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[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] I’m a 36yo woman and I am looking to go off grid, just need a place to build a cob house or something. Many skills and I love to help. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks so much.[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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15 Responses to “Looking for a place to go offgrid”

  1. Dan

    Hi Ravenskye, and any others in the area looking! I have been looking for founding members for Basic Elements Commune. We are trying to buy a 68 acre plot in Lewis county and need all the help we can get. We are going to build pretty much exclusively from cob to blend in more with the surroundings, farm our won foods and live relaxed and free. Message me directly or look up our page on facebook! Thaks !

  2. diannamarsolek

    we are in yacolt wa im dianna diannamarsolek @yahoo.com we are what you want

  3. Paul

    Some interesting opportunities exist to being off-grid. I’d like to have the flexibility of a place to come and go where I can camp (and later build) and hang my hat without being hassled. Warm in winter cool in summer sounds good but this might make things more mobile in that respect. (Which doesn’t necessarily have to be the case with the right circumstances as far as resources go) I’m currently in central CA now but am not necessarily tied here. It’s convenient to a lot but it’s expensive and I’m looking at retiring or at least reducing my dependence on a ‘job’ at some point and evaluating the off-grid option as a response to what I feel is a system and economy that is failing it’s working class. I’ve always been pretty independent as far as living within my means and habitation goes but have always been willing to work with people who are reasonable and responsible. Going off grid appeals to the independent nature in me and with the right mix of determination, cooperation, and the freedom to be able to live/build something that’s sustainable and comfortable would be ideal. I have tools and basic building experience. The main thing for me right now is finding land where regulations are either non existent or very flexible as far as living and building on it. Certainly, having things like accessible water would be a plus – if not necessity. Anyway, at this point I’m scoping out the possibilities and looking to the future. Appreciate feedback, ideas…

  4. stavelake

    Hi Raven. I posted a comment but may have done it wrong. Anyway if you are still looking and willing to move to B.C. Canada (Mission City), land is about 40min from sumas boarder. I have off grid property on Stave Lake, been there for 7yrs and could provide a spot for u in exchange for Gardening help. I am 35 and raised two daughters out here but now find myself emptynested and in need of extra help. fowledg@csc-scc.gc.ca

  5. Dan

    If you are still interested and are willing to move to mission B.C. I can help u. Free spot for help. Already off grid for 7yrs.

  6. chuck

    Im looking to not only go off grid, but basically get lost eventually, id like to live a barter for barter system lifestyle, im a master carpenter, and would like to exchange my knowledge and skills and of course hard work. for living acomadations, anywhere in the U.S. I am a 44 year old white male. going through a divorce, and ready for a change of life. ive been dreaming of this for years, now that im free im going to do it. just working on saving up a little cash so my plan is for may or june to be available for the barter system of living. i will supply my own personal needs, i want to trade what i can do for you for sleeping accomadations and food. im a very easy going hard working person. just want to start a new life doing what i want not what someone else wants me to do. i know i have to work and do what you want for this system to work. but with my system i can go and choose where and what. winter in the south summer in the north, type thing you know. lol anyway like i said may or june ill be ready to go, email at bikechuck67@gmail.com. if you think we can barter thanks to all

  7. Anita

    I, too, want to go off grid, have limited resources and little know-how. Finding people with whom you have enough in common to live and work together and get along, is like finding a needle in a haystack. People have so many different reasons for going off grid, and many different belief systems and worldviews. And that may not seem important, but if we’re going to stick together in the long-run, we have to share fundamental beliefs/world view. Also, it would be nice if we could just trust all strangers we anonymously meet on the web. But in the real world, there are bad people and one must be careful. So that leads me to, how do you find others who are honest and trustworthy and share your values, and get this thing started? Just seems to me to be the first biggest obstacle.

  8. Dan

    go to alaska there is lots of space and cheap land if you know where to look

  9. RavenSkye

    Yeah that’s the main thing is I am looking for a place. I have little money so am hoping that I can find someone looking for help in exchange for a place sort of thing.

  10. Cabinman

    Nick pretty well nailed it down. You may need to do a lot of looking to find the right place, but if you make it your mission you’ll find something. I’m sure there are plenty of places to look. You are in a beautiful part of the country. Good Luck and have fun. Once you get the property the real work begins.

  11. gracekawaii

    I am looking for a economical way to live off the grid, but still manage to commute to downtown chicago every day. I don’t know if that is possible, or is there any community near chicago. Please contact me if you can help me in any way, and thank you for reading my post.

  12. Toni

    I have land for sale in Southeastern Kentucky if you are interested.

  13. RavenSkye

    Thanks for the info Nick :) And the only location I really have in mind is to stay somewhere in the PacNW.

  14. Happyearthhomes

    Do you have a location in mind? My wife and I are off-grid at a friends place but looking to start our own in the next 30 days

  15. Nick

    I’d look for a place in a rural area, where you can often build what you want without being hassled, and building in a place where there’s an interest in alternative methods of building would almost assure that you get some helping hands when you need it.

    For example, Pulaski County in Kentucky has no residential building codes, so you buy an acre of land, and start building at your own pace, if you’re in that side of the country. Much of Missouri is wide open outside of the big cities, and land is cheap, if you’re located near there.

    The South-West is friendly to alternative structures, due to a long time existance of straw bale houses, adobe houses, rammed earth, etc… Delta County in Colorado is well known among alternative builders, as is Crestone, Colorado, but the entire South-West( from far west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, southern Utah) is a good place for it.

    The Pacific North West has some of that as well, particularly southern Oregon, but “smart growth” and other Agenda 21 bs means that state mandated codes can make it a hassle to build as free as you’d like. If you like mountains and forests, Idaho county in Idaho will let you build what you like, but I’m sure you can find such places anywhere in the country or world, if you look around.

    So, you’re looking for ideas. First choose a climate and geography you like – locate a county where you have building freedom, preferably near other off-grid or alternative building people who could give you a hand with building, when you need it. All you need is one acre to build a house on and do some gardening, raise some small livestock if you want to do that. More land is nice, but you can do a lot with an acre and that’s usually affordable anywhere.

    Check the forum section here, for people, as well as the land buddy section. There’s one poster, with 54 acres in southern Utah, looking for people to build housing, develop a community, and the land is gorgeous.

    I’d give you a link to another site to get you started, but i’m not sure that’s kosher with https://www.off-grid.net, and this yahoo account is giving me trouble, so I can’t email you a link – I haven’t used this account for a while, it seems.