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I’m 18, young and still wet behind my ears, but I have had much ambition to get off the grid and live the more simple lifestyle. I’ve done extensive research upon off grid living in Alaska and have come to understand that I may not have the skills needed to peruse this goal myself. This goal all began when I really started to pay attention to how our govt., economy, etc works, and I know I’m not the only one noticing these dramatic changes. I truly hate to see this for my generations, and generations to come. I was recommended by a man to look into off the grid communities and have found several to my liking by haven’t had any luck contacting them. I have some skills that may come in handy such as, woodworking, farming, repair, electrical. I’m also a lifeguard at Kentucky Spash Waterpark. I’ve been there for 3 years now. Although lifeguarding itself may not be needed, the skills I have gained through training may. If anyone is needing a new member of there community I am very open to listening.
Help me, help you.

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95 Responses to “Looking for off grid communities needing members.”

  1. cynthia

    Looking for off grid frugal priced living acomadation

  2. jack ridlington

    Hello there nice to see people are still at it! I lived off grid on a bus as part of a group for just over two years, as low impact and self sustaining as possible. I’ve worked as a welder in dockyards through winter whilst living in said dockyards and so have some mechanical experience, I’m also good with alternative energy solutions, I’m by no means a brain box nor pure Braun (more the first), but I’m capable. I lack funding! For the past year I’ve been living the life of a nomadic hermit really as I can’t afford to purchase land. However as soon as someone with land is found I make a good worker and builder requiring no pay, just a love of the life and a need to be out in the country.
    I’m only 23 but not quite typical, I’m incredibly polite and l work until my back is broken and hands are raw but my fault being I’m rather solitary, not unsociable though!
    Since the group is been with disbanded and people returned to town life I’ve very really been a little lost and wondering, forever looking for”that spot” where I can build my own little self sustaining eco bubble without fear of the council finding my haven and tearing it down before moving me on.

    (Apologies for a slightly off message, I’m using a phone to send this and as such my typing isn’t as quick as I’d like so that’s a copy paste of my profile on off grid living)

    If anyone has started or had a small plot of land I would be massively interested, I’d be more than happy to work the land and help with any management of plot, I’m environmentally minded looking to live as low impact a lifestyle as I can. Although I have no real capital to assist financially I am self sufficient monetarily via internet work, photography sales, enough to provide my food, water and any niceties I require. I can only offer work hours and ethic but they’ll come in spades
    My gratitude to be able to leave peacefully somewhere like this would be all the payment required to get hard work from me

    Many thanks and hope to hear from someone
    P.s I’m comfortable staying in a tent on grounds as to not intrude on volunteer space.
    Jack Ridlington

    • GrandmaLinda

      I have a smaller size cabin in the California Sierra mountains. I need a handyman while I fix it up to sell for an off grid farm. There is a full size loft, for anyone willing to work for rent. All the hot water you can use. I go up for a week or so then back to my house for a while.
      Really could use a hand. If all works out well I would be delighted to have a hard worker as a neighbor and I know how hard the down payment on land can be. So if your still interested, and are looking for this to turn into land for you how about giving me a email.

  3. Paula

    I am looking to participate in a self sustainable community. I have been working on a ranch in exchange for room and board but had to leave due to my puppy. Long story short, I have a lot to offer. I do not have money, however. I have developed a almost complete disdain for money and the system. I am looking for like minded poeple to share my “workhorse,” attributes and my evolving wisdom, albeit green. … Thank you, Paula Wall

    • Connie

      My friend and I bought 8 acres in SW Missouri. Will be moving onto the property in March. Living in a yurt to start while building the cabin, chicken coop, rabbit hutch, etc…
      We are two women that have an, I can do anything attitude. Let us know if this is something you are interested in.

      • craig jenkins

        hi my name is craig i am 52 yrs old in great shape i am very interested in the life style i wonder how you are doing, can you use help are you interested in anyone else coming to live on your property tp help you and to experience this life too, i do have about 75 thousand saved that i want to invest into this life style so i do not have to depend on an income any longer to pay my bills or rent electric an so on, tired of the demands of society, i am not anti social by any means, I am just done doing the mundane rat race
        let me know how you ar doing what your experiences are thank

      • Lisa Rose

        Looking for anyone who needs help and 2 abled bodies who aren’t afraid of hard work and getting their hands dirty

  4. Eric

    I’m looking for someone willing to live off the grid preferably a Christian veteran to help me start a self-sustaining farm in south Louisiana. I have around 10 acres with a small garden, 23 chickens, four sheep, and some honeybees. I can be contacted at the following email address:

  5. Dsylvester76

    Hey everyone, my name is Daniel, survivalist, hunter, forage, fisherman, builder, etc. Strong and healthy looking for more people to go off grid with in Washington, Oregon, idaho or Utah. Hit me up if you wanna chat more at

  6. Andreia

    I read all post here. Looking for be members to a community off the grid. We just waiting the right time. How is it, did you joined any community? Will love to keep in touch with real people to keep my plan alive. I’m looking forward to read you ?

  7. Raymond

    Hey all, its great to see a lot of folks like me, who want to live off the grid.

    I joined a new Facebook group, called offgridpeople – you can search for partners, communities, or discuss off grid living and survival methods.

    Search “offgridpeople” group on Facebook, sent a join request , and they will accept you.

  8. David

    Hello all, I’m trying to find a group of people to star living off grid. I would love to share ideas and figure something out together. I’m 22 and have had quite the life, I was a dancer, a pianist, a soldier, and currently thinking of dropping out of university to pursue my dream. I’m tired of modern society and I’m not the kind of person meant to be enslaved in a system that takes everything away from you. I want to live free like every human should. I have lots of ideas and I am incredibly motivated and passionate about making this happen. Contact me if you’re interested

    I am willing to make this happen as soon as possible but I do want a solid plan before jumping into this. Much love to everyone.

    • ray

      Hi David my name is Ray Sutherland and I am Jamaican by birth I am 49 yrs old and would love to be apart of your plan of living of the grid please can you tell how to and you want to OK thanks KIND REGARDS

  9. Jillian

    Hello to everyone. My names Jillian. My husband and I are currently looking to go off grid with some other people looking to do the same. We are young, 22 & 24. My email is We would love to hear some tips ideas or places to find more off grid communities

    • Alrod53

      Hi Jillian, My wife and I have a small off grid farm here in West Virginia, we are not from here tho. Lol. We moved here from Florida. We have 30 acres forest land and a small cabin that is not finished on the inside yet. Our goal is to start an aquiponic farm and grow fish and veggies to sell and also eat for our selves.. Problem is we both work full time and do not have much time for chores and building of a large greenhouse. If your interested please call us @ 304 659 2181 ask for Larry

  10. Gabriel

    Hello all, my name is Gabriel and I am a 23 year old male who is fresh out of college. I’ve decided to emerse myself in meditation devoting my growth to the true forms of what we are. I’m able to step into the work force but none of it truly appeals to me. I’ve already made the decision to go off grid because I’ve taken notice at how sick our society and its rulers truly are. I want to make something happen! I’m tired of sitting around looking and waiting for emails and approval. If your a like minded individual who is sick of being a puppet then let’s make something happen and get it started ASAP. I am open to the idea of prepping and protecting what we create. We must not let any valuable seconds go by, who knows how much time we have left?

  11. Chrysta

    I am a 24 year old mother of two who is ready for change I want to move off grid with my family for a better life. I need help to find out where this is possible please contact with any info on it to I’m not scared of the government but feel that it’s the best choice for my family to be closer to a life worth living. I’m worried about my family’s future where I live and feel I can give them a better life to learn it maybe hard some times but I’ll have them and have the skill to know what to do at hard times just need to no where it’s safe to put my family on free land that we wouldn’t get shot for setting up a home . Thank you very much. Sincerely AMOTHERWITHADREAM

  12. Jackie

    I’m Jackie Hume 40yrs male single very smart hard worker good health but no money or a pot to pee in for that matter. I want very much want to be part of an off grid lifestyle. I understand its a hard choice to take in a person that’s financially a burden but I have all the skills to survive once a shelter and food reserves are established. I’mvery much a jack of all trades sort of fella. Very easy going in temperament and always have a smile.I’m kind and completely trustworthy. My morals are unbreakable. I have faith but not exactly religious if that makes sense to ya.everyone who has ever known me loves me but society really hurts my heart and I need a like minded atmosphere to enjoy and well just be myself.I’m a simple guy with a great attitude. Anywhere I’ve ever been work wise at least I excell and thrive no challenge is to great if anyone needs a strong handy guy around and can keep fundamental life simple and honest I’m happy to help.

  13. Charlie

    hi everyone me and my wife and son are looking for a place to live off grid we just don’t want to be alone in this so it would be great to find people alike we are fun we take our life serious we can help out with anything that is needed we have a full house of things we would be bringing we can build our our place and live with you all its just things are getting hard out here for us and no mater were we turn its always something is their is other out their willing to help we will do everything we can to help around their and get our life back together again and help everyone involved as well pls someone can you please help us looking for ASAP

  14. Henry jr

    I have wrote to 6 different people looking for members and have not heard anything from any of them.i have tons of construction,hunting and fishing and survival skills and have a $1400 a month income and no one will even write back,I thought u were looking for members that could help outC334

  15. Dylan johnson

    i am a homeless male living in alton illinois usa looking for a community. i cant offer much besides a loving soul and hardwork. i would love to become a member of your community. contact me through email: please ignore immature email. am willing to move anywhere

  16. gary

    We family of 6 looking to add more to our off grid place . Much is done . Much to go. We need workers . We are remote. Love our country fear our government . God fearing nature loving in nw / NM. Email with questions eloheemisall@gmail. Or for immediate concerns of how to help one another . Just call 5053203164. Looking to fill spot/s asap or at least before winter.

  17. LegallyBlonde

    I want FREEDOM in my life. I don’t want to continue in this rat race. I live in Floridq and I am saving $$$$ to buy 1-5 acres of Sourh Florida land. I would love to start an off-grid community. The weather is great down here and you can go around the rules to live off-grid. Contact me if interested.

    • Billye Burnette

      Did you start your dream ? live in FL lease up Feb. love to live off grid . contact ASAP to see if I have any skills to offer .

  18. Jay

    Looking to join an Off The Grid community. If anyone has any information about one and where to join one, contact me @ with the subject titled ‘Off the Grid’. Thanks!

  19. Naftali

    I am planning to start a of grid community with shipping container housing in N or S Carolina this Sep/Oct.
    If you:
    Want to live off grid
    Want to have vegtable garden/ chickens ect/ live off the land
    Are a free spirit or easy going / drama free
    Willing to relocate
    Are any race, religion or sex preference
    Have income or can make income or have skills to barter with
    Have kids, that you home school
    Are single or married w/out kids is fine too!
    Please contact me
    I am a 32 yr old mom to a 5 yr old that I home school, I am an Army Vet
    A free spirit and want to break free from the norms of society. I am seeking to create a community of like minded individuals, please contact me if interested.

    • Billye Burnette

      what to live off grid , in a community . contact me to see if I have any skills to offer . female senior . can learn new skills came from a share cropper family in Ga . like being to self and keeping inner peace. must have a more vegan diet . worked as a LPN till 1999 then a security officer of events .

  20. Norman

    My name is Norman im 26 married with a expecting wife our 1st child i share the same dream or vision as most of you on here my wife and i are 2 disabled army veterans shes 38 both of us want to flee from the cities we both have income but i want to see if i can find some partners and future friends to start a community with me im located in Virginia currently but if any one has some land or wants to get some and get this going email me plz.

  21. Rachel

    My husband and i are looking for a family to help us start and off grid community. You must have an income even if ti is SSI. And a popup camper winter ready tent and an RV is a must. It is in Ramah NM
    it already has a 200 Amp service septic and water. We would like to get away from all of that but it is nice to have while building. I would be willing to work with the income portion for someone who is single and educated. We will start working on the property starting Oct !st 2015. If you may be interested please email me raelove81@gmaildotcom we will have questions for you as you should for us. Age sex religion those don’t mater serious people please.

  22. Tommy Neely

    Hi I’ve already emailed a few of you. I’ve just purchased a small tract of land in Middle Georgia. I’m looking to put four or five small houses on here and develop a community together. It is raw land now with only timber and a creek on it. Myself and my children will be moving there at the beginning of September. I would love to have others come build this with me please contact me if you are interested.

  23. Samantha

    Seeking an off grid homestead opportunity for my husband, my self and our small children. Will consider community living, farm hands or just property management. We just want a completely self sustained life and will consider all options to do so, we are willing to work as hard as we need to accomplish this way of life. Please contact me

  24. Freya

    My family and I are interested in learning more about off grid communities. We are considering this ourselves. But not sure where to look, or anything really. We have survival skills, and love nature. Please contact me with any info. We’d love to hear from you!

  25. Ben

    U.S Army Veteran looking to go off grid soon. 32yr old male and single. Please email at

  26. Max

    Slab City invites everyone…Its in the SoCal Desert and is has amenities such as hot-springs, a canal (to wash clothes) a night club, a live music area and scattered towns on the outskirts where you can buy some food or gas etc. Its the last free place in America

  27. Alexandria

    Hello everyone it is so nice to see so many like minded people. Are there any communities accepting people in California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Washington or Oregon?
    Please feel free to email me ojibzuelan at gmail dot com. Thanks

  28. charles

    hello all i am 35 and have a life long friend who is 33 both male and we want more then anything to break free of the forced constraints of the society we’ve been living in here in america to live a free down to earth community lifestyle. both raised in Wa state and have been around the US currently living in Tx. we have worked all sorts of jobs from one end of the spectrum to the other and have lots of knowledge and experience to offer. i am a father of 2 teenagers that both live with their moms and my friend has none but are both great with kids and people just. tired of modern care about nothing that matters people and want to be around others who feel and think similarly…. we don’t have money right now but would love to live with the barter system and live simple lives the way we were all meant to live….. we have been trying to learn how to accomplish getting to the point we can live like this and would appreciate any knowledge or help to point us in the right direction please email me at thank you….. p.s. we are willing to make life happen are you?

  29. Tommy

    Hating how society is going, the entitlement & ego of this human race is disgraceful. I feel we (people) are the worlds most “invasive” species. Building things where we have no business going. The entitles want to own, I want to share. Instead of raping a virgin piece of land, why couldn’t people tear down a crappy dwelling & build their mansion on land that has already been claimed? I have no interest in that way of life, I’m only putting it out there. I have been researching off-grid, bushcrafting, simple ways of life & I find this much more appealing. I am a 46 year old man who wants to break free from society. I’m in good health, wanting to learn everyday about life outside the dog eat dog world that grinds men’s souls. Contact me with any ideas or maybe something I have said strikes a nerve & then we can brainstorm. for any inquiries.

  30. Hugh Gallagher

    I have an almost off the grid property in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. Two living structures that will allow 4 people to live comfortably. It currently has electric service and a 1000 gallon septic system and deep well. It sits on 37 acres on a back road that only gets local traffic because of the small bridges that give you access. It is almost an hours drive from the closest Walmart. We are looking for people up to 4 at least 2 to work the property while we are away. Please contact me at if interested and mention the “Ozark Mountains Property”. One neighbor has almost 1500 acres so if you choose not to see anyone for weeks or months at a time it is possible here. The road is 4 miles long and has 7 houses on it. Land is mostly timbet covered with two cleared fields for growing food and a 50×50 fenced garden area.

  31. Barnard

    Would like to have a chance to be a off grid community or just few. I have a skillset that would help with any community or few. I would just like the opportunity to make this happen for me as I am just not into the what society has become and where it’s going. Pretty much anywhere is good for me. I don’t want to draw this plea out so I will go now. Hope that there is someone or someplace that will hear me. Contact me at

  32. joe

    I have always had a sense for nature. Its always been calling to me since I was a boy. I am 24 with years of experience in primitive studies. I’ve constructed primitive shelters and made fire. I need to get out of society. I can’t take it anymore. For the last 9yrs I’ve been the same thing over and over… And over. The trap were born into doesn’t let u progress like they say it does. I’m surrounded by walls and boumdries and want absolute freedom. I have friend who a relative to this as I am. We are looking for a community accepting other members to join. I am used to the nh/ n.e area. These woods are imprinted in my head. Though people here are mostly stuck up and conceded. Not many here with the same ideals. I am thinking of calorado. If anyone has information regarding off Grid living please contact me:

  33. ASHLEY

    My husband and I are looking for an off grid community. Please point me in the right direction.

  34. Ashley

    Well first off it’s awesome to see how many people feel this way other than my fiance and I. I am 22 and he is 23 but we live in Colorado and prefer to stay here. We are tired of the people, greed and just plain ignorance of people today. I am disabled and dont have a life now as it is, were simple people with simple needs. And living off grid is an option, just not easy to do alone. We do grow marijuana because of my disability. Email us if you want

  35. Alec

    Please,someone get in contact with me about this matter I am 20 with already a year of experience by myself as a way to escape the chaos I did it at the age of 18 and now know the best way to live , I need someone willing to let me live on their land barter system .. Any work or anything I can do to get back out in the bush please contact me. I have funds but not extravagant funds haha

  36. Alec

    Please,someone get in contact with me about this matter I am 20 with already a year of experience by myself as a way to escape the chaos I did it at the age of 18 and now know the best way to live , I need someone willing to let me live on their land barter system .. Any work or anything I can do to get back out in the bush please contact me.

  37. Richard Allen

    I own and run a small automotive business in Arizona that my dad left Me and my brother but it’s only been a few months that I’ve actually owned it. I have always had a problem with the auto industry for pollution but I can’t handle business in a “city”… Normal shops thrive on unsuspecting customers but I can’t seem to keep work because I fix the car with out needing parts our for really cheep. Haha I’m negative every time I buy parts for the next customers car.
    I am in the same mind set as just about every post on this comment thread, I’m tired of dealing with people trained not to care and exceptional training in avoidance of responsibility. I’m just uneasy about moving from this city life back to the way, the good way! I’m looking to get into touch with people who’ve done research into going off grid. I love people, I love being alone in nature, I love helping people, I love helping nature. Hopefully we can all find what we need are looking for! Good luck!
    You can contact me at

  38. Sofia

    Im looking to move to Africa, ideally East Africa (because of the climate) and start a project there.. does anyone know of any communities there? or if someone is looking to start something there? pls let me know

  39. james bailey

    hi everyone looks like most people are in same shoes desire and ambition to go off grid but no funds to by land im in the same position current created society is failing due to greed i am also seeking sipiritually minded hard working compassionate people to create a community i have wanted to escape the shackles of society ever since i can remember i have many outdoor skills that can be invaluable to a community and many great ideas. you can email me at jcubailey@hotmail. com

  40. Lonnie

    I am a 47 year old Disabled man, I have a large construction background including reading blue prints, I can operate most heavy equipment, mechanical knowledge. I own a 1977 Holiday Rambler Motor Home I live in with my 2 little dogs, I draw $534.30 a month Disability, I am working on saving for a Solar system to power my RVs needs. I want to find a place I can park and live in it till I can build a small cabin where I can live a simple and quiet life. I prefer some where with a warm climate year round as cold really hinders my health. Thank You for any information.

  41. Darrell

    Interested in literature in living off the grid. It has to be a place better than this and with more hope than this.

  42. Los

    in many areas with room to learn for more. I’m more on the spiritual side. I sun gaze, walk barefoot on the earth as much as possible,
    Hello Kyle and all others. I’m share the same inspiration. — Looking or like-minded community
    I’m a former USAF Electrician, served a total of 8yrs. Born in Jan, 1986. I do a bit of my own home gardening. I’ve been a raw vegan for about 2(?) years now. My passion is all around self sustainment with a bit of knoweldge and books (survival, herbal, self sus.) on the subject. I’m quite skilled tate and have a few instruments that I have yet to master. I don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke. I plan on making an herbal garden, for healing of course with (tea’s, oils, hygiene care, etc). I have a litle bit of cash saved and currently live in San Antonio, TX and am willing to travel. If I seem compatible to any others out there feel free to send me an email.
    Thanks all,

  43. Kaylee

    Hi, My husband and I and our two young boys are looking to live off gird as well. This has been a dream of ours since we were young. Living in a city is taking us away from enjoy our lives and our family. We are soooo ready for a life off grid. We would love to live somewhere in British Columbia. My husband is a carpenter, jack off all trades and a faster learner. I have great skills in working with young children, enjoy cooking and would love to learn more about growing our own food. Anyone who knows of communities or has land they are willing to share please email me. Thanks.

  44. Amy

    Looking for someone who has land, thats willing to let us build earthships. I have a few people interested and would love to get it started.

  45. Tony

    I am looking for people to buy land with in North AZ. undeveloped land is expensive and I don’t see my self purchasing the land buying; wells,green houses,septic tanks and solar panels all on my own this life time. If anyone wants to get together and pull our money equally to buy a few acres to homestead/live off the grid. Please email me

  46. thoreau

    since i was 16 the thought of drifting into the woods away from society has grown into a full blown commitment nearly 20 years later. the world is sick and as a consequence it makes me sick. i am in the process now of making a solo adventure with in the next 2 years as i do not have alot of money. i yearn for spiritual peace with the earth. have any questions or comments plz feel free to email me at

  47. Kimberly

    I have been wanting to do this as well. Simplify things. Thinking alaska would be aweaome. If anyone has any advice or anything please email.

  48. dan Trimble

    Im a skilled marine tech and builder experience in solar , wind power .looking for a spot in a off grid community or some land for my wife, 2 year old boy and myself

  49. Cassie

    Hello my family and I would also love to start an off grid home stead. We would like to find other people to build an community with. My husband and I have three kids 11,9,3. Here is my idea for a simple labor intensive life. Maybe if enough of us got together and went in on a plot of land it wouldnt cost too much per person. Of courses have a lawyer draft up papers to keep everything fair. My main concern on where would be a state with low property tax and relaxed building codes. Decent weather would also be a plus. I have heard a number of people talk about living with no money no disrespect to anyone who wants that. You would have to strictly scavenge and squat to live without any money. But I am looking for people would know we would have to have ways of making money for supplies, equipment and taxes. Also my family eats meats if you dont I am fine with that. I plan to raises animals to eat as well as hurt for food. I was think an aquaponic set up would be a good way to grow food as well as organic gardens. I know it would take time to build, grow food and become self sufficient. We could start out in campers or maybe even tents. Get live stock food and water set up and growing. Then start building homes for each member. I would like to salvage as much material as possible. I do like cob houses as well as smaller wood or really any other ideas for more effective housing. I dont want to rid myself of all modern conveniences. Just do some major cut backs. I know other people are out there who want a similar type of life. If you want to talk more or have a community already but want more members please eamil me

  50. Krys

    Hey everyone, I am actually in process of trying to start an off grid self sufficient community from the ground up. I live in MD but im looking at buying land & so far I’ve been considering AZ or NM, you can get undeveloped land pretty cheap there. I have some construction experience plus various other skills & have been researching various forms of alternative/clean/renewable energy (i.e. wind, solar, etc). I was going to do the initial setup myself & then look for members, but if anyone is willing to help from beginning or if you’re interested in keeping tabs on growth to possibly join later feel free to contact me @ I agree & feel the same as all the comments I’ve read on here. ALSO IF ANYONE JUST WANTS TO TALK TO DISCUSS MY IDEA OF WHAT THE COMMUNITY WILL BE IN DETAIL I MORE THAN WELCOME THE CONVERSATION SO FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME, I understand some people may want specifics to be sure we can vibe together. In case you’re wondering why I didn’t pick somewhere super green it’s because 1. I want the isolation, 2. I can get more land, & 3. I believe everything needed to be sustained can be constructed…& personally a big part of being “off grid” is having an isolated community. My preferred area im looking at though is about 30 minutes from border to Mexico (Tijuana) & 1.5 from El close enough that if we need something qicker but far enough that we can mostly keep to ourselves.

  51. Daniel

    if anyone has any land or know where an off the grid location is please email me at thanks

  52. Conor

    Couple aged 28 & 27 seeking and off grid community. Currently living in a small off grid house/shed which I built on parents land in Ireland. Looking for a community of like minded individuals to try and achieve something great. I am an artist and art teacher, and my fiancee works in a holistic therapy centre. Have experience timber framing, growing fruit and veg, composting toilets, limited solar knowledge, raising chickens also keen interest in permamculture. email:

  53. Stephanie & Shane

    Hello! My fiancee and I are looking to escape the slavery of society and live life how it should be. We want a life in a small community with like minded people where we can live naturally and trade goods and services. We plan on building a home out of shipping containers and buying solar panels. I want to grow fruits and vegetables and my fiancee do carpentry. We’re free souls (hippies if you will) that are imprisoned in a society. This is not how the world is meant to be. I want to live naturally like were meant to.
    Want to get to know us better? Email me

    • Alrod53

      Howdy Shane and Stephanie, We live in West Virginia on a 30 acre property . we moved here from Daytona Fl in 2010.
      we have so far built a guest cabin from pallets that is still not finished on the interior and have built a small carryout Mexican restaurant on a commercial part of our property. Problem is No Time. We both work fulltime jobs for now to finish paying everything off and build the equipment needed to built an aquiponic greenhouse. The plan is to grow fish and veggies to sell and consume for selves and eventually teach others to do the same. give us a call after 6pm if your interested. 304 659 2181 ask for larry

  54. Angela

    Hello Everyone!
    My husband, 5 year old son and I are looking for communities wanting to add full time members. My husband is skilled with building, woodworking, mechanics and cooking. I am skilled in sewing, cooking, baking and dog training. We currently live in Mesa, AZ. We are in our laste 20’s, early 30’s. If we sound like a good fit for your community, please email us!!

  55. shawn

    Hi my wife and our 3 kids are looking to move off grid as well we are currently seeking land and the right land to do this it would be great to have a couple trustworthy neighbors in this new life experience we are preparing for. I am a mechanic with knowledge of all sorts of things. Producing power. Water etc. I also hunt and fish and very well stocked looking for some input on this

  56. Alexis Gaines

    me and my husband were talking about this, we would really like to do this but we would want good and nice people that we can trust to build up a community because we have a daughter and want to make sure she grows up feeling safe, we are really sick of this evil world and we don’t want are daughter to grow up around it

  57. oscar

    Let’s do this all of us together start our own offgrid community or join one. If any of you are interested email me

  58. jeff

    Hello I am 40 yrs old lived in the woods my hole life good carpenter,welder,electrician,plumber,built houses for 8 years and have been in house technician for a McDonald’s franchise for the last 8 years I need out if you have a place in nowhere and need some help let me know. Looking to get off grid tired of working to make everyone around me rich.

  59. Joseph

    Hi Kyle. My brother and I are interested in starting on off-grid community. We wanna start out with sort of like a bug out spot first. I and my brother know a lot about solar, atmospheric water generators, permaculture, earth building. All vital things to be completely off grid. Problem is combined we don’t have the money for land unless we get some in Kentucky which is ten hours away from Virginia Beach. If you wanna get together you electrical experience could help us. Maybe we can get a few people together and get the money to get the perfect land preferably closer. My email is

  60. fizz

    the shut up and grow it land welcomes all. just google it or look it up on facebook

  61. Keris

    I am a “no money” looking for a “have land” match. My dream is to help people build communities in whatever way I can and then move on to the next and do the same thing. Plan on getting an rv this year. I have no specialized skills but I WILL LEARN, and I will learn as much as possible because I am here to help build our beautiful new earth! Single, mature female, lots of earth energy, not afraid of hard work. My two grown daughters want to join in my adventures. Animal friendly a MUST! Prefer to start in the south east… But will go where the spirit flows. ✌

  62. Kayla

    I’m 18 and I have been looking to get off the grid for a long time along with my older sister (21). Our search picked up quite a bit when she had her son a year and a half ago. We would need accommodations for one female inhouse cat named Kathari who is the sweetest. We dont mind work or building but we have abit of a problem getting money due to the current economy. I can be reached at my email: if anyone had any leads on existing communities or would like to start one up.

  63. cory

    Hi I’m Cory I am a x marine and I’m a master hydroponic builder and grower I can grow anything year round so a stable food sorce starts here without all the back breaking tilling of the land. I can also cook anything or fix anything contact me anytime am willing to travel

  64. Annie

    Hi all,
    My name is Annie, and I’m looking to find an off grid community that interested in a new member. I’m 26 and am skilled with animals and cooking. This has been a life long dream of mine and would really appreciate any advice and help!! I have little money, but I make up for it with a strong passion and drive for freedom and life. Please email me at

    • Alrod53

      Hi Annie, you sound like you might be a good fit for our project, as people do not have passion or drive anymore. Our project is to setup an aquaponic greenhouse and sell our goods at our own carryout restaurant.
      Currently we both are working fulltime jobs to finish paying for what we have started. Our property and the carryout restaurant. Next year everything will be paid off then the greenhouse project can be started. In my spare time I have welded and fabricated a bandsaw mill to cut lumber from logs to build the greenhouse. I want to use hickory wood to build the gothic arch. If this sounds interesting to you give us a call @ 304 659 2181

  65. Sarah

    Hi there, my name is Sarah, I’m in my mid 20’s and I would love to live in a self sustainable community. I enjoy everything outdoors especially hiking and camping. I have experience in gardening and animal care. I financially cannot start this lifestyle on my own so if you live this lifestyle and are interested for some helping hands, please email me at

  66. Jon I forgot to post email from previous post.

  67. Jon

    I am looking to go off grid also. Like many of you I just don’t seem to fit in on this angry world. I am 59 and own 2 properties in Florida that I need to sell first. It’s not a matter of money for me. It’s about freedom! I have been looking at land online in New Mexico but won’t buy anything sight unseen. I’m thinking 5-20 acres but don’t know zoning laws. The plan is to build with shipping containers. A small community would be nice as I would be scared by myself. Please let me know if there any good deals on rural land in or around New Mexico.

  68. Brian

    I as well share the same dream as Kyle. If anyone needs help or is looking to start a community I am in. I am a 24 yr old environmental science major. I have great outdoors skills swell as a hard work ethic.
    If your emailing me please put living off grid as subject!

  69. jeff regeneration

    hey, my name is jeff, im 28, and a jack of all trades and master of nothing. i live in Manchester NH. i have been dreaming of going off the grid and building a home and opening up a small leather working business of my own for a long long time. i have no land but i have a little chick of money set aside and really big dreams. i am in the same boat as you.

    if you or anyone else on here would like to talk about getting together and building a community or sharing or just helping eachother i linked my facebook and my email is

  70. Doug

    Edward do you have a contact email?

    I am currently in Arizona am wanting to go off of the grid soon. I am 40 years old, single and have good skills such as woodworking, electrical, and good work ethic. I know a lot about a lot and want to use the skills in a off the grid situation. If anyone needs a hand or has land to develop I would very interested in talking.

  71. Russ

    My wife and I are in the process of buying 10 acres and building an off grid 24×24 cabin for us and our 2 kids. Tired off the modernized world and how government has there greedy paws in our pockets all the time.

  72. kpb84

    Hello all,
    Low and behold, names Kyle as well :), I’m a 30 year old living in Arizona. Recently quit my job and have been struggling for quite some time at living in this normal society. I’ve always felt like modern society is wrong for some reason and have been wanting, for the longest time (but because of pressure from society, family, friends, life in general have pursued and hated my lifestyle.)

    I’ve been a huge nature enthusiast my entire life, loving everything nature has to offer. Though I do not have up-to-date OG skills needed to make it on my own, boy am I willing to get out of here and learn it. I’ve always enjoyed the “prepper” & sustainable lifestyle ideal, have just never had the chance to learn it and live it. I’ve been struggling with what feels like depression but honestly I believe is just my personal ideals catching up with the fact I hate modern consumerism to its fullest. I have been a graphic designer since leaving high school and my views on life have molded me into something I honestly hate. I feel I need to do something drastic with my life to feel….alive.

    Please, any communities looking for members with eagerness to learn, you can contact me at Thank you, Kyle B.

  73. Paula

    Hello everyone, My name is Paula and I am 46 years old. There has been a lot of things that have happened in my life and I just need to start over. I have been looking into this lifestyle and really believe this would bring me some peace in my life. My husband died young it will be nine years in November and my twenty five year old son died tragically a year and almost three months ago. When my husband was alive we had a farm in KY were we raised kids had horses and grew a garden and canned. We had a very good life and I miss that and need to get back to how I used to feel. City living has never been for me. My biggest concern is being a single lady and trying to do this alone. I am not afraid of the animals but instead humans is what scares me the most. If anyone interested in maybe getting something together I would be very interested. Please email me at Thanks, Paula

  74. Janice

    Hi Kyle, Klens99, and Eric, Have any of you found what you are looking for? I own an 80 acre ranch here in southern Ca, completely off grid. Email me if this holds any interest.

  75. klens99

    Hey Kyle, I am in the same boat as you. I have no land, share the same views, and would like to consider doing going off-grid. Alaska, as I also looked at it, is too harsh and far off. If you’d like, e-mail me at (stating your name so I know its you) and we can talk before any plans come together. I am 21 so I am not far off in age as you, so I know the feeling.
    Good Luck!

  76. nancy

    hey kyle. i have 17 acres of raw land. want to build on it. have 2 teen boys and disabled husband. dont live on property yet but hope too real soon. love to talk and see if we are compatable.

  77. Erik

    Hi there Kyle, my names Erik and I’m also interested in going off the grid. Was wondering if you managed to find anything? You can contact me at To any else that reads this, feel free to contact me. I’m open for a lot of things. Thanks in advance!

  78. Erik

    I’m with you on this Kyle. I am also interested in going off grid and am determined to do this soon. If you find anything, please contact me at To others that read this, feel free to contact me as well. Hope to hear from you!

  79. edward

    we have 80 acres in northern arizona high desert next to the navajo reservation. we have been off the grid for 48 years. had a number of children born here. at this time only Kathleen and I live here could be interested in some other people living here.

    • Skye Carlson

      Edward. I’m 18 years old and am named Skye. You are in the exact spot where i dream to live!! it would be a miracle if you got on and saw this reply, because i have a lot to discuss. I hope someone here at least knows who you are or can find out.

  80. Elizabeth

    hi kyle don’t know you current position but. I am not building a community but I do have acres a land in Northern Pa known to be a great location for this. For 1 or 2 people off griders. I thank sometimes building a big community isn’t always a good thing vs just a few. But email me for meeting of the minds I already have land just seeking a few buddies.

  81. Pascal

    hi Kyle here is my email get in touch i got a project i’m working on let’s talk.
    take care