[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] Hello there. I’m in a way a newcomer although I have lived in the woods before. However I now find myself feeling really stressed from society living and wish to find others who wish to live without it. I’m 24 and would welcome any advice, criticism, or offers from others who already have plans in place. Or perhaps just other individuals who would really like to just get together and find a way to make it work! I’m looking to find a way to do so soon, and look forward to meeting people, whoever they turn out to be.

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2 Responses to “Living simply with others”

  1. Sherry Lynn

    I just purchased a 1.4 acre wooded lot near Willow Springs, MO. So I will be pioneering so to speak. Area is sub-divided but will only have 2 other permanent residents. Will be staying on the property starting in June. I’m a 41 y/o female empty nester who wants to homestead. I would like someone or a couple with the same interest to share this with. My plan is to build a straw bale home, and have feeder stock animals and a garden.

  2. britt

    i came across your add for finding a partner to live off the grid with. if you are still looking, ill tell you my story

    I’m 24 years old, and my partner is 26. We now reside in orange county California, but are in the preparation stages to leaving it all behind and living of the grid. We are college educated females who have harbored an urge to live only off of what nature provides, and as each day passes, the feeling gets stronger. We are now 100% committed to making this happen, and as soon as we are able to.
    We have been extensively researching our options and have set our hearts on living in the Oregon wilderness. We are currently looking to purchase a plot of land, where we will build a suitable but humble cabin home to reside in. We plan on bringing a few horses which we will obtain before our move from a rescue organization, along with a small pack of dogs and some chickens. Currently living on a lower middle class income we were pleasantly surprised to find how affordable it would be to make this happen! We are open to having like minded individuals share this journey with us. We are looking for someone who wouldn’t mind sharing the initial costs of the land and the few materials we would need, who can pull their weight when it comes to building our home and finding food, and of course a free spirit to share the endless memories and experiences we will make.

    if you are interested, please contact us and hopefully we can make this dream a reality sooner better then later.