[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] I would like to start an off-grid community akin to L’Abri in either California, Oregon or Idaho. If you are a born-again Christian and would like to form an off-grid self-sustaining community that is open to visitors/students like L’Abri please contact me.[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]


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55 Responses to “Looking for Christians to form an Off-Grid Community”

  1. Andra

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  2. jackie gregory

    interested to know how to do this

  3. Jesus Freak Lombardi

    I am just finishing a 4 month journey Praying over all 50 States,and God is Leading Us to Idaho. I have spent most of the last 20 years as an Missionary in Russia, Mongolia, and Asia. We are looking for Book of Acts, Believers to start or join a Commune. Feel free to contact me Lombardi 7777@yahoo.com or leave a message, text preferably to 9417309930 Blessings

  4. R D White

    I have 40 acres to sell and desire a christian family to buy it. How do I put it up to sale or option? not sure where to put my advert?

  5. Cheryl

    I am a home owner in San Mateo Ca and wanting to plan to sell and buy an off grid home in north eastern CA or somewhere away from the coast and away from the cities within a few hours drive of the bay area CA. I would like to be near other Christians who are also off grid and not too far from a small town and medical services for my elderly parents when needs arise. Also important to have a good place to grown lots of food and my own water source. Please contact me if you have any thoughts to help. I am thinking next year, fall 2016 maybe sooner if I feel God leading me to move on this sooner. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Cheryl

  6. Kenneth Uptegrove

    We just bought a house on 2 acres out in the woods in the Ozark Mountains and intend to get off the grid ASAP. See my website (click on my name) and email me (from the contact page) if you know this is where the Lord is sending you. Several of us on this page have pointed out that we really need to be like minded Christians if we hope to have a lasting, working fellowship (by any of the several understandings of community). So let me really be transparent about who we are spiritually and theologically. We are Pre Wrath, non cessationist, Acts model Christians.

  7. cj

    my wife and i are going off grid in a month or 2. only have enuff money for 2-3 acres. we are setting up in alabama. would love to pool resources for more land both true believers. watching like good and faithful sevants we see the last day approaching. we are post trib believers not tim lahayinites(lol) alabama is a great choice for refuge in the coming days. all are welcomed but please remember my faith demands i share it with you. cjlisa1221@icloud.com. sorry i cant support free loaders yet. definitely need some funds of your own

  8. Karen

    Not much time left. We need to win souls along the way on our journey of prepping and relocating. Wish there were more like minded people in my area , N. Cal.

  9. Kenneth Uptegrove

    Thousands visit my website every month who are either wanting to get off the grid before the grid goes off, or are Christians who want to either go into community or organize a group to buy adjacent or close by property and practice the “Intentional Neighbor” approach to community. As I read all your messages I am amazed at the lack of maturity and understanding of what a true, committed, born again Christian really is. Also keep in mind that there are thousands of doctrinal groups out there. From my experience from organizing gatherings of so-called like minded Christians I have discovered that we were not nearly as like minded as we thought… and went our separate ways. Statistics show that communities, Christian or otherwise, fail in 2 to 5 years. And then there is the question of where is the best place, the safest location to do all this at. My website has dozens of articles and maps that will really inform you.

  10. cyndi

    Please keep me in in formed. Would love to move to Oregon or Idaho. Christian Sabbath believer. Strong morals values to include eating, things I watch and listen to.

  11. Bren

    My hubby and I are very interested in a Christian based community as well. We have some fund available for our portion and would love to build a cob home. We have farming, construction and basic understand of survival. We are currently in FL and open to just about any part of the US. Drop me line if you know of a place that will be moving forward with plans very soon! brendak1964@yahoo.com

  12. JD

    Tennessee is a good choice, according to this site: http://www.arkhaven.org/green_island_of_survival.htm. Don’t know if you believe in the prophetic, but this is very interesting.

  13. JD

    Hello, anyone here willing to go abroad across the Pacific? My hubby and I are starting a permaculture farm on a 4+ acre property… in Asia! The property next to ours, about 12 acres, is up for sale, and there’s a few others in the area that I know are still available. Like this one which is about an hour from where we live: http://www.islandsproperties.com/properties/treefarms-agri/buk-bau-ag-3043/index.htm. I’ve been praying and looking for others to help us or move next to or near us. It would be great if like-minded or like-spirited believers became our neighbors! 
    The good thing about these properties is that they’re already veritable food forests, there are fully grown, fruit-bearing trees already. If you’re curious about life in these parts and what it’s like for foreigners to live here, you can check these sites: http://www.expatforum.com/expats/philippines-expat-forum/ and http://www.livingincebuforums.com/ipb/index. However many of the members in those forums are non-believers and are only here on business or for retirement. Please feel free to connect with me. Email jd_lara777@yahoo.com.ph.

  14. Bud

    I’m a 47 year old male and currently living in Texas. I’ve been a pastor and a motor cycle minister and thinking about getting off the grid in a year or so with other Christian like minded people to form a small community to be self sufficient .I’ve lived in Montana and worked on ranches and have carpentry skills, mechanic skills, and outdoorsman skills just to mention a few. o and by the way Rocco ,if you read Revelations, it tells us as Christians, we have the right to defend our selves against none Christians and we have the right to survive ,so guns is a weapon of our time to survive. I’m not saying we can go out and harm others but to protect us in the event of Revelations. Anyways we will be looking for like minded folks that are interested in this in about a year or so ,we need to find some land in rural area that’s affordable. This idea that I have doesn’t mean completely stay away from society, but to be self sufficient.

    • Gabriel

      Hi, I read your post, I agree and am like-mind. I have a family and am very serious about being self sufficient. Iam interested in what progress you have made. Please let me know, thanks. top.notch.2070@gmail.com

  15. Rocco

    I don’t understand how all these people would be willing to commune with someone just because he claims to be born again. I’m born again. I rarely meet other Christians who understand what that really means. But almost all of them claim it.
    Is this more a survivalist community, as I saw guns mentioned.
    What is the definition of your claim to Christian rebirth. Trust me, if it’s the real deal as I know it, you would have a participant. But I’m not going to blindly commit to just anyone who claims Spiritual rebirth and makes no mention of enlightenment, awakening, understanding, love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Write me if you understand these: roccocarrube@yahoo.com

  16. Mary

    Brie, Could you give an update on your progress since your May post? Very interested and just starting to follow you. I had googled Christian off grid community…and found your wonderful site. Looking forward to your reply!!

  17. Daryl Keith Owen

    Oregon does not allow rain collection. They send peope to jail for collecting rain in a bucket. May not be the place for it. An atmospheric water generator would provide plenty of clean drinking water and they come solar powered like those from ecoloblue.com get one for a couple hundred bucks on amazon dot com and you can use a Solar Power Generator mysolarbackup.com from Solutions From Science. I’m an ardent believer in Y’shua living inn California looking for some Believers who are Sovereign Freeholders who would like to share a place off-grid though I currently use a wheelchair to go any great distance. I would be happy to move out of state. One could hit me up on FB and I would be more likely to see the msg. My email is dariefarmer@gmail.com

  18. Tom Noss

    I’m interested to hear what you find in the Tennessee area.

  19. Wesley Shankles

    mahgilicutty@yahoo.com is may email Andria

  20. Jon

    Looking to live off the land in Idaho. Any community’s that are around I might be apart of. I am a Christian and what to be apart of a christian community

  21. Brie Hoffman

    So, are you looking for people Michiel Moland?

  22. Michiel Moland

    Wow, I had ask my boss [RON KOLAR of L’Abri] over ten years ago on buying land, he never got back to me. So I bought 40 acres of land to start off grid community Northern California. Small world..

  23. Brie Hoffman

    Ok, I went to Idaho and found the land too expensive so instead I am looking at Tennessee now. Tennessee is actually a freer state than Idaho. Also, you have a much longer growing season and you can pasture raise animals longer due to the warmer climate. I will let you know when I can get started.

  24. Andria

    May I have your email address..?

  25. Andria

    Wesley, I agree % to your opinion. It is the only way. I would like to speak with you more. I have money, to help support the building up of your community, unless its already built? How can I help, or join you..?

  26. Erica Alibrandi

    we moved in 8/13.

  27. Erica Alibrandi

    hello, we are a christian family of 6. we currently homeschool. we moved from NH to OR 8/12 in searcg of an intentional community where my husband could focus on alternantive energy engineering. however its not a community here and we are in serach again.. Please let me know your updates. ty ms.jozepi@gmail.com

  28. Peter Morritt

    Im a christian but follow more closely the teachings of Jesus Christ rather than all of the Bible.I’m based in the UK but interested in all off-grid communities. if your interested: mr _ morritt @ hotmail.com

  29. Wesley

    I am seeing interest in this every where. If you are serious about this I would like you to contact me at this email. Land is still abundant and affordable in places. It would need be a totally Christian community that adhered to the whole word of God to stand a chance of success.
    20 to 30 and even more peoples on 160 acres of land could live healthy and debt free.

  30. Richard

    We are seeing what is happening all around us, End Times are here.
    We have been raising crops, rabbits chickens, goats and sheep.
    want to go off grid. I have extensive building experience and want to build underground. We are currently trying to get my Pelton wheel generator set up for wind or water powered battery banks.
    contact me if your really serious, because we are.
    We have an original contemporary Music Ministry called “Covenant”

  31. John

    There are definitely more and more people interested in this type of community. My thoughts went from adding a good nutritional supplement to get needed nutrients…TO: start a vegetable garden in order to have good healthy food that has the needed nutrition and is within reach and can be canned and stored…TO: move to a farm and kick up the operation a notch to include more vegetables, an orchard, berry patch, vineyard, and some animals (goats and chickens…for eggs and cheese, although we are vegetarian)…. TO: why not have a church on a large piece of land where the church members all work to be self-sufficient on the land and give glory and praise to God for all the Blessings — the way life was meant to be lived. A simple, God-centered community whose people are healthy in every way: spiritual, physical, mental, social, financial. Searching the internet to find other like-minded people. We are closer to the Midwest.

    I will check back often before giving out contact info but would much like to communicate with others on the subject.

    God Bless :)

  32. Wesley

    I sent you an email. I have some questions. Are you trying to form a Christian community or a school? Is it a self sufficient Community or a visitor reliant camp? Is this community communal or individualistic. Is it going to have rules that fall in line with federal laws, you know is it going to be drug free?

  33. Steven

    Hello All, I am a Christ follower and looking for others like minded in preparing for the days ahead. Many of us know through Gods word the great trials ahead, And know it will be only through the Lord and His guidance we will overcome. I know many r looking to go off grid and be self sufficient, which is the key, Come out from among them and be ye seperate. So in that being said I am looking for Holy Ghost filled believers , who tolerate no other way to homestead with. It has been quite overwhelming preparing but I know if we all come together in the Lord in one accord, He will make a way. And as far as off grid goes we r to be as far away from cities as possible. To disconnect and live off the land and not through the world system. We can’t do both. I am looking for Christians who know the Lord has called us out from the world and its ways. To live for Him. Together through Him we will be over comers. And our talents and gifts all combined we can build a very sustainable community and be completely self sufficient. If this post interests u please contact me so we can discuss in detail. PROVERBS 3:5-8. sseagraves32@gmail.com

  34. Angel

    looking for land too … living in southeast florida but wanting to move to born again community living off the grid… please include me in any of your progress … Brie217 email me with any progress u wish to share

  35. Brie217

    Many of you responded but you did not leave an email address. Here is my email address: hoffman.brie@gmail.com. I am now in Idaho and would like to start forming this community, please email me.

  36. Kenny

    Is there anyone on here that responds? I’ll ad a couple things. Im 58 yrs male living in Oregon. Have mobile unit (small) with its own solar power. Wood and propane heat. Im going to be gold prospecting for bartering power. Im not much of a farmer but if I can stay any place long enough, I will grow and can. Im looking for like minded that has their focus on Jesus every step of the way.

  37. Kenny

    I am a Born again Christian looking for others. Im also going off grid and I have what I need now to go. I have my sights on Southern Oregon right now. But Its better to be in a community. Write me …. Footpeg@hotmail.com

  38. Juiness Joyce

    My husband and I have always said we would like to have a place like L’ abri for people to come to! My husband and I both are really interested in digging into the mysteries of God as well as off the grid living and have had a deep desire to combine the two. Would love to get more info!

  39. Colin LaFollette

    I was surprised to find so many communities like this here in the United States, this one being unique because it is Christian based. I am not quite ready to go off the grid but am making plans to do so as soon as possible. I would like to be updated with the progress of this community and come visit. Thanks, colinlafollette@gmail.com

  40. Keith Burke

    I am a 43 year old single male and born again Christian who currently resides in St. Pete. FL., looking to go off grid in a couple years, while joining a Christian Community. Please include me in any dialogue/email correspondence. I will be looking to purchase some land in the future somewhere in NW (Oregon or maybe Montana) and am just now beginning my off grid research. Thank you! For His Glory, Keith

  41. Ang

    This is a great idea! We are a family of seven who homeschool our children. We’re looking to possibly be moving to Sandpoint Idaho (God Willing) later this year too. Oregon was another option, but the more I researched the more I felt Idaho has to offer to the more conservative folks. Love to hear where all this goes!

  42. Brie217

    I am hoping to move (God willing) to northern Idaho later this year, near or in the town of Sandpoint. Once I establish myself we can start to form a loose community of like-minded believers…so check out the area and see if this might be for you.

  43. Cheri Neil

    We are interested. Has there been progress?

  44. Brit

    I would love to be apart! I wanna get closer to God without the distractions I live in Cali but originally from AL please email me someone brittneyjef09@gmail.com

  45. Al

    Im a Bible Christian looking to distant my Family and self from babylon as much as possible.Im in the process of looking for land in northern CA or Oregon. Im 45 min south of fresno, ca and will be leaving to find some land with not so many restrictions on building(This has not been easy) as I will be building a Straw bale house and homestead. I head out in 3 weeks in search of land. I will be boondocking in my Trailer untill something comes up. I have a few bucks to buy land but “GOOD” land is not cheap. Willing to go in on land with only a GOD fearing Man/Women. Looking for or to start a solid Community that refuses to let false Doctrine in to our Homes/Family’s/Community’s. I will do it alone but the Lord does not want us to be Hermits with the TRUTH. GOD Bless!

  46. joseph cohen rogers

    I’m a Messianic-Jew, (born-again jewish believer in jesus ((Yeshua). I lived in L.A. Cal. for many years. but just moved out of CA. back to MN. rual area. with family. I’m currently forming a prepper-community off grid farm with other born again christians and jewish believers. I’d just wanted to suggest moving out of CA. altogether…to a more North-midwest area: not so populatated, more rual areas to buy very good undeveloped hunting lands for very cheap cost, with very relaxed building codes and gun regulations!

  47. Brie Hoffman

    For those who are interested, I think it would cost at least $10,000 each to buy the land and build the cob buildings. I know I mentioned California but I think that Oregon or Idaho might be better as they are cheaper and there is more water. Please write to me at hoffman.brie@gmail.com if you are still interested.

  48. Steve

    I am christian and would be interested, in California.

  49. Roy

    So that was the first time I ve heard about L Abri, and after looking it up what an awesome place! Im Game! I’m going to the Alderleaf Wilderness College in Washington from Sep to May but will be able to help after that. I ll be a certified Permaculture Designer, Wildlife Tracker and Ecologist. I m an Eagle Scout and grew up on a farm……griffithroy@hotmail.com

  50. Jim

    Sounds interesting… email mail me with some more of your ideas and where you are thinking about doing this.
    Thanks Wilseya

  51. John

    Im not religious but I’m very spiritual and I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, I’m looking for an off grid community to move to in California. email me if your interested: j0hnvm @ yahoo.com. That is a zero after the j in my email

  52. mark

    hey i am a Christian that would love to move to an off the grid community! however i live in England and love my local church!