Hello, my names John Boucher (JB). I’m 19 and I grew up on a farm with 17 horses in New Brunswick. After I graduated high school I had no interest in today’s “rat race” so I moved to Saskatchewan to live on a large scale cattle farm where i slept in the loft apartment with no bills (except phone) and saved up my money. After the farmer turned sour towards me I decided to move further out west to my sisters place and found a landscaping job. Having to pay rent at my sisters and realizing all the stress they had with bills I didn’t feel like being in the same boat. So I came up with a plan to go off grid BILL FREE, DEBT FREE and TRULY FREE. Along my life I picked up on the skills I knew I truly would need. Anyone can fish in some water but it takes an experienced person to know where the fish are at and what type would be where. I enjoy the woods for that I truly feel myself when I’m hunting/fishing/exploring. I’m handy with a tool and I’m a great problem solver, not to mention my imagination will help my camp grow into a paradise. So if you’d like to join me on my journey feel free to message me here me

Looking forward to the future.

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8 Responses to “looking for companion to go off grid”

  1. john jones

    anyone from this post make it yet ? yhis same thought has been on my mind alot all the posts are from 2015 , whats new ?

  2. AJ

    Braden I am 28 in NH and looking for same and more ppl to start with contact me eaglehitstick1111@yahoo

  3. Gerald

    Sorry forgot to leave email…lee200932@Gmail.com…..Thanks Gerald

  4. Gerald

    Hey jb, read your post ..I basically feel the same way..I’m 32 my girlfriend 34..I have been flipping house,building custom homes,decks ,man caves etc…for almost 20 yrs…recently we are so disgusted with bills,taxes etc that we our looking to sale everything in our home and go off grid,for the more free life…with my knowledge if we had the land preferably by water we could build a home off the land..if you meet anyone with land at a barter expenses our you find land your self and need help with exchange of us building as well …then email me back…Thanks Gerald

  5. Sage Mcgilvery

    Hi there John, I can say we’re extremely alike in what we want to do and what we can do. I’ve spent my life working ad going to schools early just so I could graduate ad get a Batchelor’s in psychology and my first year culinary. I’ve spent a long time by myself in the woods with survivalist training and the like. I’ve been dying to do this and I’d love to talk more about it. Email me anytime

  6. braden

    I am interested. I have been looking for someone to do this with me. the problem is the upfront cost, I have $8,000 at the moment but need more for the land/solar hook up. I am 20, from Massachusetts but moved about 20 minutes from orlando when i was 14 so now im currently in florida. Please contact me for more info if you are serious.

  7. Alex Blair

    JB, my husband and I posted on this website in search of people to go off grid with. We are looking to collaborate with others as a community to live off grid and support each other in the lifestyle. You can email me at alexbcn299@gmail.com if you would like to speak more about it. I enjoyed reading your post. Best of luck!

  8. BobbyKorona

    Hello John……… Bob sunny Florida ….if you could live by your self with no support on 30 acres surrounded by 1,300 acres vacant timber land , one acre pond for water….in exchange for some help in my hatchery raising wild Tilapia,,, contact me today ….bob32175@aol.com … good luck