[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] Looking for a likeminded person interested in off the grid living. Ideally we would research similiar topics and discuss our best options. after feeling confident in our knowledge and skills we could set out on our adventure. I am 29 white male in Ohio but willing to go anywhere. email me if interested in talking more. my email is flip32783@yahoo.com[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “Looking for a off the grid “partner””

  1. Nik

    Looking for someone to stay off grid am 21 , and I hope its someone I can get along with. email is hunternik6@gmail.com

  2. CJ

    Id love to know more. 35yrs old 5ft9, killer smile, bright green eyes, curvy.

    Currently live in Santa Barbara Countty, Calif.

    Helllava a cook, funny, attractive, pragmatic, self employed and can do nearly anything. I’ve been day dreaming about this for years now. Just recently started looking for guys that are wanting the same thing. Sadly, “off the grid” means just that so finding a compatible partner in that interest is hard. Pic swap?

  3. Sarah Ann

    Im down…

  4. Kisraga

    Name: Jonathan
    Age: 27
    Race: White guy
    Location: Beaufort, South Carolina.
    Email: Ki.Sraga@gmail.com
    Similar interests.