[before_listing images= youtube=null] exp. carpenter looking for an otg community to join. willing to just go, at anytime.very little holding be back, very little baggage. honest, dependable, hard working. Would prefer somewhere i can work a part-time job also to help support the community.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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12 Responses to “looking for an off-grid adventure. many skills to offer !”

  1. kathy

    Have property above Oroville CA in the mountains. I have lived there off grid for about 4 years. Things have changed and I am now on my own. Have solar power and 2 water sources. Organic garden and lots of wild life. Need someone with abilities to live off grid. A small garage studio wired for 12vt and 110. Love it there but unable to stay alone. Any one with advice or interested please email me at kathranehunt@yahoo.com

  2. jameswirral

    north west uk any one

  3. ecovillagmexico

    Hi Everybody. Getting off grid is very important for our well-being. We are forming an eco village community about 2hrs south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Food is cheap in Mexico, or if you take advantage of our very fertile soil, you can grow your own crops here. Water comes from natural springs and is 100% clean and fresh. Building a house is not too expensive either. We are not in this for money… we are just looking for like minded people like yourselves. Please contact me if interested or for more info. info@ecovillagemexico.com

  4. James Svinareff

    Any one who is living off the grid and in need of help I am looking to just live a simple life..im a hard worker strong and and a true passion for living off the land i want to leaarn everything there is to surviving like my ancesters did..please if there is anyone who can help me contact me at shmirnoff84@yahoo.com..thank you and god speed

  5. Jeremy

    32 yr old man looking to take my supplies, knowledge, and ideas to some land and apply them. Some things that I would like to start immediately are: Permaculture, Aquaponics (fish & plants), worm farming, chickens, cows, greenhouse, outdoor woodstove for heating everything in winter, fish and vegetables all year. Grains, corn, beans can be harvested and dried or canned in summer. Solar/wind/steam electricity. Located in northern Virginia but can relocate to work on the site, might have to wait until spring but want to get something going now. Have land? We can work together! supracoop1@yahoo.com

  6. Steph

    I too am looking to get out of this degenerating system. Shoot me an email anyone and we can talk

  7. carlos

    Hello I am looking to get of the grid I am 32 I have a lot of tools plus 13 yrs experience in the construction world I don’t have any land to go to but I am a hard working person and I’m tired of working for people who don’t appreciate my work skills

  8. Hank

    Hi, my name is Hank, and I’m looking for a place to live off grid. I have many years of experience in the Medical Field, and I am a former Medic in the Navy/USMC. I’ve been studying a long time about wilderness living and survival and Iam willng to help someone or any other individuals with this. I live in Southeastern Colorado, and I’m ready to do this after I leave the Medical Field – Which is Very Soon. Got most of the supplies and tools I need. Ineed to build a Cabin, which I have many books on. Am willing to go most anywhere in the USA or Canada, before the SHTF. Let me know guys! I’m a real Good Guy and get along with most anyone. Was raised in the country and really miss it. hhaglun@aol.com

  9. countrygurl

    Hi, I am looking to do the same, have the land, but need to help to build a cabin. Email if you are interested. Thanks!

  10. J

    Hi, I live near St. Louis, MO right now, but looking to go off soon to some 17.5 acres I purchased in South West Missouri (hour or so east of Springfield, MO near Gasconade river). Email if this interests you at all please, I really don’t want to do it all alone. I’m a little chicken to be honest. Thanks.

  11. Nate

    Maria im interested shoot me an email with details please Nate.Rosenthal@yahoo.com

  12. Maria T. Williams

    I am purchasing a 10 acre property in NE Georgia to live a simple life. If you’re interested in cob, OTG, or mobile rehab, send an email.