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[before_listing id=310 images= youtube=null] I have tried responding to a couple postings on the site but no one seems to respond so I figure those opportunities may have passed.

Anyway, I’m looking to move off the grid in 2011. I have never done it before, but I am a veteran with lots of real field experience and understand survival conditions. I’d like to think voluntarily going off grid would be much more pleasant so I am prepared for almost anything. I’m hardworking, very independent. Love animals (would be bringing a dog or two), am an artist at heart, and enjoy crafting with my hands. I’m also a handy DIY’er; I have rebuilt rooms in my house and designed completely new rooms. I am studying drafting and architecture with the expectation I will use this skill to build and plan off-grid communities.

I’m not looking for a freebie. I am willing to contribute financially and physically to upkeeping, maintaining, and building (from scratch if necessary) a sustainable community. I do however want only serious replies from people who are either currently off-grid, have land to develop off-grid, or who are prepared to invest in off-grid land as a group of new pioneers finally getting off the system. I am NOT interested in chatting it up about “how it would be great” …I am looking for people of action so we can make this dream a reality!

I’m a lot sweeter than this post would imply :) Forgive the serious overtone! But this is a serious move for me. [landbuddy_listing id=310 youtube=null]

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31 Responses to “Looking for Community to Support and be Part of”

  1. Jason

    Hello All,
    I am a 28 yr old male, Mig Welder by trade. I am proficient with most power tools, and am a capable fabricator. I am also looking to escape the daily grind. I am willing to put in the work for something worthwhile. Please fill free to email me at starkravingned@yahoo.

  2. Susan

    Hello all! My husband and I are also looking to go off grid. We are in the process of selling my mom’s house and then we are ready!! I have seen some posts for New Mexico, which is where my husbands dad lives, and we are from Illinois.. so we are pretty flexible as to where we are going. We are looking for a place to feel useful and help our neighbors, have some fun and stop living by everyone elses rules as to what is “right”. Like the government. I am 49 and my husband is 44 and we feel like outsiders every place we move. It seems like everyone is already in groups with friends and it’s been hard to have people to connect with and enjoy life again. If anyone has information that could help, I would appreciate it. You can email me at stradley2238@aol.com, and please put OFF GRID in the subject line. Thanks!!

  3. laura

    Looking for families(community) off grid in Colorado springs or somewhere near. Were both early 30’s and live a very simple life with our 4 kiddos. We homeschool and want to live find a community or a few other families with same interests. We have been saving and preparing for a long while and just ready to be away from it all. I have been researching and can’t find anything around here and I know there are lots off ppl in this area with common goals. Between my husband and I we can contribute a lot to a community. Very prepared.. please anyone know something around here or how I can find info? Laurasrice86@gmail.com

  4. Inthiscage

    Anyone know any communities? Tyler.mail_box@yahoo.com

  5. SH

    Countrygirl..I am a single woman also and my son (20) and I are looking for an opportunity such as the one you are offering. My email is sh092600@yahoo.com if you have any interest in talking to us. Thank you

  6. countrygurl

    This is for ‘Diane’ above. I’m 46 year old female. My kids are grown and gone. I’ve got the land (17.5 acres an hour south east of Springfield MO). I am SERIOUSLY looking for someone to go with and help in exchange for an acre of my land, i.e. if you help me with cabin on my land I will give you an acre and help you build yours. We could live in mine while we build yours, etc….Please email me if you are interested at kcmcdermott31@gmail.com!! Thanks! PS) I don’t seem to have much luck on here replying to posts, they keep saying my posts are under review!)

  7. Phoenix

    I don’t know if you have found somewhere to homestead yet….
    My husband and I just bought some land in Southeast Missouri. We just want to extend an invitation to you to come and join us (even if you do not want to stay). If you want to gain some experience of building and learning about building a Homestead from scratch you are welcome to join us.
    We will start building the house in mid to late August 2012. You might be able to gain practical building experience and knowledge about Homesteading.
    We thought you might want the experience for when you are ready to start building…and who knows maybe you will like it in Missouri enough to stay awhile *grin*

  8. Diane

    These posts are a year or older. I am looking to go off grid as well. I’m a 43 yr old white female and I’m just waiting to get the youngest off to college and on his own. Looking to go off grid sometime soon… July/Aug 2012. I’m wondering if any of the posts above would mind me contacting them??

  9. happyearthhomes

    Have you found what your looking for yet bud we are looking for a similiar thing and are also in illinois i have also been busting around having little luck with online sources i am hoping this one is better

  10. miked

    I am currently talking to two other people about going in together on 10 or so acres and sharing some responsibilities so we can all get off grid. We are looking for more people to help share costs and responsibilities. We are all eager to get this ball rolling and are trying to get off grid as soon as possible, within weeks, or possibly a couple months I suppose depending on how fast we find land. We are looking to get land within DAYS not weeks or months, so please respond to this post in your interesting in partnering up with us. We can talk more about the details so send an email.


  11. ConnieD

    I am not interested in community, but I am interesting in not doing this solo. I have 30 acres, 20 acres are buildable. It is 1/2 mile up from a scenic highway, on an undeveloped track, next to Glacier National Park. I have considered splitting the 20 acres, or leasing, or trade. I have also considered making it into a retreat with a pavillion and “hermit huts”. Write.

  12. iliad


    Just wanted to join this thread to let anyone interested know, that I too am looking to go off grid in the very near future (weeks). I will go ahead and email a few of you and see what we can find in common. As well, I would like to hear from anyone in the same boat. Ideally, I would like to meet up with some like minded folks and see what we could do to go off grid. Also, I am very interested in checking out some of the already established communities, and see if anything may be a fit. If anyone would like to contact me directly, so we could go over our details, email me at phawkeye@gmail.com


  13. Andrew

    hello there,

    we’re doing exactly what you’re looking for. Let me know if you are still interested, i’ll give you the details.


  14. Wahine808

    Hello everyone!
    I just stumbled on this website as I was trying to search on off grid living. I, myself, am trying to get it together to live off grid. I’m an Army Reservist, so I am very familiar with survival skills. I have gone to school for medical assisting and am acquainted with basic knowledge of emergencies, health, etc. Lastly, I am in college as Environmental Science as my major. I am very passionate about living independently. I also have children and pets. I would like to hear from others who are looking to live off grid and would like to start a community of some sort with me. I am very early in the planning I guess you can say, and very flexible to ideas. If you are serious, please contact me at m.teranflores3@gmail.com

  15. VeteranMntnfarm Daniel

    Hello you adventurer types who like me seek to live a simple life in a pretty region of the USA and grow and store our own food and enjoy clean air and water. I recently bought this old house and restored it and moved into it. I also have a log house to rebuild. There i will put in the bathroom and washroom with the septic behind it. I have 6 acres surounded by amish farms and preserved English farms. There is NO Marsellas shale anywhere near me (4 counties north of me) so my water will always stay clean. We have state gamelands surounding us above and farms below. Behind the house you can see a 2000ft mountain. I also own 3 acres of pristine trout stream and a clean creek and hand dug well dug over 200 yrs ago. I need people who want to help me finish this farm. It can be a special place that you can live at and watch it grow over time together with me and anyone else who may join us. I remember back in the 60’s moving to someones farm and helping them create a fuctioning farm off grid and self sustainable. Well all you have to do is email me at veteranMntnFarm@aol.com and we can talk about the work i am doing and i’ll send you a site showing my progress. Thanks Daniel a 50 something veteran

  16. Brie

    I am a single woman (almost 50) and I would like to go off-grid. Is it possible for someone like me? I have a little money. I am thinking of buying maybe 2 acres and building a cob cottage on it. Any advice?

  17. hanaanfu

    I have sent email replies to some of you. I just wanted to post that in case they were not getting through. I know I sent one to Kelly and Paisely.

    Thank you all for being kind and welcoming :)

  18. Kelly at Chatelaine

    Hello HANAANFU,
    We own 40 acres in NE Colorado Springs. Two of my neighbors and I are desperate to get off the grid and get back to basics. My husband and I have the land, two horses (one is trained to pull), a miniature donkey, two dogs and 22 chickens. We have a very large vegetable garden, and the pastures are fenced and cross-fenced. We also just acquired water rights, and have a pond. We’re on septic and well, no telephone land line, but pay for gas and electric. This land is just sitting here, other than
    pasture grass for the horses in spring and summer. We are starting with collecting water and food stores, and propane. We have a huge generator also. We’re both in our mid-40’s and are strong and healthy. We are looking to find a few of the right people (that possess needed skills) to maybe share our property and begin a self-sufficient community for those around us that are interested and within a four or five mile radius. I envision having a CSA Farm (our own farmer’s market) with small seasonal events, planting hay to feed the animals in winter and selling the rest. Whether the economy is going to collapse, or the 2012 theory is true, or a devastating natural disaster occurs, we are determined to be totally prepared, but we can’t do it alone. We aren’t members of a religious group, or nature group, or hippies. Just plain Christian folks that try to live by the 10 Commandments…..If you’re serious, contact me and we’ll talk further. I’ll be back to this site also and love hearing about ALL of your experiences.
    We can strengthen ourselves by sharing what we all know and learn.

  19. hanaanfu

    Wow, what a great bunch of people in the replies :)

    Yeah the hardest part is really just doing it. So far my best prospect has been that site up in Canada. Locally I’ve made some progress in considering an on-the-grid house and attempting to perhaps influence the neighborhood through gardening, installing solar, building an organic septic system through use of humanure practices, and self-employing through handy crafts. I think that set-up could work just as well for off-grid if i don’t have anyone to strike out with. Plus, having a green and independent home in rural suburbia doesn’t mean I can’t have long term plans to own land off the grid and develop it. So those are the current options right now.

    I am looking at low cost houses with an acre or two that I can independently start my new life on. Ive already invested start-up money into artisan crafts to free myself from the slave economy of America.

    You guys really ought to keep in touch. I have checked up on the sites linked in this discussion and its really encouraging to see so many people and communities have done, love it, and are doing very well! I’ll create a blog this year so I can also testify my experiences and hopefully influence others like you guys are doing!

  20. horsetravler

    Hey Wretha, Thats it, just doit.! The web site is history. Free on facebook. The page is Rose Mountain Farm and my page is just Ann Rose. hope to see you there. I am eager to meet more off gridders if you know any im my area. Hard to get out when you live like we do. Thanks for your commments .

  21. horsetravler

    I have been off grid for 5 years. Just walked out of the hospial one day and sold my house. moved into my dads hunting cabin on the back of the farm and never left. That said. you just gotta do it. I am a 44 year old nanna and ex nurse, never to return to the rat race. Leaving the grid and public employment was like being reborn. No stress just living in the woods in a humble home I built with recycled material for the most part with the exception of a few good windows. I am farming organically and selling at the local farmers market in West Jefferson NC. Rose Mountain farm is my business and it is so much better than punching a clock for “the Man”.
    Leaving the grid is like stepping off a cliff. you just decide to do it or you just keep wishing you did.
    Good Luck Ann

    • Wretha

      Amen sister! horsetravler, you have nailed it, the hardest part about moving off grid is taking the first step and actually DOING IT. We pretty much walked away from everything to start our new life off grid, what we didn’t sell, we gave away. We have lived this way since Dec 22, 2007 and still love it. We too did everything ourselves, building our humble abode (the skycastle) with a lot of scrap/recycled material.

      BTW, the link to your site is broken, want to try it again? Never mind, I fixed it for ya. :)


  22. krissy

    hi seen your post my fiance and i are interested in going off grid soon im in process of finishing school for phlebotomy have some simple nursing aid and medical assist training i have a 3 yr boy and a 9 yr girl as a hobby i been into the study of natural remadies and trying to learn wild and cultivated plants native in the US identify and how to use and make medicine from them or make collidal silver ect….i also grew up on a farm so i am familiar with basics and sewing and shelter building i am very creative and no stranger to work and willing to contribute finantually when i am done with school i will be trying to get some money saved up assuming i can find work my family and i would love to be part of a small off grid community we have discussed making a sort of eco dome if possible and farming we are interested in trying a move to montana any info you could offer would be greatly apriciated

  23. lruss

    My name is Leo, I am one of the founding members of a new community formed in Idaho. Yes, we do have our own land, and yes, we do live off-grid. But we are more than just an off-grid settlement – we truly are a community.
    Here is our web site: https://www.vedrica.org.
    Leo Russ

  24. hanaanfu

    Sorry Cabinman, your last post was delayed a few days so my last post was in response to you first …I hope that made sense.

    As regards your second post I have been emailing with a guy in NM about some acreage and you are right that there seems to be a few off-grid communities out there. I won’t be able to drive and check any of them out though until Spring at the earliest. In the meantime I am learning construction and architecture. It has been delightful so far and I am really looking forward to finding the right place and/or community for myself.

    I can understand being apprehensive about starting over after 15 years of success. Part of me is hoping this will be one of my last moves as well (one always has to expect to move around to some extent, but I’d like what I build to be my homebase, permanent). Family makes it especially hard. I think only one of my relatives will be coming along with me, but I let them all know that will not deter me; I have thought about this enough for more than a year that I know it is best for me. Together, me and my uncle have been learning building codes, sanitation, and gobbling up as much knowledge as we can to safely maintain self-reliance.

    I have also been in contact with a Canadian I met from this site who is offering up spots on a woodsy motel (outdoor, trailer looking type). I really like what I have learned about it so far, but Toronto is very very far for me. Did I mention its cold? :D

    Anyway, keep in touch will ya? You can contact me at hanaan.fu at gmail dot com with “off grid” in the subject. Maybe I can at least learn from your experiences if we don’t fall into the same community. It’s also always nice to know of nice people and communities to visit when we roam from our homes :)

  25. refuge2012

    We have been off the grid for several years and are building a community here in the mountains of New Mexico (many reasons for being here). I totally understand what you mean by people who only talk about doing this! Please contact us directly at refuge2012@yahoo.com.

  26. hanaanfu

    @cabinman : thank you for your positive comments and encouragement. I’m definitely doing this in 2011, but I understand the burden is best shared amongst common individuals. So I’d like to find a community to be part of. Failing that, I am also looking at land buying opportunities.
    @elnav: I think “off grid” is a scary idea for many. For one, my family. I talked to them about it and only 2 of them seemed to even ponder the good sense of it; some are just too tied into the system and it will take a lot more than a call to move onto new land together to get them into action. I know that as the years come and go, they will like the idea more as they see what I am able to pull off.

  27. Cabinman

    Most of the “off-grid” communities that I have learned about are variations on intentional communities. Some being more or less similar to what used to be called communes, while others are just a group of folks who happen to live in the same area. Some are focused on green and sustainable living or permaculture, some are religious based and others more survivalist oriented and I sure there are others. Earthhaven in western N.C. is a good example of a long established and successful off grid community. New Mexico has quite a few and they range from survivalist/prepper types to again permaculture driven. Simply people of like mind who choose to form a community and do it on or off grid but the folks on this site are obviously interested in the “off-grid” communities. There is one that I am considering in NM but the wife is reluctant to move that far away from the grand baby. We are also not sure if we really want to start over. We have put 15 years into getting our place ready. It would be hard to walk away from it and besides we know the area well which has advantages.

    We have looked into a number of communities over the years but just never found one where we felt we fit well. We are loner, libertarians for the most part and enjoy the solitude and privacy of our own place. Not real sure how much we want to be involved in a community and all that brings.

    Having said that there certainly are advantages to a community as well. Somebody considering joining a community really needs to visit a few and spend some time there. It is a big commitment. You want to make sure you are compatible with the aims and spirit of that group of people before you take the plunge. It would suck to make a major move like that only to find out you don’t get along with other members of the community. I am sure it happens and from what I have read was the downfall of most of the hippie communes of the 60’s and 70’s.

  28. elnav

    “Building an off grid community”.
    This description intrigues me. What constitutes an off grid community in their minds and why do the posters reject the existing off grid communities? My wife was born off-grid and lived like that until she was an adult and moved away. Several of my neighbors also grew up in off-grid homes. Some of them are still off grid to this day.

  29. Cabinman

    I failed to mention that if you wish to contact me I can put you in contact with a couple of communities you may want to look into.

  30. Cabinman

    Greetings Brother,

    I wish you all the best. Really. If you are serious about being part of a community maybe you should look into joining one that already exists. There are quite a number of them out there.

    Sounds like we have a lot in common. My wife and I are both vets (I’m retired military) and we are both artists. We have an off grid place and have lived there summers for the past 15 years getting things ready. Currently trying to sell a couple of other properties and a business to leave the rat race behind. Once this is accomplished we will be off grid permanently. We have decided that we are not likely to join a community. We have looked into several but for a variety of resons would rather go it on our own. I guess we are loners. We prefer to do our thing and not have to placate the wishes of others. In the area where we are, there are a lot of off-grid folks all doing it on their own. Some have lived this way since the late 60’s and early 70’s when all the hippies were “going back to the land”. Some actually stayed. Most keep to themselves and are scattered throughout the region. Chances are these type individuals live in your area and you don’t even know it.

    I wish you all the best. Don’t wait for the perfect situation to come along. Just do it! Make it happen! It’s a big step but unless you take that first step you’ll never get there.

    Happy Holidays!