My partner and I have both been house sitting for over a year now. It’s given us the opportunity to live with less stuff, identify our strengths and time to decide what’s next. 

We’d like to live off-grid in England, UK, ideally close to London. 

We have very little hands-on outdoorsy experience and therefore we need help!

It would be great to join a small community or find a mentor who can help us get started. 

We are happy to take baby steps to acquire the skills to live off-grid and are quick learners. 

If there’s anyone who’s up for the task, we’d love to connect with you. 

Keeping our fingers crossed, 

Karan and Ranj

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3 Responses to “Looking for an Off-Grid Mentor”

  1. Gen Agustsson

    I do agree that we need less stuff

  2. delsol

    Be your own mentor.

    First you would have to realize that you should move to a warm country like Southern Spain or Southern Portugal

    Second if you want a home, build something with strawbales or earth. No domes.

    Go to a place where there is water from the mountains/spring water

    And get fertile land, enough to be self-sufficient (UK: 10 hectares, Southern Spain: 3 hectare for 2 people)

    If you really want to freeze your ass off, go and visit Grow Heathrow

  3. Laura Queen

    Have you are you connected to folks on ‘Alternative Living’ or Dreamers and Diggers page on F.B? Some very experienced off gridders on there that may be able to help. I ‘m based in Cumbria and would love to set up an off grid community in south lakes area😉 Wishing you all the best in your off grid journey👍

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