I’m a 55 yr old woman who is ready to get out of the rat race.  Looking for a few people with a few skills who want to pitch in on some land (preferably somewhere maybe in AL for the mild winters, cheaper land, and less astringent codes) and form a helpful community.

I have a lot of reasons for wanting to be out in the woods, secluded… some of those reasons have to do with the peace of mind I feel when I get away from people noises and into nature.   Other reasons have to do with the what I can no longer tolerate in today’s society.  Other reasons have to do with the fascination of being able to live somewhat comfortably and cheaply by using off grid technologies.

There’s something fulfilling about providing 90% of your own food, lights, shelter, and water.  It’s pretty nice when the electric grid goes down and you’re situation doesn’t suffer a bit.

But I can’t do it alone, so I’d like to find a few people with my value systems.  I tried this once with 2 other people, and found out that I need to clarify what I can tolerate and can’t tolerate.  

For instance, I don’t like animal neglect.  If you’re going to get some chickens, don’t crowd them in a small box day in and day out feeding them gmo cheerios until they’re so big and crowded they start pecking each other to death.  Don’t leave 19 bags of trash sitting out in your yard where others have to deal with your fly breeding.

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I don’t mind some noise and maybe a bonfire party about once a month, but basically, I like peace and quiet so I can listen to nature.

I like my own space and privacy, but I do also enjoy working as a group to help each other with our projects.  It shouldn’t be hard to have some of both.

It’s really hard to lay everything out, and foresee what’ll crop up when you get a group of people together but if we are all on the same basic page, have the same basic value systems, we can collaborate most anything.

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11 Responses to “Looking for enough people to get something going”

  1. airintake25

    Hi there im single 48 yrs old male with building and mechanic skills want out of city life very stressful need help in living off grid though but could build just about anything and fix.Dont have lots of money but highly skilld in building structures and repairing just about anything.Willing to be part of your community.Not strong on survival skills but fast learner.Tired of big goverment have a good job but ready to leave city life. Thanks Sal airintake25@gmail.com

  2. ratnomore

    Rocco, do you have an email where you can be reached? Mine is go2monica@hotmail.com

  3. MarkNmontana

    Well for those of yo are looking for a place to get away from the Crazzzy people, I have my 18.4 acres in Central Western Montana Mountain property for Sale. I am totally off Grid, Solar, Gen, Propane backup, year round spring with pump to fill 2 1500 gal water holding tanks. 12 x 16 heated workshop, 16 x 12 heated storage building, 8 x8 storage shed, 8 x 12 Bunk House. Plenty of room to build more cabins. The property is very secluded the compound area cannot be seen from anywhere but overhead. have a New 20′ x 20′; 6″ “D” Log Cabin with Loft almost 600 SF total. NO Tornados, NO Earthquakes, just an occasional heavy snow fall, plenty of game in the area, close to the Missouri River for fishing, Plenty of firewood. $159,000 marknboo@gmail.com

  4. Chandon Walker

    Hello im and Emt who is also tired of the rat race, im a dental assistance and a pharmacy tech i have a wife and 4 kids. We have both agreed to move off the grid. You can contact us as well im a veteran and a jack for all trades.

  5. Rocco

    How’s it going? I think Alabama would be perfect. Beautiful trees, plenty of water. If a Tornado wants you, it will get you. LOL. I lived in Tornado Alley in Oklahoma for 7 years!
    Anyway, I have a little money and a truck. I can get more money but I’ve just starting looking for something. I’d also like to find a companion to go with me.
    Anyway, let me know what’s up?


  6. Dovely

    Try looking at NC. I live in north central NC. It’s an amazing place. You want a bit of winter to help kill the bugs. Contact me if you want more info. I’m selling my tiny urban farm for more land out in the country. Having been thinking about inviting a few special people to be part of the new homestead. Let me know if you would like to talk more.

  7. Dibbsfamily

    Hi, I am seeking the same with my husband and pets (currently 3 indoor only cats)… looking for a great area in a mountain range far from Black Flies (NE states), away from Tornado Alley, away from major earthquake Fault lines, and certainly far enough away from Volcanoes (Washington state, Oregon, Alaska, NC).. so where does that leave us? Not sure because, but not sure about AL, isn’t that in Tornado alley? But I’m open to entertaining the idea. Cause I am also looking for elevations above 4,000 ft. above sea level. And would be great to find a large parcel with tree cover, but open field not far from water source, like year-round running creek, or lake, etc.,; but ideally with an existing well and possibly Septic ystem already setup. This is my dream, to find this with other like-minded people that are also Christians. And then start farming/ gardening with also having livestock. So not sure if anyone here is thinking along these lines like me, but if so would love to hear back from you.

  8. Lauren

    Please contact me I really would like to join you 13 08 96 @ hot mail . Co . Uk. All lower case no spaces

  9. freedomnetwork

    This is exactly what I’m trying to do too and sounds alot like me too; Unfortunately I’m in Canada and moving to US isn’t something I can consider
    I would love to know how things turn out for you as well :)

  10. Alan_K


    your post sounds a lot like mine. Only difference, I wouldn’t think too much of the AL area….. (tornadoes). Granted, there is no perfect area, but the idea of going into an area that could set you back… I’d reconsider.

    Love to keep in touch though.
    See how things go for you.
    Take care.