Any families out there who want to build a life on 20 acres as a multi-family homestead?

We can build 3 homes legally without subdividing. There are plots of land for smaller cabins, tree houses and RV’s and we will be mostly off grid.  The future workshop (metal, wood and so on) will be on the grid along with our laudry room. The land is a 15 minute bike ride to the town of Saugerties and a 10 minute drive to the main suburban commercial money pit in Kingston all while being secluded with our one river.

Anyway for more info please go to for more description.  (we already are in contract but donations are still welcome)

So we are looking for people who do have kids and want something along the lines of unschooling, but we are not against school either…  keep in mind this community has anarchist tendencies and we do often go to Burning Man.

Thanks for readin


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8 Responses to “Looking for anarchist families for off-grid Homstead”

  1. Daniel

    I am looking for someone interested in going off grid, or someone who is currently living that way, or even a community of off grid’ers…

    I am a 36 year old single Male
    I receive a Pension from the VA
    am Ex Military
    I have some survival and outdoor experience…

    Please let me know if you are interested…

  2. parallexmike

    Totally sorry for the miscommunication, I thought you were still looking. I took a peek at your website and saw you already found a place. I’ll keep looking for the perfect situation for myself.
    Take care

  3. parallexmike

    Willing to purchase 20 to 30 acres in upstate New York for a job as a handyman or helper, I have my own tools. I would also like to build a greenhouse with geothermal heating “to extend the growing season”.
    I would also like to know if anyone’s interested in Permaculture, raising chickens, goats, turkeys.
    The idea is I’ll purchase the land you guys pay the property tax. I have a knack for finding good properties at affordable price.

  4. Senorcoconut

    Hi everyone,

    I think I reached out to al of you except for Erica, your email came back unsent….I don’t know why gmail does that sometimes. Anyway here’s what I sent you:

    We have been looking for a piece of land for a couple years now and we finally found the right one. We wanted to be close enough to New York City to still make some appearances from time to time and far enough that we can start living life off the grid on a wooded lot with little restrictions. Obviously there are other states that are much more free in terms of restrictions but we have friends and family near by so there it is, I think in the end who your surrounding is beats the location. Just saying that cause moving this whole operation to either Spain, Portugal or Central America was very tempting during our search for land!

    Anyway, what we are doing this winter will be lots of planing and saving to build our first home. We are allowed to build 3 homes without subdividing the lot. We are allowed to build apartments above commercial buildings which we will build at least one to become a makerspace. That makerspace will probably be on the grid while the rest of the land will not.

    As for the land we are thinking a 99 year land lease structure that is renewable and transferable for those who want to build a home on one of the 3 lots. There will be designated areas (chosen by the community) for those who want to live in motorhomes, tiny homes, yurts, tents or other small dwellings built naturally. Those areas will probably just have a small rental fee to support the real estate tax load and common utilities and maintenance costs.

    The only time we really lived off the grid has been out of a backpack, a van or rv traveling months at a time through the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. We are travelers with a dream. We kind of want to recreate all the things we liked most from communities we have seen.

    I hope this gives you a bit of an idea for what we want to build

    Thanks for reaching out,


  5. TJ Cross

    Great idea ive considered starting myself. Single dad of 3yr old boy lived off grid 15months till ex wife went off the reservation to live with the neighbor. Long story. Anyway

  6. Erica Mccleary

    We have a teenage daughter and my fiance n i are very interested as well.we currently live off grid in the mojave desert… My email is
    I would love more information.

  7. Dannie

    We are very interested. Please email me at

    We have three young children. I am a carpenter by trade, and we are small time organic farmers. Thanks and i look forward to speaking with you


  8. Deanna Burkins

    Hi. My teenagers are homeschooled/unschooled and we are looking for an off-grid community. I have a few resources and a small sum of money to work with. My email is