[before_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c2ab199d2399f58da7b9aad73041160c.jpg youtube=null] Not only am I Free Spirited, I’m also selfish.
Hi. My name is Imelda. I guess I’ve always been the weird kid. Well I’m 30 years old now. Finally READY to head out on my own. Always wanted to be independent and just haven’t truly figured out how to do it.
Always thought that it meant owning a house and a car and being a big shot.
I’m not going off the grid because the government makes me angry. They can take their taxes from my paycheck and sales taxes at the store. Its fine.
At least I have my car and my job.
Unfortunately my car needs a little work. Stupid check engine light is on and has kept me from getting current inspection and registration. Which is ok though. I want to get it taken care of soon with the money I save from not having to pay rent.
I’m going to park my car at my gym which is open 24 hours. I’ll be showering there getting my fat self in shape and eating delicious food that I don’t have to cook and don’t have to wash dishes.
I get excited just thinking about it.
Of course all I have is a 2000 Mazda Protege. So All I need to know is the most comfortable way to sleep in it. I know for damn sure it isn’t in the drivers seat ha!
Oh and how to stay cool in the heat of summer and humidity and how to keep the bugs off. (Mosquitos)
Well just find me on Facebook or I’m sure you can message me here, but I’m so ready for this. People are worried about me. Why? Guess you could call me an optimist, but I see nothing, but good coming from this.[landbuddy_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c2ab199d2399f58da7b9aad73041160c.jpg youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Living in My Car”

  1. dyeaton1

    It appears you might be in the austin area of texas. I’m down in the san antonio area. Sleeping in the car is free and the gym is good (I used the gym while spending time on a boat in corpus christi. The next cheapest renting for you might be living on a boat (185 mo) in port A, an rv (185-250 mo) in an rv park, room share (300-400 mo), or sharing space with a friend/family member, who don’t charge. There is a rv rent at Quartzsite, Az, which charges about $175 for 10 months. Thankfully, your journey will improve and you will have to use your car only to move about and not stay in it. There are some cheap and even free rv’s and small boats that would work great. Personally, I want to continually use less and less space, need less money to spend, and enjoy more freedom of time with friends I care about. Email me sometime or call, dyeaton1@gmail.com or 210-347-9839.

  2. G

    Just remember you MUST monitor money spent. Ice, gas, storage, food…etc adds up. Almost as much as rent if not careful. I ended up renting a room when Winter hit. Now, I’m buying unrestricted land at a old camp ground, going semi off grid and buying either a camper or motorhome. Good luck…

  3. G

    I lived in a 2 door Mitsubishi Mirage for 5 1/2 months. There’s no easy way of sleeping. Get yourself a coleman camper stove for meals. Cooking outside at the park was fun, just storing food became an issue. Ice becomes expensive. I also did the gym membership (Planet Fitness). Kinda forced me into exercising. I could wash, iron clothes extra…there. I also showered at work. A cheap storage unit would be nice with 24/7 access ONLY, solar charger (for cell and computer), library membership and nice water container. I alternated sleeping spots. You’d be surprised how many people will remember your car and face. You can get the peel on/off tint from Kmart. Works so/so.

  4. jackal

    Great decision. Here’s a gal who knows how to live and travel out of a car.
    Also, I love the profile here:

  5. Cornfed

    A little tear-drop trailer would work perfect for you, they’re mall and light enough to pull with your car. One thing I can say, getting comfortable rest is what makes everything more enjoyable and easier. Good Luck

  6. diannamarsolek

    get the window sun reflectors take out the other front seat and put a board there so you can stretch out also find a shade tree that is about all you can do for summer as for bugs go down to a hardware store and get bug net and some magnets winter is going to be a bitch would recomind indoor housing for that

  7. Jessie

    I don’t think Austin would be the best city to do this. Dealing with the heat of the summer would be very difficult.