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Im looking for a person or people to set up a smallholding in Bulgaria with.

Im happy to work with anyone; man, woman, couples, families. I am female, 33 from England.

I’m happy to do most of the financing but I will need someone who is able to do the physical side of things (construction/farming etc) and is fully committed 100%

I have done extensive research and from all my reading and learning from expats there it seems that the locals are wonderful people to live with and the country itself provides lots in the way of natural beauty and adventure.

There are plenty of plots of land with buildings available there where starting a small farm can be easily done.

I have lots more to add but I’ll leave it there for now as it’s late and I need to get to bed. I am needing serious people only as I’m eager to get started so will want to begin working on the plan together as soon as possible and to start viewing plots out there within a few months.

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6 Responses to “Looking for a small holding partner/s to set up and live in Bulgaria”

  1. John

    How are you getting on with your plans for Bulgaria?

  2. M


    I’m a 33 year old female from England too, and have a similar vision to yours. Please email me as I would like to discuss things further.

    You’re welcome to contact me via – newlyawaken@mail.com

    I look forward to hopefully hearing you,


  3. Liam Alcock

    I am a 23 year old male from Stoke England. I have plans to build a permanent yurt style structure based on a smaller scale one ive constructed on well hidden public land . As a physically fit, well traveled graduate of physics I hope my passion and basic skills would be enough for you to grant me the opportunity to start a smallholding with you. Also I can help towards finances.


  4. Revisionsit

    I’d like to talk some more about this with you. How do we go about that? Maybe post a temporary email address to which you can reply? (I don’t want my actual email address to be available publicly).

    • CALLUM pratt

      First of all im 19 from London and I have just finished my level three deploma in creative media. I have experience in graphic design and web design. I have always loved the outdoors and dream to live in a place of outstanding natural beauty a place I can be at one with nature and enjoy the small things in life.

      In terms of construction I am very hands on and on a strong guy who has experience with landscaping and general home maintenance

      I am tired of the system that society has set for us here in the UK. Everything is to materialistic and money orientated.

      If this is any good then I look forward to hearing back from you.

      Yours sincerely Callum Pratt