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I’m 18, young and still wet behind my ears, but I have had much ambition to get off the grid and live the more simple lifestyle. I’ve done extensive research upon off grid living in Alaska and have come to understand that I may not have the skills needed to peruse this goal myself. This goal all began when I really started to pay attention to how our govt., economy, etc works, and I know I’m not the only one noticing these dramatic changes. I truly hate to see this for my generations, and generations to come. I was recommended by a man to look into off the grid communities and have found several to my liking by haven’t had any luck contacting them. I have some skills that may come in handy such as, woodworking, farming, repair, electrical. I’m also a lifeguard at Kentucky Spash Waterpark. I’ve been there for 3 years now. Although lifeguarding itself may not be needed, the skills I have gained through training may. If anyone is needing a new member of there community I am very open to listening.
Help me, help you.

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  1. Eric

    I’m looking for someone willing to live off the grid preferably a Christian veteran to help me start a self-sustaining farm in south Louisiana. I have around 10 acres with a small garden, 23 chickens, four sheep, and some honeybees. I can be contacted at the following email address:

  2. Dsylvester76

    Hey everyone, my name is Daniel, survivalist, hunter, forage, fisherman, builder, etc. Strong and healthy looking for more people to go off grid with in Washington, Oregon, idaho or Utah. Hit me up if you wanna chat more at

  3. Andreia

    I read all post here. Looking for be members to a community off the grid. We just waiting the right time. How is it, did you joined any community? Will love to keep in touch with real people to keep my plan alive. I’m looking forward to read you ?

  4. Raymond

    Hey all, its great to see a lot of folks like me, who want to live off the grid.

    I joined a new Facebook group, called offgridpeople – you can search for partners, communities, or discuss off grid living and survival methods.

    Search “offgridpeople” group on Facebook, sent a join request , and they will accept you.

  5. David

    Hello all, I’m trying to find a group of people to star living off grid. I would love to share ideas and figure something out together. I’m 22 and have had quite the life, I was a dancer, a pianist, a soldier, and currently thinking of dropping out of university to pursue my dream. I’m tired of modern society and I’m not the kind of person meant to be enslaved in a system that takes everything away from you. I want to live free like every human should. I have lots of ideas and I am incredibly motivated and passionate about making this happen. Contact me if you’re interested

    I am willing to make this happen as soon as possible but I do want a solid plan before jumping into this. Much love to everyone.

  6. Jillian

    Hello to everyone. My names Jillian. My husband and I are currently looking to go off grid with some other people looking to do the same. We are young, 22 & 24. My email is We would love to hear some tips ideas or places to find more off grid communities

  7. Gabriel

    Hello all, my name is Gabriel and I am a 23 year old male who is fresh out of college. I’ve decided to emerse myself in meditation devoting my growth to the true forms of what we are. I’m able to step into the work force but none of it truly appeals to me. I’ve already made the decision to go off grid because I’ve taken notice at how sick our society and its rulers truly are. I want to make something happen! I’m tired of sitting around looking and waiting for emails and approval. If your a like minded individual who is sick of being a puppet then let’s make something happen and get it started ASAP. I am open to the idea of prepping and protecting what we create. We must not let any valuable seconds go by, who knows how much time we have left?

  8. Chrysta

    I am a 24 year old mother of two who is ready for change I want to move off grid with my family for a better life. I need help to find out where this is possible please contact with any info on it to I’m not scared of the government but feel that it’s the best choice for my family to be closer to a life worth living. I’m worried about my family’s future where I live and feel I can give them a better life to learn it maybe hard some times but I’ll have them and have the skill to know what to do at hard times just need to no where it’s safe to put my family on free land that we wouldn’t get shot for setting up a home . Thank you very much. Sincerely AMOTHERWITHADREAM

  9. Jackie

    I’m Jackie Hume 40yrs male single very smart hard worker good health but no money or a pot to pee in for that matter. I want very much want to be part of an off grid lifestyle. I understand its a hard choice to take in a person that’s financially a burden but I have all the skills to survive once a shelter and food reserves are established. I’mvery much a jack of all trades sort of fella. Very easy going in temperament and always have a smile.I’m kind and completely trustworthy. My morals are unbreakable. I have faith but not exactly religious if that makes sense to ya.everyone who has ever known me loves me but society really hurts my heart and I need a like minded atmosphere to enjoy and well just be myself.I’m a simple guy with a great attitude. Anywhere I’ve ever been work wise at least I excell and thrive no challenge is to great if anyone needs a strong handy guy around and can keep fundamental life simple and honest I’m happy to help.

  10. Charlie

    hi everyone me and my wife and son are looking for a place to live off grid we just don’t want to be alone in this so it would be great to find people alike we are fun we take our life serious we can help out with anything that is needed we have a full house of things we would be bringing we can build our our place and live with you all its just things are getting hard out here for us and no mater were we turn its always something is their is other out their willing to help we will do everything we can to help around their and get our life back together again and help everyone involved as well pls someone can you please help us looking for ASAP

  11. Henry jr

    I have wrote to 6 different people looking for members and have not heard anything from any of them.i have tons of construction,hunting and fishing and survival skills and have a $1400 a month income and no one will even write back,I thought u were looking for members that could help outC334

  12. Dylan johnson

    i am a homeless male living in alton illinois usa looking for a community. i cant offer much besides a loving soul and hardwork. i would love to become a member of your community. contact me through email: please ignore immature email. am willing to move anywhere

  13. gary

    We family of 6 looking to add more to our off grid place . Much is done . Much to go. We need workers . We are remote. Love our country fear our government . God fearing nature loving in nw / NM. Email with questions eloheemisall@gmail. Or for immediate concerns of how to help one another . Just call 5053203164. Looking to fill spot/s asap or at least before winter.

  14. LegallyBlonde

    I want FREEDOM in my life. I don’t want to continue in this rat race. I live in Floridq and I am saving $$$$ to buy 1-5 acres of Sourh Florida land. I would love to start an off-grid community. The weather is great down here and you can go around the rules to live off-grid. Contact me if interested.

  15. Jay

    Looking to join an Off The Grid community. If anyone has any information about one and where to join one, contact me @ with the subject titled ‘Off the Grid’. Thanks!

  16. Naftali

    I am planning to start a of grid community with shipping container housing in N or S Carolina this Sep/Oct.
    If you:
    Want to live off grid
    Want to have vegtable garden/ chickens ect/ live off the land
    Are a free spirit or easy going / drama free
    Willing to relocate
    Are any race, religion or sex preference
    Have income or can make income or have skills to barter with
    Have kids, that you home school
    Are single or married w/out kids is fine too!
    Please contact me
    I am a 32 yr old mom to a 5 yr old that I home school, I am an Army Vet
    A free spirit and want to break free from the norms of society. I am seeking to create a community of like minded individuals, please contact me if interested.

  17. Norman

    My name is Norman im 26 married with a expecting wife our 1st child i share the same dream or vision as most of you on here my wife and i are 2 disabled army veterans shes 38 both of us want to flee from the cities we both have income but i want to see if i can find some partners and future friends to start a community with me im located in Virginia currently but if any one has some land or wants to get some and get this going email me plz.

  18. Rachel

    My husband and i are looking for a family to help us start and off grid community. You must have an income even if ti is SSI. And a popup camper winter ready tent and an RV is a must. It is in Ramah NM
    it already has a 200 Amp service septic and water. We would like to get away from all of that but it is nice to have while building. I would be willing to work with the income portion for someone who is single and educated. We will start working on the property starting Oct !st 2015. If you may be interested please email me raelove81@gmaildotcom we will have questions for you as you should for us. Age sex religion those don’t mater serious people please.

  19. Tommy Neely

    Hi I’ve already emailed a few of you. I’ve just purchased a small tract of land in Middle Georgia. I’m looking to put four or five small houses on here and develop a community together. It is raw land now with only timber and a creek on it. Myself and my children will be moving there at the beginning of September. I would love to have others come build this with me please contact me if you are interested.


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