I am a white male, athletic, college grad, professional, and worried about the state of things. I have a great corporate job, but do not want to be part of the “rat race” anymore. I am a military veteran, avid outdoorsman, and grew up outside hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and still enjoy doing all the same. I currently live in the south, but am looking to relocate anywhere for this. I am worried about the state of the country, and truthfully world, in general. The economy, terrorism, FEMA camps, police militarization, racial divisions, etc. I would love to go off-grid, and not be in or near a major population area for when it all collapses. I have strong survival and primitive skills, and would love to teach and learn. Honestly, I would be happy just disappearing completely into the woods somewhere and living a life of self-sustenance. I know it’s a long shot, but am hoping to find my partner to watch each other’s backs when the zombies are roaming around.

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