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Nine acres of flat, clear, semi-floodplan, ex-cropland on which we currently reside in Ohio.
Also ninety acres in eastern Tennessee.

A lover of animals from birth, I currently keep mini-sheep, goats, mini-pigs, alpacas. However, my passion for plants and trees is taking over and I have backed off of animals quite a bit, re-focusing energy more toward permaculture solutions and low-input farming/living.

We currently eat animals that we raise, and are stilling learning to grow annual crops properly. We may become more vegetarian in the future, but feel that diet is a personal decision that everyone should be able to make without judgement. Death is an important part of Life and Nature, a cycle of giving and taking, that must be respected and honored.

I’m not interested in making money off of anyone. I’m much more interested in sharing life experiences in a loving environment, where my young daughter can learn the true essence of Humanity.

We have many varied interests and skills, and I believe in the ultimate community, everyone has a place. I am known for my ambition, determination, kindness, and spiritual awareness. Specifically I can build just about anything (wood/metal/plastic), I LOVE reading, knitting, spinning fiber, designing, and creating order. I find joy in daily tasks. I swoon over permaculture, bamboo, and willows.

We are currently still on grid, but foresee a dramatic life change within the next few months.

Due to family obligations and economy it seems that right now our property in Ohio is better suited to our lives, though my heart seems to be elsewhere. My GREAT desire is to build an intentional community on our large tract of land in Tennessee. However, there is much that could be done on our current Ohio property (9 acres) and we are willing to be accommodating to 1, 2, or more people here, if at all possible. Expectations of homesteading and relations must exceed those of housing and property, at this current time. But the future that could be created from this beneficial symbiosis could ultimately end up somewhere else, together.

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I want my young child to grow up around other children and adults. I want to cook with you, clean with you, laugh with you, chop wood with you, scheme ways to make money with you, work the soil with you, sow seeds with you, weave with you, dance to a drum with you.


See past the darkness into a bright and welcoming future on Planet Earth.

Willing to live simply, which can equate to willing to share.
Willing to compromise if necessary.

Finds satisfaction in physical work, even if its chopping carrots.

Care more about who they are with than where they are……

Are willing to explore themselves, through the eyes of another, even if pain is found. This is called ‘Relationship’.

Willing to entertain the amazing techniques of Nonviolent Communication.

Understand that Love means allowing people to be who they feel the need to be, regardless of positive or negative consequences that result.

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