Going underground using 2 shipping containers, sure you could just dig a hole, plop them in and backfill, but that isn’t going to last very long, but Steve Rees did things right. The only “regret” I heard them express is that next time they will use 3 shipping containers instead of 2.

He went to the local officials to get a permit, they told him they didn’t have a permit for underground containers, so he went ahead and built, seems it was no problem for anyone. Rees did hire a large excavator to dig out the space, once the 2 containers were placed, they used thick foam on the outside to help insulate and keep the moisture away. Gravel was also used next to the containers so water will run off.

I like how he finished the inside, preferring not to put any holes in the skin of the container that might start rusting, you can see how he has done all of this in the video below.

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