I am a white male, athletic, college grad, professional, and worried about the state of things. I have a great corporate job, but do not want to be part of the “rat race” anymore. I am a military veteran, avid outdoorsman, and grew up outside hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and still enjoy doing all the same. I currently live in the south, but am looking to relocate anywhere for this. I am worried about the state of the country, and truthfully world, in general. The economy, terrorism, FEMA camps, police militarization, racial divisions, etc. I would love to go off-grid, and not be in or near a major population area for when it all collapses. I have strong survival and primitive skills, and would love to teach and learn. Honestly, I would be happy just disappearing completely into the woods somewhere and living a life of self-sustenance. I know it’s a long shot, but am hoping to find my partner to watch each other’s backs when the zombies are roaming around.

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23 Responses to “Looking for ASAP”

  1. BobbyKorona

    what are you really looking for ???? you are in Daytona Beach, Fl … My off grid farm is less then 20 miles away … my emails to you have gone unanswered …… if you have another agenda other then talking about going off grid ……say so in your original post…. thank you and have a grate day …… Bob .. :)

  2. RococoRemarks

    ucjh4240@gmail.com if you need someone else to help email me for information

  3. Jeremiah

    Not sure if you are still seeking your survival partner, but I definitely am so if the writer of this post, or anyone that interested in doing the same, email me at uneeqfate@gmail.com , and we can correspond more on the matter.
    But anyhow, my name is Jeremiah, and I have been working to making my way off the grid for a while now, and I thought it would be a good idea to find a partner for the journey, for alot of obvious reasons why it’s kind of important to have someone around that has your back. I have been corresponding with quite a few people from https://www.off-grid.net that were interested in the same thing, but everytime we would start talking about leave dates, it seemed to scare them out of doing it I guess. I know the feeling becomes quite overwhelming, but going thru with it, is so worth it. But I guess that is why not everyone makes it out, even if they dream big, they just can’t handle it. Anyhow.. so I have been through 4 different people, and they have held my leaving for over a month now, and I am starting to get worried that I may have more on my plate than I can handle if I were to leave this late in the year, alone.. hoping to survive well thru a winter alone off the grid in Alaska. I would like to be around anyone else of the like minded, helping each other, being a companion, at the very least, keeping one another’s sanity intact. I commercial fished in Alaska, out of clam gulch a few years, and I have always felt the call back, and now I am just ready to escape this system they having going in the lower 48 and break away from society’s rat race. I feel like we are all tricked into it’s own system of slavery with an illusion that we have freedom and rights. I just need to be back in the world that was created for us, not what man has turned it into. Love to hear back from ya, hopefully I do sooner than later. I am gonna seek out 1 more travel companion, and hope they don’t get cold feet I guess, and if they do, I am already packed up and ready to leave, so I will make a go at it solo! I hope to leave at the very latest next friday.

  4. Jento S.

    Hi its me Jento again. Ive been communicating with a few on this site via email. Im trying my hardest to put this plan into action ASAP. I have a good feeling about this its like a dream come true. Im 34 yrs old and ive always wanted to do this but I just didnt want to do it alone. I read Monicas post on here also and I feel the same way… Its like a family here and thats something I really never had. So to you all if theres anything I can do to help make this happen asap email me at northcarolina3577@gmail.com or charles.davus17@gmail.com thanks!

  5. parallexmike

    Never mind Monica I got it, I’ll e-mail you later today

  6. parallexmike

    Monica Perez Nevarez I am very interested in having you on board, post your e-mail address or just e-mail me, it’s in the thread somewhere below.

  7. arkylady

    I’ve been considering having someone join me on my property in Arkansas. You can email me at arkyoffgrid@gmail.com :)

  8. gritts42

    sounds good to me..I’m in… gritts42@msn.com wharever I can do to help..

  9. Monica Perez Nevarez

    Hello boys. I feel I can call y’all that since I’m probably 20 years older than any of you LOL. Survivalist, I know you are looking for a mate, and I’m not it, but since other guys are writing you, and you are answering in the positive, I’m assuming you’re open to non-mates coming on board. I too am worried about the state of things, in fact, I live in a place that is in the middle of an economic meltdown right now (the US Territory of Puerto Rico). So I need an exit strategy. I’m a sustainability manager and business writer by profession, and a licensed sailboat captain. But for this situation, I bring other skills: growing food, really good cooking, and working knowledge of all types of farm animals – chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, goats, rabbits, pigs, horses (I grew up on a farm). Now, I’m pushing 60, so I can’t do lifting and rough work, but if you need someone with my particular skill set, I’m nice, keep to myself, if I like you I give you the shirt off my back, and I don’t do drama. I grew up around brothers and sailors, so I know what it’s like to live among men. I don’t have children or family to speak of, and am looking to create my own out of good friends. So if any of this sounds OK to you, let me know. My email is guayabapr at gmail dot com. or google my name, I’m all over social media. Pls put the word offgrid in the subject line, so I know it’s you. Thanks.

  10. parallexmike

    Whether not as good but manageable in Hunters Washington, also very affordable for 20 acres


  11. parallexmike

    I say almost good because lots of rainfall means a good growing season, and rain water collecting opportunities.

  12. parallexmike

    Take a peek at let me know what you think, the weather is almost good all year round “is a rain forest”

  13. parallexmike

    Survivalist32114 and Dave, Just add G mail to my profile name If you want to talk offsite

  14. Jento

    Everything what you said and how you feel is 100% true I feel the same exact way. I don’t have any skills but im willing to learn… I can contribute a little funds and im very serious about this because the ball could drop anyday. So if anyone else is serious and what to put the plan into action email me Charles.davus17@gmail.com

  15. xrnfna78

    Hey. I think you and I are on the same page. I am currently going to university and also am a Veteran but I see the way things are shaping up and it isn’t my cup of tea. Please email me at xrnfna78@gmail.com. I would love to know more about this.

  16. Survivalist32114

    Hello Dave and parallexmike. Thanks for the comments! I have written back to Jason and Bob as they provided email addresses, and if you guys are interested in chatting as well just let me know. If you pass along an email address I can contact you from my personal email address and we can chat. I must admit I am excited that I have gotten some responses to this. I was hopeful, but wasn’t being overly optimistic.

  17. Dave

    Your saying exactly what I’m thinking, I love the outside and would do anything to live off the grid. Isolated is much more better than towns and cities. However for me, I have no money and it’s hard to picture myself out there anytime soon. If I could go to some woods now and be allowed to build myself a cabin I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Guess I need advice on where to start and what to do. I would even work for someone off grid to earn my way forward

  18. Jason Key

    ok guys, LETS DO THIS. this is my first time on this site. i have not even registered yet. To the one who wrote this post and to parallexmike: please contact me any way you can… if only so we can exchange ideas. PLEASE.
    name is Jason Key. email: jkey7777@yahoo.com phone: 4702131941

  19. BobbyKorona

    No zombies yet …. property in central Florida, to escape …. talk to me …. bob32175@aol.com … ” put off-grid in subject line” …… :)

  20. parallexmike

    I feel exactly the same way “except for the zombies” lol
    Willing to purchase the land if you’re willing to figure out a way to play the property tax, even willing to start outdoor adventure business, kayaks, backpacking, camping etc. But I’m sure we’ll need a satellite Internet for that. I’m ready to do this before the end of the year so Let’s talk.