[before_listing id=216 images= youtube=null] I am presently living in Montreal, and am looking to move off grid as soon as I finish school. I chose the Timmins area because it has the largest land parcels for a decent price in Canada. I am studying to be a natural health practitioner; and am slowly putting money aside to buy a remote wilderness property within 45-60mins of an urban center or highway to allow the sale of farm produce and to hire myself out as a Doula. It is now 2010 and I am hoping to have everything in order to allow for a land purchase in 2013; and hopefully living there full time by 2015. I would be interested in hearing from others like myself, especially because I am a lone soldier in this dream of mine and most men give me strange looks when I tell them I want to farm with horses (because I used to train pleasure horse) and that I love goats and found milking them as a child soothing. I’d be interested in moving off grid with a group of individuals, so contact me (grevandole@yahoo.ca). I also want to make the place as close to self-sufficient as possible; meaning hay, fodder, meat, dairy, eggs, veggies, fruits, grains, sugar (sugar beets!), herbs, nuts, spirits, ect. I realize some stuff has to be bought like baking soda, nutmeg, shoes, mattress (unless stuffing your own turns you on, of course!) also clothing needs to be bought or at least the fabric and patterns so you can sew it yourself. Anyhow, its a huge idea and its one I want to become a reality, trouble is I’m mechanically retarded and I know next to nothing about building.[landbuddy_listing id=216 youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “Lone Female Off Grid Wannabe!”

  1. terry

    I am looking to move out of the daily grind of he concrete jungle. I currently live in Ottawa Ontario,I grew up in a small town and I am accustom to certain aspects of bush life. I am looking for some people that are of like mind and would like to get back a more simple lifestyle away from people and interferences. I have bush living skills.I have been does researching and taking weekend classes on trapping and building living places and such things in the wilderness. Im not talking just of the grid living but self-sustainability in the wilderness. bringing in the tools you need to live and survive. If any one is interested or has ideas they would like to share here is my email. Learning more about wilderness living is key to surviving lets share the knowledge we have.

  2. brad

    Are you there yet? I am still looking for help Some things are for sale but lots of things are free

  3. ssmcivilian

    It sounds great and all but the area you chosen might not be safe because of the fault lines that are very close by. I’m not an expert but I don’t think that the area of Timmins is gonna be safe.

  4. cigg johnson

    What type of building were you lookng to build, how many buildings and how many acres?
    do have any locations perfered in timmins.

  5. glen moore

    hey this is a great ,are you ready? what do you have now and what do you need?oh I,m sorry I,m glen going off the grid is my dream..with the right person/or people ,I,m interested ,let me know glen.

  6. goldigger62

    Yo A Perry.. you got the right idea..avoid the wetlands..red tape just hangin from the trees..:) south NB near Coldstream works for me.. just have a look at site above and take it from there. If you are really loaded they have accreages in Ontario too..but whoo pricey..
    peace out..:)

  7. a perry

    I’m thinking about goin off grid in hopefully 4 years from now.I live in ontario but was thinking of moving to New Brunswick for my venture in self-reliance [cheap property there as well] .I have a good paying job but just tired [literally] of shift-work.,paying 40% of my income in some form of taxes,etc. I’m a 42 year old male,no kids ,never married.I’m hoping to start an off grid hobby farm somewhere that has a farmers market to sell some goods ,because unfortunatetly money will still be needed for some things.hope it goes well in timmins for ya , too far north for me .l8er

  8. Jeremy S

    I wish I could commit to something like this, great idea. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for me to leave all of the community behind when there’s so much for them to learn these days. I’m trying to go as off the grid as possible here in Oshawa instead in some kind of creative mashup to have similar effect in a larger city.

    I hope it goes well and will keep this in mind…

  9. elnav

    Timmins is good for woodlots. Check with Woodheat.org since the guru of wood heat technology is in Eastern Ontario close to you. University of NB proved how you can heat a homestead using under 10 ac res on a renewable basis uncluding selective logging with horses. Minimal footprint b y humans.
    If you want to go with alternative power I can put you in touch with reliable people in Ontario where I lived for a quarter century before moveing to BC. Timmins does get snowy so you need an alternative for when the snow is too much for the solar panels if you have them. But Timmins is a good locations choice otherwise.

  10. Patrick

    Well, you’re definitely going to need a MAN (to do all of the “building” and things that you can’t do). If you find any under 30 years old, you’ll need TWO of them, IMO.

    Your timeline sounds well thought out, except for the considerable probability of “earth changes” affecting your plans. By 2015, Canada is not likely to be at the same latitude as it is now.