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Living in nature has always been my dream.    Being close to the tree, birds and growing a garden.    Looking for a partner to live off grid.   If you are already living this way, I might join you.    I live in Creston, b.c.  I’m 65 and have some assets….looking for someone who has the same.  Together we could make something happen.   I am very organized,  trustworthy, self reliant, happy, grateful, creative, good cook, organic gardening, drying herbs, canning veges, fermented foods etc…. If you are vegan that’s ok…..I do eat meat.  Lise

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3 Responses to “Looking for a venture partner off grid living with style”

  1. Joey R

    Lise, I am looking at making my off-grid dream happen very soon. I have it all mapped out, 5 acres of land in Colorado, solar panels, building materials for a tiny house, wind turbine for back up power, heirloom seeds for planting and gardening, I could go on an on, but basically I have this all laid out and planned. I currently live in Florida, and I plan on making this happen in the next month of two. I’m a 39 year old male, in good shape, and I’m a true survivalist type that knows how to hunt, grow, cook, fish, and I have a good construction and engineering background as well. Just email me if you (or anyone else) is interested in talking with me more about it.

  2. Lise

    Dear Monica……not trying to discourage you but I live in canada and moving to another country just makes it alot more difficult for you to make it happen. I’m looking for a male partner/companion around my age who would who has the same dream or is already living that dream and would love a lady to join him in his venture. Lise

  3. Monica J Wyland

    I wish we could meet in person. I’m 61, female, and currently putting my place in FL up for sale and looking at property in Arkansas. I don’t eat much meat, some salmon, eggs, cheese, but every once in a great while, some other meats. More wanting to grow food, and store it. I’m not too interested in finding property to have livestock but maybe just some chickens, possibly rabbits, not sure. I’ll only probably be able to afford 5-10 acres if I do this alone. My main requirement for property is low cost, secluded, some change of seasons with very mild winters, and something that has a water source, maybe a well already in place. If you want to talk more, my email is —> go 2 monica @hotmail. com…. (no spaces)

  4. FIXT Point

    Hey there. We would be interested in chatting. We are in Princeton BC.