[before_listing id=441 images= youtube=null] I am an on the grid/off the grid transient gypsy hearted free-spirit. I am looking for like-minded individuals, and a place to belong. Preferably off the grid. I have tons of survival and off grid generator construction information. I am very artistic & handy. I love the outdoors, and crave one or more others to enjoy off grid living with. I am open to almost all possibilities. Drop me an email…. mikewilson23@rocketmail.com[landbuddy_listing id=441 youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “Looking for a place to belong”

  1. Jon

    @Toni – You guys have bought land already? Where is it located by? I live at Sault Ste Marie, ON, and me and my relatives are looking for an off-the-grid community.

  2. Mike Wilson

    Hey guys.. Didn’t think that I would get a response through here that quick. I am pretty much offgrid right now, without the real offgrid luxuries. I have a make-shift shanty that I am living out of for the time being. It is on crown land, so I will need to move eventually. If you guys are serious about meeting at building a community of offgridders, then drop me an email mikewilson23@rocketmail.com … I only check my mail once or twice a week when I make my way into the nearest town. I currently am in Ontario, but I am willing to go anywhere. I am not really knowledgable in hunting(but I am interested), but I have lots of info on freesource energy generation though. Drop me a line, and we can see where we might be able to go from there.

  3. cecil s wilson

    i am a loving kind person who wishes to live off the grid i have worked hard my entire life and have nothing to show i have realy not much money but own my home which i would sell to get the supplyes needed to build a cumunity of fellow off the grid people i have seen a place that is in the woods that only has solar and wind power it was a beauitifull cabin self sustaining with wood heat but it was a hunting cabin and you could see a heard of elk that walked through the lower meadow in the misty morning the call of the wolfs that sound as close as to be beside you ,the smell of the moss in the morning the meadow of elk the wind in the trees that is were i long to be but i wish not to be alone but to share with others i have skills of many kind .i was a trapper ,a hunter,a mechanic,carpenter,a single father raised my kids from 1 year old .have worked over time and never took holidays and still am living from pay check to paycheck and i have many other skills to help if there is anyone else please coment on here lets all come together speak how you feel it will make your mind and heart feel better

  4. devio

    hey im looking to go off grid as soon as possible. i was raised around hunting, tracking, wilderness survival and farming. im a trades man and mechanic. im bright, honest and trust worthy. oh yeah also i have a dog ha

  5. Toni

    Hey Mike – Myself and a friend are working on this. We already have a trek of land and have started contruction. Drop me a line and maybe we can work something out.