I’m a 55 yr old woman who is ready to get out of the rat race.  Looking for a few people with a few skills who want to pitch in on some land (preferably somewhere maybe in AL for the mild winters, cheaper land, and less astringent codes) and form a helpful community.

I have a lot of reasons for wanting to be out in the woods, secluded… some of those reasons have to do with the peace of mind I feel when I get away from people noises and into nature.   Other reasons have to do with the what I can no longer tolerate in today’s society.  Other reasons have to do with the fascination of being able to live somewhat comfortably and cheaply by using off grid technologies.

There’s something fulfilling about providing 90% of your own food, lights, shelter, and water.  It’s pretty nice when the electric grid goes down and you’re situation doesn’t suffer a bit.

But I can’t do it alone, so I’d like to find a few people with my value systems.  I tried this once with 2 other people, and found out that I need to clarify what I can tolerate and can’t tolerate.  

For instance, I don’t like animal neglect.  If you’re going to get some chickens, don’t crowd them in a small box day in and day out feeding them gmo cheerios until they’re so big and crowded they start pecking each other to death.  Don’t leave 19 bags of trash sitting out in your yard where others have to deal with your fly breeding.

I don’t mind some noise and maybe a bonfire party about once a month, but basically, I like peace and quiet so I can listen to nature.

I like my own space and privacy, but I do also enjoy working as a group to help each other with our projects.  It shouldn’t be hard to have some of both.

It’s really hard to lay everything out, and foresee what’ll crop up when you get a group of people together but if we are all on the same basic page, have the same basic value systems, we can collaborate most anything.

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