I am a female in good health looking for a place to reside with others rent free. I am aiming to live a very ecofriendly life. I am already living off a lot of free food because I want to live away from the usual grid, I prefer mentally feeling what is right and freedom, I have a good spiritual side, I like teaching myself things, and I can look after children well. Please contact me if you know of any placements.

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3 Responses to “Looking for an offgrid to join”

  1. Xaloc

    Hello, you can check out the post I made here https://www.off-grid.net/homestead-community/ in case you want to be in touch

  2. Michael

    hi how old are u im 35 loking for a woman to leave of grid

  3. Chowan

    Looking to find off gridders willing to try NE Nevada as a location If you are at all interested please respond.