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Looking again. Did this last fall and worked out pretty well but they moved to Anchorage for job training. Had lots of interest last fall. Keep in mind this is rustic Alaska living and winter is coming. There is still time to build a small cabin with materials on site or live in an old camp trailer I own down by the creek. Either way will take work getting ready for winter. J

I need some help with all kinds of things. Getting firewood, insulating and finishing my shop, putting tools etc where they belong, maybe build a cabin or two, getting some things ready to sell and selling them, vehicle and equipment repair and much more.

I live off grid and pretty rough but enjoy it as it is nice and simple so if you would like to try living out in the woods away from city lights this might be for you. I am not looking for a roommate so you would be living in your own shack with wood heat. Definitely nothing fancy but a place to sleep, cook and kick back enjoying the view. Lots of trails and old mining areas to explore. Hunting and fishing in the area if that is your thing. I do have toys that can be used to go play in the woods.

This is not a 8 to 5 type thing. I rarely do mornings as I enjoy sitting around watching the sun come up while making breakfast and catching up on my email etc. I like to work when I feel like it and do something else if I don’t. I have a couple of dogs that do not play well with others or even themselves now and then.

What I am looking for in you:
Won’t steal from me.
OK with not running into town all the time unless you have your own transportation as I run in about once a month in the winter for supplies and maybe once a week in the summer if I need something.
Won’t continually bother me when I am kicking back especially in the mornings. I moved out into the woods to get away from annoying things. I enjoy talking to people but enjoy not talking to them more.
Willing to work hard with me one day and take it easy the next or work on your own.
Someone who is into gardening and a greenhouse would be nice
No drugs

I do not care what sex you are, gay, lesbian, have purple hair and enough metal piercings that you have to use a large inner tube when swimming so you do not sink or how old you are or aren’t as long as you can keep up or stay ahead of me.
If you smoke it is on your own dime and not around me.
You do not need to know how to do everything as long as you are willing to learn I can show you how to do it.

I am not looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend for that matter. It would be nice if we got along or even became friends if we are going to spend time together.

I do not have a lot of extra money floating around as I keep spending it on building materials but I will keep you from starving and try to help out with some of the other little things a person always needs. I will give you a share of some of the things that you help fix that I want to sell so you can make a little money. It would be something we would have to talk about.

Not sure if this is the way go but thought I would give it a try again. If you just want a break from the hectic and noisy city life while trying to figure out whats next in your life this might be for you. If you are wanting to learn new skills like carpentry, mechanics, operating equipment, how to build a cabin, how to live off grid this might be for you. Long or short term depending on on how we get along. More than willing to help you find your own place to do your own thing if that’s what you want once you get the hang of off gridding in Alaska. If you have been worried about taking that first step to off grid living this might be the safety net to get you started.

For fun I explore with the atvs, snowmobiles and go for road trips all over the state. You might get to see a little more of Alaska now and then. I spend some time down in the Healy area at a little cabin that I am also working on but this is in the Fairbanks Delta Junction area of Alaska. I have lived in Alaska for almost 60 years and offgrid for 8 years so am starting to get the hang of it.


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  1. william

    You can call me bill i am 47 and I am looking for a chance to live off grid i am single and I have a lot of out door experience and I have my own sorce of income it’s not a whole lot but it’s ok and I am very easy to get along with i am not a lazy person at all and I really like to learn all the new things i can i love to fish,hunt and i would like to learn a lot more about trapping and it would be nice to help you build a cabin i would really love to have a chance to do what you are offering please e-mail me.thank you

  2. Keri Watson

    orchidangel1975@gmail.com Scott I’m a single mother with 3 kids still at home ages ranging from 9-19. even though I’ve lived of the grid 3 times before in my life for the most part I grew up as a country girl in small country areas in Kentucky. moving to Alaska on a piece of property of my own and living off the grid has always been a dream of mine. I know I can afford to buy the land within the next two months and I’ve done a lot of research on living off the grid like sources of power, building cabins, and I’ve worked in a greenhouse for years. however I know all the research in the world can’t prepare you for the real thing. I have never been to Alaska the closest I’ve ever went was Parrysound Canada so I would like to know more please contact me I’d like to talk.

  3. Scott72

    Hello guys & gals How is every one been doing good I hope. I’m sorry I did not get to email any one I lost info to my account scott. My new account was few people here I like to talk with and husband & wife that’d looking of off grid. We can talk more about plans and other things. Email me at scott.Browning.481@gmail.com


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