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I’m 18, young and still wet behind my ears, but I have had much ambition to get off the grid and live the more simple lifestyle. I’ve done extensive research upon off grid living in Alaska and have come to understand that I may not have the skills needed to peruse this goal myself. This goal all began when I really started to pay attention to how our govt., economy, etc works, and I know I’m not the only one noticing these dramatic changes. I truly hate to see this for my generations, and generations to come. I was recommended by a man to look into off the grid communities and have found several to my liking by haven’t had any luck contacting them. I have some skills that may come in handy such as, woodworking, farming, repair, electrical. I’m also a lifeguard at Kentucky Spash Waterpark. I’ve been there for 3 years now. Although lifeguarding itself may not be needed, the skills I have gained through training may. If anyone is needing a new member of there community I am very open to listening.
Help me, help you.

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