[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] I moved to NYC about 5 years ago from China. After graduating from NYU in Jan, 2011, I have to take some time off due to some health issue. I am not the type of person can sit around and do nothing, so I started a roof-garden and raise chickens. Eating vegetable from my garden and eggs from my hens, and getting my hands dirty have greatly improved not just my physical health, but also brought me inner peace. I started to realize that this is what I want in life. I want more land, bigger garden, more animals, and live more self-sustained.
Although my family especially my husband had hoped that I would continue my education,but he also understand and respect my choice. Since last summer, we started to search that perfect piece of land we would like to have. Currently, we are in the process of closing a property from upstate NY. There are a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in good condition; a metal barn or workshop which needs some work; 10 acres of land (a little less than 5 acres of cleared land and the rest is wooded), a well and septic system. There is also a creek running through the property year-around. The property is right by the county road and is not too far from major city. We are hoping we can move in before the end of this month(April, 2012). Since my husband works in IT, he will only go there during weekend and holidays. I need 1 or two people who can help me with all the works need to be done in order to make it a working farm. I am looking for people with farming experience such as organic gardening, caring animals, or are handy men type as we will need to build a greenhouse etc. I am open to partnership or work in exchange food and room. Any suggestions and ideals will be greatly appreciated.[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “Looking for 1 or 2 similar minded people”

  1. Daiana

    Greetings and Blessings,
    My name is Daiana Roman.
    We are a couple of experienced farmers and we try to found a Investor/Partnership and a Place where we can grow.
    My husband has experience in general maintenance, carpentry, painting, he can fix everything in the farm. He is a committed Christian with a desire to help the poor, he grew up on his grandpa’s upstate New York farm, where he learned everything about animals and farming. He has gained a lot of experience in Urban- Farming, Aqua-Farming, Vermi-Farming, Hydro-Farming, in one word everything about Permaculture.I grew up helping my father, grandfather and uncles on their farms, and have worked with plants and animals all my life. I have experience in everything from seeding to harvest, and on the animal side about chickens, pigs, goats and cattle.
    He implements a 100 % organic / green system using no chemical fertilizers. – For his Vermi/Aquaponic system, he has designed a combination animal-aquaculture-vermiponic culture, 100 % organic, in a 24 hour cycle which produces year round, to enhance plant growth, and believe me, they grow faster and healthier, we call it VERMAFARMING.
    I wrote to many people and I get many answers but no one wants to work with us because we are poor, even our plan is 99% risk free, and my husband is working on it [VERMAFARMING SYSTEM] for the past 17 years of his 32 years of experience in Urban / Hydro-culture / Aqua-culture / Vermi-culture & Permaculture
    Our dream is to some day to start a “CSA, Diversified, 100% Organic, 100% Green, Self-Sustaining Farm”, immediately, using my husband’s new and revolutionary VERMAFARMING SYSTEM to make a small fortune in around 5 years of hard work, with a Agri-Tourism, Recreational & Educational Programs Project for the future.We VERMAFARMING for 2 years in PR, but unfortunately we have only 1.5 acres, my husband say that he was doing Research with this little place and not producing in large scale as he wants, and now we know his VERMAFARMING SYSTEM is 100% ready to be profitably implemented.
    And believe me with his VermaFarming System, tomatoes and peppers are twice the size of the regular ones, the colors are brighter, and real juicy, the Lettuce is an A+ winner, so green, so taste and juicy, trust me our Experience in Artisanal Products Production is so special that we will win the Market real easy, plus with my VermaFarming will be very easy to obtain the GAP [Good Agricultural Practices], Combining our Livestock and Vegetable Production.
    If you like the idea and want to know more about your plan and make a small fortune contact me
    Daiana [ _ ] Roman [ at ] mail [ dot ] com
    REMEMBER ! There is no limit to the “A CSA, Diversified, 100% Organic, 100%Green, Self-Sustaining Farm “with “A Agritourism, Recreational Plans” Project for the future !
    ! We Can Do It, And You Can Be Part Of this Great Opportunity!
    We will be praying the Lord will touch your heart and mind to take the right decision, and
    Consider our project as the one you want to be involve with it, and both parts get the best of
    it, and this will be the beginning of a Great Partnership in a Successful Business, and begging
    to knit together a new family in the Lord, becoming the number one Business in your Area!

    Best Regards.
    Daiana Roman
    “A New Sunrise Organic Farm”
    Your little Piece of Heaven on Earth
    Pioneers of VERMAFARMING since 1995
    Growing A Greener World, Learning, Living & Sharing through Micro-Agriculture
    2 Cor. 9:10

  2. Henry

    I sent you an email Vanessa looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  3. Vanessa

    Hi Brittany,

    Could you send an email to me to discuss more? hhong3138@gmail.com. Thanks.

  4. Blake h

    Last year I hiked the AT recently I backpacked central America and worked short term on organic farms and would like to go off grid here in America. Oh yea I’m a 24 yr old male currently residing in the great state of Texas.

  5. britt

    Hi Vanessa!

    My name is Brittany and me and my partner are looking to live off the grid. we are both females in our mid 20s. I have extensive experience in animal care and it would be a complete joy to join you in your new life style. I love that you are interested in raising pigs, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life was raising a pig named Bacon! We are both free spirited, caring, hardworking women that have the urge to live life off the grid. As each day passes , the feeling grows stronger and we are in the preparation stages of trying to make it happen. if you are still looking, please contact me, i would love to talk to you more about the living situation. hope to hear from you soon
    best regards
    Brittany and Blair