Hello, my names John Boucher (JB). I’m 19 and I grew up on a farm with 17 horses in New Brunswick. After I graduated high school I had no interest in today’s “rat race” so I moved to Saskatchewan to live on a large scale cattle farm where i slept in the loft apartment with no bills (except phone) and saved up my money. After the farmer turned sour towards me I decided to move further out west to my sisters place and found a landscaping job. Having to pay rent at my sisters and realizing all the stress they had with bills I didn’t feel like being in the same boat. So I came up with a plan to go off grid BILL FREE, DEBT FREE and TRULY FREE. Along my life I picked up on the skills I knew I truly would need. Anyone can fish in some water but it takes an experienced person to know where the fish are at and what type would be where. I enjoy the woods for that I truly feel myself when I’m hunting/fishing/exploring. I’m handy with a tool and I’m a great problem solver, not to mention my imagination will help my camp grow into a paradise. So if you’d like to join me on my journey feel free to message me here me

Looking forward to the future.

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