Hi everyone, I’m looking to live off-grid and create my own Kin’s Domain adjacent to other like-minded people.  This has been inspired by reading the “Ringing Cedars” series of books. I’m looking for others who are similarly inspired. If you haven’t come across the books, do check them out, they are life changing! I would also be interested in people who haven’t read the books but are keen on living in close harmony with nature and practice permaculture principles. I’m presently located in the UK but would consider moving to another country in Europe (Brexit permitting). I’m looking for a hectare of rural land myself and ideally would expect the neighbouring plots to be similar in size. We would live independently but would share some resources and companionship as and when appropriate. I’m also looking for a life partner to do this with, I’m a 61 year old female, in good health with lots of useful skills.

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3 Responses to “Looking to create a Kin’s Domain.”

  1. Michael R

    Keep the DREAM alive Linda! It will happen one day soon. Best wishes, M

  2. Linda

    Hi Alan,
    Thanks for your reply to my post.
    It’s good to know there are others who have similar aspirations to me.
    I also work full time and quite enjoy my job but know that I now want to spend my time and energy pursuing this dream. It’s actually the first time in my life that I’ve really known what I want to do so I feel driven to accomplish it.
    I visited Bulgaria last summer, where it’s possible to buy a small, basic cottage with land for between £4,000 and £20,000! A real snip! However I felt I would have to learn Bulgarian which even has a different alphabet and wasn’t prepared to do that. I could probably have a go at French, Spanish or Italian if necessary. I also felt I may be too isolated because even though I want to escape the rat race, I would like to have a few neighbours around who had a similar ethos etc.
    England has extremely strict planning laws.
    You can either buy affordable agricultural or forestry land which you can’t build on, or development land which you can get planning permission for but is extortionate in price. Catch 22!
    Wales seems to be a little easier as recently they’ve created this thing called “One Planet Development” and so I’m checking out South Wales at the moment, Pembrokeshire in particular. You could look at the “Lammas” website for a bit of inspiration too. I’m thinking of a hectare of land, off grid, possibly a small self-built cob house, solar energy, hopefully a natural water source on my land, grow my own fruit and vegetables, keep chickens…….paradise! I have a daughter and son in their 20s who are fully supportive and who may end up coming along as well even though they are doing their own things at the moment.
    I’m not sure how relevant all this is to you as you’re in the US. What is it about Ecuador that interests you? Have you done any research yet?
    Yes, it would be good to keep in touch and share findings and progress. I’m not too keen on Facebook and prefer email, lindabamber@hotmail.com. However, if my contacts grow I may create a Facebook page at some stage and if I do I’ll certainly let you know.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Alan_K


    You sound like you have the same mindset as myself. For me, I am currently working in the U.S., a great job, but just missing what I’m looking for…. A nice, quiet, relaxing way of life, none of the daily grind. At minimal, I don’t see this happening for at least 2 – 3 years.

    From my researching (so far), I’m kind of leaning towards Ecuador. Find myself a reasonable piece of land and go from there. Currently, I’m 53, turning 54 :-(. Don’t know how things on my end turn out, But, would love to keep in touch w/ you. Follow your progress, decision making and what have you.

    Good Luck,