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[before_listing id=310 images= youtube=null] I have tried responding to a couple postings on the site but no one seems to respond so I figure those opportunities may have passed.

Anyway, I’m looking to move off the grid in 2011. I have never done it before, but I am a veteran with lots of real field experience and understand survival conditions. I’d like to think voluntarily going off grid would be much more pleasant so I am prepared for almost anything. I’m hardworking, very independent. Love animals (would be bringing a dog or two), am an artist at heart, and enjoy crafting with my hands. I’m also a handy DIY’er; I have rebuilt rooms in my house and designed completely new rooms. I am studying drafting and architecture with the expectation I will use this skill to build and plan off-grid communities.

I’m not looking for a freebie. I am willing to contribute financially and physically to upkeeping, maintaining, and building (from scratch if necessary) a sustainable community. I do however want only serious replies from people who are either currently off-grid, have land to develop off-grid, or who are prepared to invest in off-grid land as a group of new pioneers finally getting off the system. I am NOT interested in chatting it up about “how it would be great” …I am looking for people of action so we can make this dream a reality!

I’m a lot sweeter than this post would imply :) Forgive the serious overtone! But this is a serious move for me. [landbuddy_listing id=310 youtube=null]

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