Hello all. Im looking for an off grid community a place to settle down. We have 3 able bodied adults for constuction and labor. We can trade work for land. We would like to be in the pacific northwest Or./Wa. Lots of diy knowledge and good work ethic. 


need out of the rat race asap

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2 Responses to “Looking for a place to call home”

  1. Zachary

    23 Years old. Medical. Military. Looking at college for Forestry upon getting out. Have money saved. Shoot me a message. I am planning on going off grid in the near future. Need small group. Forgottencall@gmail.com

  2. kaisuke7

    Hello, I’m a 24 y/o male looking to purchase raw land in Washington state, I have a tiny house on wheel and will tow it to the property. My problem is I have few skills and no experience living off grid. Maybe we can combined forces :D If you’re interested shoot me an email, kaisuke7@gmail.com, we can skype or meet up if feasible.