[before_listing images= youtube=null] WHAT I HAVE:
Nine acres of flat, clear, semi-floodplan, ex-cropland on which we currently reside in Ohio.
Also ninety acres in eastern Tennessee.

A lover of animals from birth, I currently keep mini-sheep, goats, mini-pigs, alpacas. However, my passion for plants and trees is taking over and I have backed off of animals quite a bit, re-focusing energy more toward permaculture solutions and low-input farming/living.

We currently eat animals that we raise, and are stilling learning to grow annual crops properly. We may become more vegetarian in the future, but feel that diet is a personal decision that everyone should be able to make without judgement. Death is an important part of Life and Nature, a cycle of giving and taking, that must be respected and honored.

I’m not interested in making money off of anyone. I’m much more interested in sharing life experiences in a loving environment, where my young daughter can learn the true essence of Humanity.

We have many varied interests and skills, and I believe in the ultimate community, everyone has a place. I am known for my ambition, determination, kindness, and spiritual awareness. Specifically I can build just about anything (wood/metal/plastic), I LOVE reading, knitting, spinning fiber, designing, and creating order. I find joy in daily tasks. I swoon over permaculture, bamboo, and willows.

We are currently still on grid, but foresee a dramatic life change within the next few months.

Due to family obligations and economy it seems that right now our property in Ohio is better suited to our lives, though my heart seems to be elsewhere. My GREAT desire is to build an intentional community on our large tract of land in Tennessee. However, there is much that could be done on our current Ohio property (9 acres) and we are willing to be accommodating to 1, 2, or more people here, if at all possible. Expectations of homesteading and relations must exceed those of housing and property, at this current time. But the future that could be created from this beneficial symbiosis could ultimately end up somewhere else, together.

I want my young child to grow up around other children and adults. I want to cook with you, clean with you, laugh with you, chop wood with you, scheme ways to make money with you, work the soil with you, sow seeds with you, weave with you, dance to a drum with you.


See past the darkness into a bright and welcoming future on Planet Earth.

Willing to live simply, which can equate to willing to share.
Willing to compromise if necessary.

Finds satisfaction in physical work, even if its chopping carrots.

Care more about who they are with than where they are……

Are willing to explore themselves, through the eyes of another, even if pain is found. This is called ‘Relationship’.

Willing to entertain the amazing techniques of Nonviolent Communication.

Understand that Love means allowing people to be who they feel the need to be, regardless of positive or negative consequences that result.

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33 Responses to “Longing in Laurelville OH”

  1. Daniel

    I saw your post on the off grid site and am looking for someone interested in going off grid, or someone who is currently living that way, or even a community of off grid’ers…

    I am a 36 year old single Male
    I receive a Pension from the VA
    am Ex Military
    I have some survival and outdoor experience…


    Please let me know if you are interested…

  2. Mat

    Are you still looking? I have been trying to get a group started and it is very hard. My wife and I have lived off grid before, and I grew up on a farm. It’s not new to us one bit. We are longing to get back to it, and honestly find that the project itself is just as fulfilling as succeeding.

  3. Rae

    My family (boyfriend and infant daughter) and I are in Ohio. We are looking to learn before making the jump to off-grid. I see this post is a couple of years old, but if you are still in Ohio, we would love to offer our time to learn and teach. Please get ahold of me via Facebook: Raeann Baggott

  4. Jedidiah Herring

    Hello. I am right down the road and ready to go to work now.I am ready to jump right in wherever you need me and we can worry about housing and food as we go. I can build with most all materials. I am ingenuitive and diverse. I love a challenge and strive for proper communication and universal knowledge. I have a girlfriend and a 3 children that would fallow me after I am settled and a working part of the community. Let’s do this I have nothing else to do with my time. If anyone else can offer a similar opportunity please call me at 8307081827. Thanks

  5. jason

    Finding your post is refreshing and am myself interested in homesteading off grid lifestyle and having my son now 6 experience the lessons that cou old bring as I grew up very small town country Def not happy with city relent on modern to much convinces here would love to have the experiences with like minded people loving sharing community

  6. chrisleclerc

    Hey my name is Chris I an seeking to go off grid I have some building experience I work hard and i like to get along with everyone my cousin nick is good with plants and my girlfriend Jess is good worker and like to always help out I also have bow hunting experience please contact us if you would like to continue communication

  7. Aiyana n Chris

    We are very interested in communal/tribal living. Just as you have we have a small family and want to provide a clean and wholesome honest life for our children. The old ways are the better ways so we are wanting a community such as yours. Chris and I come from a background where hard work and good moral living is the cornerstone of our lives. Please contact us by email we look forward to hearing more about your community.

  8. Lindsay S.

    Also, your ideas on permaculture might be solidified with the book “Restoration Agriculture” by Mark Shepard. It’s a fantastic read, with inspired ideology.

  9. Lindsay S.

    My husband and I have raised Nubian goats, silver fox rabbits, chickens, geese, and ducks, with plans to raise a more diverse group in the near future. I green broke my Arabian when I was 12, and have always had a connection with animals. My husband loves his gardening, and all his fruit trees. We have been searching for an opportunity like the one you presented here, and I am absolutely entranced by the idea. We are both prior military, and have plenty of practice in safety and arms if needed. He has worked in aviation maintenance and electronics for 12 years, and I am certified in aviation, marine, diesel and generator maintenance. We own our home, but our zoning and climate have proved inconvenient for our ambitions, and once settled we plan on raising a family in such a way as to be entirely self-sufficient. I knit, quilt, and have started to spin, although I know I have much to learn. We want to build a cobb house and make down-feather-beds and live and work in a way that is happy and healthy, and never requires a commute again. If we might serve your purpose, I can be reached at shortyequine@hotmail.com. Thank you for your consideration.

  10. elke mosley

    I am a 25 year old female and would love to go about helping you with all of this. My husband has two green thumbs and loves hard work my thumbs aren’t so green but I am a hard worker and I am certified in carpentry. I also have a very enthusiastic three year old daughter who loves to get her hands dirty please email me and tell me what I have to do

  11. Ross

    Still looking for a person(s)? Have any more information on this? I was raised in and still live in Ohio. Religion somewhere between Christian/Rasta/Native American beliefs. :-p Looking for a way out, and hard work.

  12. Jessie

    Email me please. I am a very good worker. I have a lot of skill for someone my age(25). I have always dreamed of living off grid and developing land.

  13. butterflymama212

    My email is butterflymama212@gmail.com

  14. butterflymama212

    Hi! I am very interested in your idea! My family has been looking to do the same thing for a couple years now, and we share a lot of the same views. I actually posted an ad on here awhile back if you want to check it out for my information about my family and I. We are actually having to speed up our plans because our home is now being foreclosed on us. We are going to be hitting to road within a month or so. I would love to talk with you further. Please check out my post and then email me if you are interested. Oh, and we are currently living in Youngstown, Ohio. Thanks!


  15. Nikki

    living in florida wanting to relocate to live off grid, my fiancé and I hold ability to do a lot with nature and building from what earth supplies us

  16. Jessica

    I was so happy to find your post. We have been looking for others with similar interests who we can dream with and turn all of that into reality. Im 28, my husband is 35, and we have a 3 year old little boy who is the light of our life. I make all of our own household and personal products and try to live a natural lifestyle. We eat organic and love to garden. Im into constantly educating myself on natural, holistic, and homepathic methods. We attachment parent our son, meaning we dont spank, yell, and we try to treat him the way we would want to be treated. We raise him for than anything with compassion, respect, and understanding for others. We try and model the behavoir and type of person we want him to be. We will also be homeschholing him.

    Were very interested in alternative building and totally off the grid self sufficient living. We have several interests and are constantly looking to learn new skills.

    I hope to hear from you. If anyone else is interested in community living, please email me at jmbjurg@gmail.com

  17. Kathi

    Hi. I see you’ve received many replies, so perhaps you aren’t interested in another. Nonetheless, I am 46, live in Northwest Ohio, and am also looking for a simpler life in a rural setting where I can be independent and self-sufficient. I love to cook, bake, and garden. I have many ideas for earning money from the land, but no land from which to earn it. We could pool our resources and both benefit. Get in touch if you’re still in search of the perfect match for what you’re looking for. mucadream (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  18. Tyler from Texas

    I’m sick of modern society and no longer want anything to do with it. My skill set is flint knapping carpentry some blacksmithing farming I’m willing to go anywhere I’m very strong and used to doing hard work I’m also loyal if you still need people I’m your guy

  19. JP in Nj

    I recently divorced my wife who i was devoted to for ten years until i found out that she had been cheating on me for the the last seven of the marriage. I had been thinking aboit living off the grid and ‘disappearing’ for some time and now i think my time has come. I am ex-military although my training was in aviation ordnance- not much use, i suppose for living off the grid. Living in southern NJ suburbs hasnt exactly prepared me for living off the grid either. I am a hardworker and have the passion to live off the grid. I drive two hours to work to make money just enough to sustain but with rising costs, i am not living but surviving. I hold a college degree in history, with education minor, (again, not much use), but i am a quick learner. I will be getting a good size settlement when the divorce is settled (very soon) and would like it to be put to good use in establishing or getting establish in an off the grid community. Please email me if you would like to talk.

  20. Nozz

    Hi there! I would also be interested in communicating to see if this would be a possible fit. Please feel free to contact me so we can talk further. I am 30, single, fit and hard working. I have a good deal of growing experience and I am willing to learn and contribute in any way possible. Hope to hear from you!

  21. kelly krager

    hi there. i’m making the move into full time “rv living” with my dogs at the end of the month. please email me if you’re still looking for some like minded earth loving wanna be happy people to help at either of your places. :-)

  22. RT

    My Daughter and I are wanting to get off the grid and away from the cameras. I have been prepping the past 3 years and have acquired a great deal of needful things. We would be very interested in a small community of like minded people. My email is paladin1861@yahoo.com


  23. Clint

    Hello, I have been interested in finding a property where my wife, son and i could homestead offgrid for some time now. I am currently in the army, hunt, fish, can build just about anything i put my mind to with wood or otherwise. I have been planning and studying this for almost two years and i am ready to stop talking and start moving toward my dreams. I look forward to hearing from you.

  24. Dolly

    Hi, your plan sounds wonderful. It is our dream to live off grid & become self sustaining. We live in the southeastern part of Tennessee & would like to know more about your plans for your land here. We have experience with gardening, having previously raised all of our own fruits & vegetables, and canning. I cook strictly from scratch, make oat flour, almond flour, yogurt, fermented foods and such. We have also raised chickens, cows and pigs for food & had a variety of other farm animals. Currently we are mostly vegetarian. My husband has hunted & fished for our food.
    We have 4 children, with only one left at home. We are a homeschooling family who believes real life experience is much more important than sitting at a desk. We have a strong faith in God & family. We believe in hard work & helping your neighbor.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. You may contact us at ladoty99@yahoo.com

  25. Victor

    I am a 38 year old widower raising my four daughters, ages 12, 10, 9 and 8. have always been interested in living off-grid. I am interested in your plan. you can contact me at vchrist75@gmail.com

  26. vinesh

    im very much interested in joining you. im a 24 yr old male living in india willing to move anywhere.

  27. whitney

    im a mom to 4 kids, all under 5. My husband and I dream of a homesteading kind of life..but need others to join with due to finances. We have a good chunk of tax money now..would love to communicate more with you!

  28. RT

    I’m a single Dad with a 13 year old daughter. My email is paladin1861@yahoo.com


  29. Dennis

    Hello Earthdance. I am very much interested in going off grid. I am a 44 year old male with a cat and no baggage. I currently reside in Indiana. I would be interested in hearing your plans and ideas for furthering your life off the grid. Thank you and take care.

  30. Nicholas Dionne

    Hello my friend! I am excited and enthusiastic about your post. It’s rare I find people of like minds and I would like to offer my friendship and an invitation to open up correspondents. I am at the point where I’d like to sell all my material possessions and hit the road. I have no more need for money. Please feel free to contact me via email ndio62885@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you.

  31. Nicholas Dionne

    Hello my friend. I am excited and thrilled by your post. I don’t meet too many who think like me, so I apologize of my eagerness. I am seeking off the grid living. I am ready to sell all my material possessions and buy what supplies I can and head out. The dollar is on the way out and I see no need for it. I would like to talk more. I currently live in Seattle Washington. ndio62885@gmail.com

  32. MsMary

    Sounds wonderful! I’m in SW part of North Carolina right now and my ten year old and I are looking to get off the grid but I have no experience.