both gardeners and love to cook. If this project is still active, I would like to learn more about it so please contact me at midnightred41 at yahoo dot com

  2. Steve

    Curious in learning / becoming an off-grid member. Send me any info you’d like.
    I’m a very handy / MacGyver type. Tend to be technical… but love Nature, and am not afraid to work.
    So- think I’d be good in a green / natural life style. Please do contact me.

  3. Chalsey

    Please send me some updated information. Thank you!

  4. Madcracka

    What is the current power source of this area? How is the hunting and fishing? How close is this off the grid town close to Montello? How about mining operations? Are there any in the area? Ty and God speed.

  5. james maynard

    Hey. Me and my wife moved over toward Funding month ago in a camper we are building up for winter.we will soon have a solar panel.and am putting in the pellet stove as we speak. I would like to meet more like minded people.

  6. Henry

    Very interested in helping anyway possible. Email me back at hsantana1884@yahoo.com

  7. Kim M.

    I also own ten acres near Montello and am planning to move to my property as I get off-grid equipment, supplies purchased from my big city job. I have BSEE and MSCE (computer engineering) degrees. Not much demand for that off-grid, but who knows. Looking forward to meeting more like-minded individuals in this area who believe in FREEDOM and LIBERTY .

  8. jeepguy4425

    fiancee and i are interested, please reply

  9. Hunter N

    I want to pack up with my tools and build a tiny home off-grid. Is there a cheap parcel for my settlement?

  10. JOHN T

    HI I might be interested in this.. Are there 5 acre parcels in the area??

  11. Denise

    My husband and I are looking to be completely self sustainable with solar, propane, generator growing our own crops, cattle ect. We have sold everything and gotten out of debt. We bought an RV to start paid off our cars and we want to go off grid but still have community . Please email and tell me more! Denise