I’m Gavin. 18yrs old welding and culinary background. Just looking for a new life. Been trying to figure out who I am. Never been able to make my own decisions, Mothers been there controlling every step I make and I’m tired and exhausted playing as somebody I’m not. What I am looking for is something to call home, someone to call family. I’m hoping that I could find myself out there. I want to find who I am, I’m tired of being around people who don’t want to listen anymore. Everyone is always glued to there phones, It’s hard to make a connection with people nowadays.

Email: mr.saulsgiver@gmail.com                                                                Phone: (385) 424-8929

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3 Responses to “Looking for a new life”

  1. Jlscme

    Hello, would you be open to Maine? If so, send me an email at jlegra2933@gmail

  2. healingearthvillage

    Maybe you have already seen it all, but ic.org and ecovillage.org/projects could be a good starting point.

  3. Gen Agustsson

    my family was not much aware of off grid living and there’s not much support group for off grid residents out there. i went through a similar experience to yours. one of my organizations can add more support groups including off grid support group and meetings someday but not right now.