I am a 25 year old single mom who is looking to go off grid. It’s been hard for me to save money but I am so sick of where I live precisely because of that. I am looking for a friend, male or female, who would want to go in together on some owner financed land somewhere like Kentucky- must have no building codes as I want to build a sandbag house- find jobs there and work to pay off the land while building our own homes. I would like to live on the land in an RV until that is done of course. With rent prices where I live being so high in comparison with what I make at my job, I am relying on my tax return to do this so owner financed land with a small down payment and no restrictions are definitely musts. I know I am just jumping into this without very much of a safety net but I am ready. Also I’m 420 friendly so a place that is also, or would be in the future would be great too. Please e-mail me if this sounds like something you could do! I don’t even care what skills you have, we can learn. I just want someone who is genuine, intelligent, and who I could consider a friend.

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11 Responses to “Looking for a friend/land buddy”

  1. Seige

    Hello have you found what your looking for? I’m off grid in KY. , So if your still looking let me know

  2. Voldane

    I have 53 acres in southern Kansas and while it is grid tied now with some help I could be free of the grid by the end of the year. I have a couple of private bedrooms for you and your kid. Kitchen and bathroom are modern but being shifted to composting toilet and harvesting bath and shower water for reuse. There a few of us here if interested call 3162121584.

  3. Jakob

    I know you got a lot of responses. A lot of options with them all. My name is Jake, im 19. I spent years homeless until about 9 months ago and im looking to take a change of pace with someone. Ive never been arrested or any dumb stuff. I just want to have an opportunity to learn about off the grid living and id like to learn with someone. I keep to myself a lot until im comfortable with people but seeing others smile and strive makes me smile. I dont have any useful skills, i apologize. But i look at this as a chance to learn and theres no better way to learn that hands on. Please let me know what you think! Anyone else that sees this and thinks im a decent guy to have around feel free to email me at jtowell99@gmail.com. Again, i have no real skills but ill work as hard as i need to to follow this dream.

  4. Jsmith4

    Very interested in your post, 31 Male from nc looking to start making some plans ASAP, if you get a chance email me so we can further discuss the opportunity

  5. Andrew

    Hello I am in Texas but I have 10 acres and am planning to start my off the grid construction on it soon if you would care to know more let me know my name is Andrew

  6. Richard hopper

    hello I am 37 years, male, easy going, been looking for the same thing you are, I have complete construction/building skills, survival skills, I love building things. I have wanted to go of grid for a while but have not wanted to do it alone. I am looking at lands in Montana, Nebraska, Kentucky and South Dakota witch are good for off grinding they have large areas with out building codes. please contact me if you wanted to get to know each other, best of luck

  7. Cware2007

    I would definitely be interested in doing a homesteading community i have many different skills to offer from building to growing to taking care/raising of animals. I don’t have alot of money but I am willing to give what I have and build a great community of friends and safety. Please email me if I can be considered for this project. Thanks again

  8. Nick

    I am 20 years old, wanting to go off grid. Anyone with land, or willing to start an off grid community, let me know. Wanting to do so as soon as possible.

    • Jake Towell

      Hey man, im Jakob. Im 19 and though i dont have any land (and almost no money) I would like to help you do this. Its a dream of mine and god only knows theres nothing for me here in a big city

  9. Seige

    Hello, if your still wanting a place to live off grid , I believe I can help you. I live in KY.. And would be glad to have a friend or partner. I’ve lived off grid ,for 8 years now. If your interested I can give you more info, and pictures

  10. Devin

    Hey I’ve been thinking about this off and on for a few years but really want to take this seriously this year. I think I have a lot I can bring to the table. Email me back if you still want to talk. Thanks.