Any families out there who want to build a life on 20 acres as a multi-family homestead?

We can build 3 homes legally without subdividing. There are plots of land for smaller cabins, tree houses and RV’s and we will be mostly off grid.  The future workshop (metal, wood and so on) will be on the grid along with our laudry room. The land is a 15 minute bike ride to the town of Saugerties and a 10 minute drive to the main suburban commercial money pit in Kingston all while being secluded with our one river.

Anyway for more info please go to for more description.  (we already are in contract but donations are still welcome)

So we are looking for people who do have kids and want something along the lines of unschooling, but we are not against school either…  keep in mind this community has anarchist tendencies and we do often go to Burning Man.

Thanks for readin


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