[before_listing id=457 images= youtube=null] I’m looking to move off grid as soon as I graduate high school which will be the summer of 2012. I want to go with a group of people if possible and join or start some sort of community that is 100% self sustainable. I can move anywhere and am looking for open minded smart creative people.[landbuddy_listing id=457 youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “looking for a group to move off grid with”

  1. "Doc"

    Hi Norma! I’m originally from Storm Lake but left for a 20 yr career in the military medical field. I moved back to Storm Lake after retiring, then up to Spirit Lake but now going on 13 yrs here in Fremont, NE. I’ve been studying going off grid for many yrs now. I’ve been hoping to find an abandoned farmhouse acreage site near Emmetsburg (house doesn’t need to be there anymore, but I like the grove of trees for wind/snow shelter and firewood. I have a monthly retired pension (small). I’m fulltime employed in Fremont, however, this year I’ll be launching a website to help veterans with PTSD. If it succeeds, I’m relocating back to Iowa. Dad, aunts, uncles & cousins live in Sioux Rapids, Spencer & Newell. Hope to hear back from you and your husband about your off grid plans!

  2. Norma I. Lujano-Ramos

    Did anyone managed to set up something yet? My husband and me just finished raising our lovely children and so we are now just two peaceful love birds. We own a house in Aurelia but we are willing to sell to pitch in for land if anyone is up for starting a community. Let us know we are very interested in living off the grid.

  3. shredder

    hey! did you find what you were looking for yet? i’m about an hour from you just across the border in mn. just found this website and i’m working to set up an off-grid business on hwy 4.

  4. Kansas Cajun

    Does your community have a place for a 60 something gentleman with more than 3 decades of research and planning for an off-grid life? If so, email technophyte1@gmail.com

  5. Robert

    You are pretty close, we are off grid 8 years, come out and check it out.

  6. james

    This is what i want to do, i want to go to alaska but being in the uk makes it impossible :(

  7. rick

    I would like to move off grid in northern bc.Looking for 10 or 12 couples or single folks to live off grid and who would want to purchase an acreage together as a community.$25,000 each couple or single person would give us together as a group a start .Location would be up around valemount,bc..feel free to email me back at recycler5669@yahoo.ca and let see if this idea can be accomplished.Happy off gridding,It is a great live,just do not weaken.

  8. urzSLO

    Wendy please give me your email. I’ll be graduating by the end of the year and want to go off-grid.
    Im from Europe and willing to fly over.

  9. wendy

    You sound just like what we are looking for. We are hoping to break ground spring but could use extra help come summer. Let us know if you are interested, we are sending out applications this month.

  10. David


    Email me so we can talk. Am starting a new place and could use some people. chadnn-at-yahoo.com