[before_listing images= youtube=null] Room and board in exchange for help in Alaska.

Looking again. Did this last fall and worked out pretty well but they moved to Anchorage for job training. Had lots of interest last fall. Keep in mind this is rustic Alaska living and winter is coming. There is still time to build a small cabin with materials on site or live in an old camp trailer I own down by the creek. Either way will take work getting ready for winter. J

I need some help with all kinds of things. Getting firewood, insulating and finishing my shop, putting tools etc where they belong, maybe build a cabin or two, getting some things ready to sell and selling them, vehicle and equipment repair and much more.

I live off grid and pretty rough but enjoy it as it is nice and simple so if you would like to try living out in the woods away from city lights this might be for you. I am not looking for a roommate so you would be living in your own shack with wood heat. Definitely nothing fancy but a place to sleep, cook and kick back enjoying the view. Lots of trails and old mining areas to explore. Hunting and fishing in the area if that is your thing. I do have toys that can be used to go play in the woods.

This is not a 8 to 5 type thing. I rarely do mornings as I enjoy sitting around watching the sun come up while making breakfast and catching up on my email etc. I like to work when I feel like it and do something else if I don’t. I have a couple of dogs that do not play well with others or even themselves now and then.

What I am looking for in you:
Won’t steal from me.
OK with not running into town all the time unless you have your own transportation as I run in about once a month in the winter for supplies and maybe once a week in the summer if I need something.
Won’t continually bother me when I am kicking back especially in the mornings. I moved out into the woods to get away from annoying things. I enjoy talking to people but enjoy not talking to them more.
Willing to work hard with me one day and take it easy the next or work on your own.
Someone who is into gardening and a greenhouse would be nice
No drugs

I do not care what sex you are, gay, lesbian, have purple hair and enough metal piercings that you have to use a large inner tube when swimming so you do not sink or how old you are or aren’t as long as you can keep up or stay ahead of me.
If you smoke it is on your own dime and not around me.
You do not need to know how to do everything as long as you are willing to learn I can show you how to do it.

I am not looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend for that matter. It would be nice if we got along or even became friends if we are going to spend time together.

I do not have a lot of extra money floating around as I keep spending it on building materials but I will keep you from starving and try to help out with some of the other little things a person always needs. I will give you a share of some of the things that you help fix that I want to sell so you can make a little money. It would be something we would have to talk about.

Not sure if this is the way go but thought I would give it a try again. If you just want a break from the hectic and noisy city life while trying to figure out whats next in your life this might be for you. If you are wanting to learn new skills like carpentry, mechanics, operating equipment, how to build a cabin, how to live off grid this might be for you. Long or short term depending on on how we get along. More than willing to help you find your own place to do your own thing if that’s what you want once you get the hang of off gridding in Alaska. If you have been worried about taking that first step to off grid living this might be the safety net to get you started.

For fun I explore with the atvs, snowmobiles and go for road trips all over the state. You might get to see a little more of Alaska now and then. I spend some time down in the Healy area at a little cabin that I am also working on but this is in the Fairbanks Delta Junction area of Alaska. I have lived in Alaska for almost 60 years and offgrid for 8 years so am starting to get the hang of it.


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80 Responses to “Living off grid in Alaska”

  1. Glenn Williams

    Would like to talk to you Scott about moving to Alaska and living off grid. Have some skills and willing to Learned. Please contact me on my cell phone 304/549/2622 thank you so much.

  2. Patrick Davis

    Avid hunter, fisherman and garden. I have skills in carpentry as well. I am 42 years old. If you need help or know someone who needs help just email me @ patrickjaydavis@gmail.com. I am looking to make this off the grid living a lifetime of commitment. If you want to know more about me don’t hesitate to contact me.

  3. Scott

    Not sure if this is even going to make it to my post. This site has not let me access my old post to see any responses so I’ve pretty much just given up on it. Maybe something to do with using my phone but I don’t currently have a computer. Same with responding to emails since late fall last year. Tells me they are undeliverable. Last guy up here wanted to go home again while still at the airport and did the next day. Told me he missed his mother already. One before that started out great but just couldn’t handle the remoteness and darkness of our long winter. Turned out he had a $30,000 warrant out for his arrest and disappeared just ahead of the police. Another had warrants out of Montana and Colorado for burglary. One was a hard core drunk and took off walking looking for booze. Most everyone else who has been up here have been great. A few stayed in Alaska and come out now and then. People from Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Canada and the lower 48 states have come and checked things out around here in the last 4 years.
    At the moment no one is here this winter. I’m not sure if I will have anyone new out here. I do have a few wanting to come back but never know for sure if they will make it. I’m going to put my email address on here if they will let me for contacting me. Hopefully this will be able to be seen somewhere on this site. If Alaska interests you contact me and we can at least discuss it.

    • Melinda

      We are currently purchasing 40 acres and will move to off grid life when it is paid off 2 years from now. We are stocking up on supplies and learning everything we can. So excited to make the move to Alaska. 2 years seems like a really long time to us right now. Hoping it goes by more quickly than it seems to be.

    • Mike B

      Hey Scott,

      I Moved to Alaska 1 year and 1 month ago -Yay I’m finally a resident :-) Anyhow, my entire reason for moving up here was to go off-grid, but alas, I needed to replenish supplies, save etc.

      A little about me: Currently, I reside in Anchorage (hell) …LOL! I will be 45 this November, am divorced, am prior military (Air Force), am a very hard worker and In my off time, I am an avid hunter/fisherman.

      My ultimate goal is to eventually get my own spot and build my own little cabin in the woods.

  4. Sam

    Yeah my name is Sam Hayes been looking to come to Alaska to try my luck at living off the grid I have a family and I currently stay in Oregon I have 3 kids but looking for something I can make into my own eventually and bring my family up to Alaska to live off grid I’m tired of city living and ready for a huge change thank you

  5. William

    Hi Scott. Would love to come out to Alaska….position still available? Can head out asap…

  6. Richard


    We have been wanting to leave society and live in a small community where we can live and work off grid or on a homestead and contribute to the community. We live in CA and despise the people, society, broken laws and systems! We are good, honest, healthy, happy people who have always done things the “right way” but also always get the short end of the stick when it comes to the legal systems :( Therefore, we desire a different lifestyle. We want to live with the personal and financial freedom to survive in our own manner in nature, not what was laid out for us by society and our parents.

    We understand you are currently working from the ground up, and apparently have made a lot of progress it sounds like :). We were in a partnership with someone else seeking land to start our own off grid homestead, potentially a community from ground up. The loan fell through, again due to the false systems of America. So we decided to search online for other people who are starting their own community or have a pre-established one. We have emailed a few people so far, but we were most interested in your post. We want to help farm our own food for everyone. Helping raise live-stalk, hunting, skinning, fishing, cooking, building and construction, remodeling and assisting in every way we can (we have experience in all that, plus more).

    We are a young athletic, strong, determined, hard working couple seeking a off grid community or homestead to assist with in exchange for room and board. We came across your ad and we are interested in working with you. This is our personal offer to work for trade housing. Care taking will also include assuring the safety of adjacent outbuildings, livestock, equipment, crops, woods, roads, fields, water systems, garden/greenhouse, solar panels, or anything else you may need assistance with.

    Personal qualities: We are both fit, in our very early 30’s, and no children or pets at this time (no children in near future for us either). We love to go hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, hunting, and anything else outdoors. She likes to paint, diy, arts & crafts, refurnish furniture, remodeling interior, build and craft, care for children and people with disabilities (AUS, DS, ED, & other disabilities). He is good at all those as well, plus he is very crafty and good with his hands, strong, determined, hard worker who is very good with machines, electronics and computers. He has extensive security background and customer service experience and will know how to keep things running smoothly. We both absolutely love to cook and even have ourselves a decent recipe book we have been working on. Per your requests, we will work independently, not bother you, and promise not to steal from anyone being that he has worked security and she was a teacher for several years and we are therefore good, honest people.

    We may not have pets now, but we would want to be able to raise dogs, goats, chickens, and bees if possible on the property in order to continue making and selling all natural products and as a source of income. We already have successfully raised and trained our own chickens and dogs in the past and look forward to doing it again. Furthermore, we will be making dish, hand, laundry soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, skin care products, cleaning products, and much more. We make it all so you do not have to buy it 🤑 Planting our own garden as a fresh source of food is something we look forward to as well.

    Now the only financial portion at this time we are worried about is the immediacy of housing to live in. We would like to come join you asap, do you have living quarters available for us at this moment or soon? We will help build more structures over time. Is internet available?

    We would like to get started as soon as possible. We do have skype and would love a personal chat or you may email us at sbaire2187@gmail.com.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  7. Jim Packard

    I’ve always wanted to live off grid and become fully self sufficient!.

    My dream has been to travel to Alaska and start from there, I know its dangerous, I know its foolish considering the lack of survival knowledge I have, but a dream is a dream and I won’t stop untill i reach it.

    However i was thinking as there are so many people all saying the same thing on here about living off grid and all share common goals and interests, why dont we all help eachother get to where we want to be!!
    Email me at Jim.packard98@outlook.com

    I live in the UK so any fellow englishman be sure to email me!!

  8. ebony taylor

    i wanna live off the grind in alaska i need information badly im doing my research as well if u can let me no my firsts or sum info thanks a million

  9. Miguel Abma

    My name is Miguel and im from the Netherlands Leeuwarden,
    And im realy tired of the city and the rat race so im searching to life somewhere in nature and live a simple life. And now I see this and what you describe, Is exactly what i want. And now i can work now so i dont come whit empty hands and do you have all the tools or should I bring myself i have my own axe and saw but if more is needed. And I’m very creative and not stupid and I’m learning fast and realy wanna life i nature and willing to work hard im 19years old and realy want to learn to live whit nature and live from nature. And i agree whit all the rules.
    Something about me im very calm and always had a closer connection whit nature and had a hard childhood whit a lot of hard lessons when i was 17 my mom died from cancer that was the hardest lesson i’ve experienced my mom always said you need to do what makes you happy and that is not working my whole life but living in nature so here i am i hope i could join you. And i would like to here more about the place where you life. Greets Miguel.

  10. jarad davis

    my name is jarad
    i am preparing to move to anchorage and im searching for a homestead community to potentially join
    im 26 former fire fighter , currently working as a telecom engineer in upstate ny
    i can provide more info and answer any questions via email jaraddavis91@gmail.com

  11. Shantelle Scott

    Hello, I’m Ms. Shantelle and I currently live in New Orleans, LA. I’ve been wanting and researching off grid living for sometime now and really would like to try it. I am intrigued by your offer as it would be a great place to begin my own journey of self sufficiency. I’m a 44 y/o black lady with 3 kids 2 (13/11)sons who live with my ex their father an hour away from me and my 5 year old Daughter who is with me. As u can tell….I’ve been thru it and back,…but still going !!! Its my prayer that my sons will be joining us on this journey, as I’m ready to leave people…for the most part and society behind. I’m retired from the medical field after 20 years a year ago…thats when off grid life and self sufficiency grabbed my attention and hasn’t let go. Now dont get me wrong….I’m more than a beautiful face…I’m NO stranger to hard work….with the right Teacher. I can work circles around most men. A true Southern Girl I am !!!! Although I’ve never been close to Alaska… I feel in my spirit its calling me and I’m not sure why. I’ve even researched and found a property I’d LOVE to purchase in Willow, near the ARR….I’ve been doing my homework. Ultimately I’d love yo purchase that property, build my home and live a peaceful quite off grid for the most part life. I’m a morning person, I guess its habit and do my BEST work in the AM…I dont mind not seeing you for days at a time as long I have projects of my own to keep busy until you need me(I’m sure I would lol) My daughter is a miniature version of me and quite the little helper, so she will be my company. I also hope to bring our 3 dogs along. I have worked in the business/collections departments while I was employed so if you have a need in that area, I can do that as well. I also own a small Home Decor business. I create custom pieces, and being from the South, I can cook my ass off!!!!! Just saying. In my ultimate plan….I wanted to drive my truck….travel trailer in tow to Alaska…at the beginning of Spring, or once my daughter is out of school…in May….so we could have the Summer to prep for the upcoming winter……I’m so shocked that I found your article…. Not sure if this offer is still available, but nothing beats a failure but a try. I know its s lot to read, but my word is my bond and I believe in being straight up. If were not what you had in my I understand and appreciate you taking the time to read my message. It seems like an AWESOME opportunity. I hope this finds you well !!
    Ms. Shantelle 💋👄

  12. James Russell

    I’m am very interested and read you letter twice. my dream has always been to live off grid in Alaska. I’m very easy going. dont smoke. I’m 47/W/male and physically fit. worked the oilfields for a long time. so i know what hard work is.. but also would like to slow down to see nature.and experience it 1st hand. never really been a hunter. but would love to learn. although i did shoot expert in the army on M16. I am a jack of all trades. and a master of none. dont have the money to make the move to Alaska on my own and buy land and build cabin. and make sure i would stocked enough with food and wood to last the winter. what you are offering would allow me to get my foot in the door. and enrich not only my life but yours as will. as i think we could make a good team. i see that you have had 64 responses. so i will not get my hopes up. thank you for the consideration.

  13. Jordan hamilton

    Im looking to move permit off the grid will work as needed to live supplu food room needed if any one needs help in 26 big and strong i have skills in traping and wilderness survival call me 6099920731

  14. william

    You can call me bill i am 47 and I am looking for a chance to live off grid i am single and I have a lot of out door experience and I have my own sorce of income it’s not a whole lot but it’s ok and I am very easy to get along with i am not a lazy person at all and I really like to learn all the new things i can i love to fish,hunt and i would like to learn a lot more about trapping and it would be nice to help you build a cabin i would really love to have a chance to do what you are offering please e-mail me.thank you

  15. Keri Watson

    orchidangel1975@gmail.com Scott I’m a single mother with 3 kids still at home ages ranging from 9-19. even though I’ve lived of the grid 3 times before in my life for the most part I grew up as a country girl in small country areas in Kentucky. moving to Alaska on a piece of property of my own and living off the grid has always been a dream of mine. I know I can afford to buy the land within the next two months and I’ve done a lot of research on living off the grid like sources of power, building cabins, and I’ve worked in a greenhouse for years. however I know all the research in the world can’t prepare you for the real thing. I have never been to Alaska the closest I’ve ever went was Parrysound Canada so I would like to know more please contact me I’d like to talk.

  16. Scott72

    Hello guys & gals How is every one been doing good I hope. I’m sorry I did not get to email any one I lost info to my account scott. My new account was few people here I like to talk with and husband & wife that’d looking of off grid. We can talk more about plans and other things. Email me at scott.Browning.481@gmail.com

  17. Scott Browning

    Hello I’m Scott also my friend. I’ve live off grid myself for over five years in Vermont. But then wife was sick of it so we moved to the city in Tampa. Witch I hate and now we are divorced. I have skills in trapping hunting fishing building cabins. I’m a butcher jack of all things and master of none lol. I have all my winter gear for Alaska then some.i have nothing holding me here no kids or wife or girlfriend. I’m ready get back to the old ways of living again. Email me at Scott.browning.481@gmail.com

  18. Larry

    Hi Scott,hope you are well.
    I’ve been looking to go off grid I’m a fast learner grew up in the country want to get away from all this drama.
    Want to learn and then do my own thing in the woods.im 52 working as a long haul truck driver for 26 years ready for a permanent change. Hope you can help will do whatever you need help with.

  19. Przemyslaw Kwiecien

    Hello mate.
    I’m looking to go off grid not only to get away from the city but to learn new thing. Especially in the Wildlife. I’m 23 years old, fit, able to work hard and a fast learner. Currently working as a Machine operator (Cutting Threadbars) hard work but pay my bills, moved out to UK when i was 11 born in Poland. I really would like to go there and live…

    I was thinking about what you mentioned, i’ll have look into it but im far away from buying a property there. Don’t talk to much, I’m a bit a loner when it comes to living, no girlfriends, been there got the t-shirt.

    Thanks for your time

  20. Mike_42

    Hey Scott,

    Nice to make your acquaintance. I believe i am the person your looking for. I can hunt and fish and am not afraid to put in a hard days work. Let me know when and where and I’m on the way! Contact me @ richard.m.burton@outlook.com

  21. Jeff

    Well ill make it short and sweet im looking to learn from the best in alaska to live off grid away from ignorance and greed but em lacking in some skills. If your looking for someone to give a helping hand in exchange for a bit off knowledge off living off the land.

  22. Mike Mann

    I’ll keep it brief because i cant imagine all the rerplies you have to go through. I’m 49 years old and have been self employed the last 20 years. Ive owned a PI firm and have had to testaphy many times so integrety and a haqndshake stiull mean a loty to me. Ive never hadf any real family and I dont much care for all the people in the city because knowone seems to understand what it means to have each others back or just lend a hand to someone when they need it just because its the right thing to do. Ive made more money then I ever needed to but the moment my marriage was over eight years ago closed down my firm and have been looking to moving off grid somewhere. I’m very energetic and have never let anything get the better of part of me. I love to explore and do anything outdoors. I’m very reliable, I dont smoke and I don’t do any drugs either but I’m very loyal. just because ive owned a firm does not mean i put my nose in anyones business but my own, what it has done for me is taught me how to read people very quickly witch ive found to be a good quality to have. please reply if interested in talking and I can supply you with as many caricture refferences as you would like to call on. Thank you for the opprotunity and if I’m not the person you choose please feel free to pass on my info to anyone else who may have a similure situation like this one open.


    Michael C. Mann

  23. Kim

    Hi. My husband and I would love to be apart of this living project of human connections. We both have dreamed of one day, moving to Alaska and settling down and finally starting our family in a place we both truely love. I am 26, Asian female. My husband is a 29 Caucasian male. We are both energetic and outdoors wilderness lover that meet while serving in the army 6 years ago. We are now grinding away in Houston, TX, and are thinking of all alternative ways to leave. We have a small steady income every month, that is permanent and not work related, but very little, enough to take care of ourselves. Our longest time spent in the woods is 1 month straight in Oregon during rainy season. We loved it, but it was hard, and it rained 28/30 days. We go camping/backpacking/hiking whenever we get the chance, and is always willing to learn and discover new and wonderful things about this world. We would not want such an opportunity to pass us by.

  24. keith lapach

    Hello my name is Keith me and my wife are looking to go off grid unfortunately we don’t have a lot of money to do so she has income im a contractor I remodel houses but im tired of the city life we lived in Montana and it was awesome
    We’ve been married 20 years so there is no drama our kids are grown and gone we just hope you give us the opportunity to come help you and learn it sounds like you have it down to an art please contact me back thank you for your time

  25. Ola

    I like to live off the grid. I will soon retire from public service and I am getting ready or it. I need a lot to learn but I am willing. Though not big in stature, I am very rugged and strong. I am happy to read that you have access to your email. That’s cool
    I’d like to visit and see the place because all my experience of Alaska is limited to TV shows I watched

  26. Matthew

    Hey there, I’m a 30 year old veteran, from northwestern Montana originally and relocated to Alaska. I have had the goal of going off grid for many years but the ex-wife was too much of a princess lol. Well now I’m free and ready to follow my dream. I currently work in construction and can operate and work on almost anything with aan engine gas or diesel. If you’re still interested in some hardworking and quiet company let me know

  27. Kris

    Hey Scott, i am a 37 yr old police officer about to medically retire. I am currently living in Texas and wanna finally follow my dream of living off grid in Alaska. I wld like the chance to learn from you and help in anway possible. I am hard working and will have my own funds. Having a partner to do this wld be truly a great opportunity.
    This is scary but exciting at the same time. I am all in if you are still looking for someone. Oh and i also have plans on getting my own living area once i get settled in. I appreciate your time and looking forward to talking with you. Be safe!!
    My email is krischesbro@yahoo.com

  28. Kris

    Cont. I am 37 yrs old and have been a police officer for 10 yrs. I was injured on duty in 2013. My injury has brought me to the end of my career. I have ALWAYS wanted to move to Alaska and live off grid. Its a scary jump but also exciting. If i cld find a partner to team up with that wld be great. We cld split up later or if we get along good, stay together. It maybe a couple months till i cld go, but im all in. I have to make sure my disabilities go through so i have funds every month.
    Jan, if your interested shoot me an email and we can def talk. Btw im in texas now. Hope u see this and looking forward to talking with you!! Be safe!!

  29. Kris

    Hey Jan, i too am a police officer. Im about to go through a medical retirement. I am wanting to live off grid and looking for a partner. U can email me at krischesbro@yahoo.com.

  30. Nicole

    my wife and I are preparing now with supplies and are planing to go off the grid in May we are looking to stake land. would love to have a group together to learn the hard way togather. Scott love what you’re doing we have two young kid’s as well.

  31. Jan

    Hi Scott,
    still looking for people to join you? I know it’s been a while but I just found your message. I’m a 36 years old Belgian nationale, worked all my life as a Police Officer and am a certified shooting istructor and basicly am totaly sick of it all and want to quit the rat race… I’m prety fit and not afraid of work. I don’t want any money just some piece and quit and find the happines in life again.

    Let me know if we can talk

    Jan H

  32. Sharron

    Hi! I’m a 62 year old retired nurse looking to move to Alaska and live as you do with my 45 year old son and 42 year old daughter, in the beginning until we build small homes. I have a great income. Looking for land. Can you advise how to begin that quest? Who to call, etc. thank you!

  33. Mario

    I am very interested in your offer. I am a retired handyman with extended experience in mechanical and in carpentry. I live in a small town and part countryside. If you ever are interested in taking it in to consideration i will be greatly appreciated. I am ex military drugs free non smoker and adapts to just about every environment.

  34. Eric

    Scott, I’m 43 have a 30 ft camper leaving from liberal ks, hopefully soon. I have looking at leaving the states and living off grid for some time now. For anybody interested in going along for the ride, you can email me and would enjoy the company. I have an income and am looking fwd to gettin up there. Your freind
    Eric Garcia



  35. jerry

    Hey Scott my names jerry Im 22 live in mi and have always dreamed about lieing off the grid I can hunt fish. Been educated in heating and cooling and know my way around cars am no contractor or any thing just want to live away from people I don’t mind hard work and would like to leran I know it won’t be easy I don’t expect it to be if you could contact me back that be great

  36. bryan jones

    hello and good morning. my name is bryan, and i have responded to your post before, about 9 months ago i think. i will try to reach you again. i have an interest in meeting you, getting to know you, and learning more about you and the life you have chosen. i am a 52 years old white single male. have been alone for more than a dozen years. i was a husband and father for 14 years until i lost them in an auto accident december 23rd of 2001. and to be honest i have never really gotten past it. since i have been working to occupy the mind, finding no fulfillment or satisfaction. i have been self employed most of my life in the residential remodeling field.
    over the years, i have looked into the off grid movement here in the lower 48, found no one who is seriously looking to take on anyone new. does hope is that you are indeed seriously looking for someone who is not affraid to commit, does not shy away from hard work. this is my choice and i do not make it lightly. i was raised to be self reliant, grow my own vegetables, raise my own live stock. hunt, fish, and was taught what i need to know to survive off the land in this area. i do understand that alaska is not the lower 48, that it gets cold, winters are long, summers are short, and that most likely, the work does not end. i am fit and strong, have soundness of mind. having thought long for many years about this, it is something that i am mentally prepared for. i am not wishing to start years form now or months from now. i am ready now. if you would like more company, someone to share in the work load, i am sure you will find that i will carry more than my share of the burden.
    i will leave for you my email. and if/when you respond, i will share with you my phone contact, and hopefully we can talk about it in person at greater length. or we could make arrangements and get underway. as i said, i am ready now. it is spring, and winter is not far off. i am sure there is plenty to do to get prepared. i look forward (hopefully) to hearing from you soon. best regards, Bryan
    contact me at bryanjones489@gmail.com . thank you for your time.

  37. Andrei sauer

    Hey I was wondering if you still wanted anyone up there to help you. How many people are there and when can I move up there.

  38. kim

    Please email me at kannh1228@gmail.com

  39. Renee

    I am interested in coming up and living off the grid .I am a hard worker, ready to get out of the city and be able to breathe again . please contact me with more info brand7501@hotmail.com

  40. Kevin

    Hey Scott,
    I would be interested in helping as much as i can for two weeks during a vacation period.
    week of april 20 -may1 (this could be pushed) Possibly longer, if your wifi is good and semi reliable.
    I am doing “research” for off grid living, getting out of the rat race.
    Similar to most peoples story. i am 31, hard working, mid-west work ethic, learn fast, but I don’t have much experience.
    I spent time in rough carpentry, grown vegitation, i fished a lot when I was younger, and hunted with family and friends.
    I would like to learn/test basic survival skills . I have spent the last ten years working in the outdoor arena; hunting fishing, survival, etc
    but I see it all from behind a desk and computer screen. I have not been in the woods for far too long.
    Kevin (kmksunfire@hotmail.com)

  41. Dr. Tom Gerard

    I have been living off the grid for about 20 years now on the remote island on Palawan in the Philippines. Build a house and ran a small medical clinic for free off my front porch. Prior to settling in the Philippines I was an avid hunter and fisherman in all of America and Africa. Why I chose the Philippines..Another big story..

    However I find so many issues to be the same. Hot weather or cold everything is Mano Mano… Hauling supplies is a major task, Shopping once a month in town..another major task, transport etc.. generators, fuel, ice, boats, ……The work is never done! Socialization maybe a few days when in town..but in the end you have to move back as the kids have to go to a decent school.. Would loved to have tried Alaska but at 75 years of age my dancing days are over..An assisted deal like Scott offered would be idea..but just to many ties to the ground now.. I wish all young folks to try it at least once in their life time..

    Any comments..Doctomasphilippines@yahoo.com

  42. Daniel Hallock

    I’m a 25 year male who has wanted to live off grid for some time now, I’ve just never been sure how to get started I am a hard worker and willing to learn whatever is necessary to live off grid. I would love to live the wilderness for the rest of my life I am just looking for a means to help me learn and achieve this dream. Personality wise am a quiet man that enjoys being alone, but also enjoys good wholesome conversations. I would live this opportunity and wouldn’t let you down please email me back for any questions.

  43. Sarah

    Also my email is kanartist@live.com

  44. Sarah

    Hi Scott.
    My name is Sarah I am 19 years old. Often ive found myself pondering the thought of off grid living. I am an introvert. So alone time is a must for me. I enjoy learning new things (and love taking on tasks not seen as suitable for someone like me) I am a small city girl. Raised most of my childhood in towns and cities ranging from 8,000 to 25,000 people. Never have I been connected to the city life. I spent a lot of time out in the country at my grandfather’s house. I am completely foreign to off the grid living but have doing research. I am very independent. Moved out right after my 18th birthday. Not out of spite (I have a stable relationship with my parents) just for the need to be on my own. I’ve looked up remote places to live, but it’s something I’d have to look forward to quite far into my future since I obviously cannot afford to buy property at barely 20. I’d use this experience as a tool. Not permanent residency. Too learn and to find what it is I am looking for. I am young and perspective and really want to figure out what it is I want. I don’t want to wait til I’m in my 30s or beyond. Because then I may have made the mistake of settling. I don’t want that. My lease at my current apartment is up around October November of This year which would be ideal for me. Thank you for taking the time to read this Scott.

  45. chris

    dont know if you can see my email but its chris_4156@hotmail.com

  46. chris

    very interested in alaska. just tired of the goverment and its not looking good down in the lower 48. so how far are we from town?

  47. Justin Bennett

    Hey Scott. Enjoyed the post. I would like to ask you some questions if you wouldnt mind emailing me. justinbennett011@gmail.com

    Thanks take care

  48. Tricea

    Hey Scott,
    First just let me say like everyone else Ive always dreamed of living off grid for as long as I can remember. Im 46 and just started college. I will graduate in 2017 with a degree in Fish and Wildlife Management. I hope to be able to move to Alaska not long after I graduate to live out my dream. If you are still up and running at that time I would love to come and stay at your place and get my hands dirty. Im a very fast learner. I have several skills that I believe with be helpful in your operation. While I also have a lot to learn Im willing and able. Ive really enjoyed reading your ad and Good Luck to you in the coming years. Maybe we will meet one day. :-)

  49. Scott

    Hi everyone, 

    It has been cold here in Alaska for a few weeks and is supposed to drop back down to minus 40°F or colder for a few days. So for everyone wanting to currently head this direction I would recommend waiting until at least April. Even set up already to live here it can be difficult. I have tried to respond to all who have contacted me about my ad or just Alaska in general. If I have not returned an email please contact me again. Lots of emails back and forth between everyone asking questions etc. Over 50 from just one person interested in moving to Alaska and others with almost as many so I end up chasing my tail now and then.

    About half the people contacting me on here either never follow up at all or sort of fade away because of other reasons so it makes it hard to plan very far ahead as to having you come up. For me one or two at a time is what works best without becoming to confusing or just tiring to keep up with. A large number of you are wanting to come up with friends, family, wives, boyfriends or a combination of all that. I’m really not set up for larger groups nor can I afford to feed, house etc that many at least at this time. I am willing to let those who are coming to Alaska anyway and can support yourselves a chance to use my property as a base while they decide what and where in Alaska they plan to be. Much easier for you than coming up and not sure what to expect. I or some of the people who have been here awhile can help you figuring it all out. Plan your trip or move for late April or early May so you are not fighting cold weather. If I have room at the time you are welcome to use it for awhile otherwise tents or campers are fine. Alaska is big so you will want to explore it before deciding on where you want to live.


  50. Dylan

    Am looking to move off grid with a long time friend and my wife

  51. Dylan

    Hello sir im looking to move to alaska and be off grid with my wife and a long known friend from high school am hard working n young please reply asap have a way to alaska the 14th of this month to fairbanks

  52. brandon

    I always wanted to live off grid in Alaska, when i was homeless in Oregon for 6 months me and some buddy’s went to Oregon coast for two weeks and live off the land and ill be honest with out the proper tools and money it is very hard versus a person who has money and the resources to do it. but i didn’t let this deter me from wanted to do it. so now that i live in Florida i frequently take trips to the woods and try to explore and live off the land as much as i can so i can prepare myself so that maybe one day i will afford that trip to Alaska to be able to live off the grid free and happy.

  53. scott beagle

    Hi Scott, my name too is Scott I live in Kansas, I do a lot of things from building homes to working on anything with a gas motor. Im looking to move to Alaska to live off the grid in the next year (2016), Im using this year to get all my gear ready I do a lot of hunting and fishing, I can my own food so I know how to keep food. I looking for land as we speak so if there is any helpful tips you can give me I thank you a lot, and if there is room for me to help you out please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Scott

  54. Max

    Hey Scott, I’ve been looking for a place to go and more or less be left alone when not needed. I think our attitudes are pretty close given how you’ve written. I can do most things that would be required, 21 years old just got out of the infantry.
    I understand you already have people there, I’ll check back and see if thats changed every once and a while.

  55. Sar

    Hello Scott, I want to learn how to live off the land. Please please email me

  56. Jackie Aquilina

    Hi Scott your life sound amazing I don’t have any of the skills the other people have I’m just writing to say that I de love to live like you, and you are a luck man being able to follow your heart I have always wanted to visit Alasaka ! :)

  57. Randy

    Scott, I want to buy some land up in delta junction area. I am looking to buy 5-10 acres. I am already up here in Alaska, but haven’t found a good way to find a good pic way out that way. If you could contact me and help me find a pc around that size I would appreciate it. Thanks. Randy

  58. Abert

    I would love to live a life like that

  59. steve

    not going fill you with lots of bull hard working problem solver want to get off grid hunter fisher common wise can fix a lot with little common sense

  60. erick

    well if you get an opening keep me in mind,, thanks Scott

  61. erick

    alaska.bound@yahoo.com for goo add lol dont know if it show in reply

  62. erick

    Had planned on moving to Alaska anyway, but this sounds really good and i can do all those things you are looking for as well as im a quiet person builder gardener hunter guard healthy no drugs// like the cold for more info PLEASE do contact me have refs and would work very hard

  63. richard w piatt

    thanks for the help also I want to learn to pan for gold I like to bow hunt but I would allwas carry a largr cal gun for the bears thanks

  64. richard w piatt

    I have so maney questions about living in Alaska how do people find the land to build on I just want a small cabin in the middle of no were I can hunt and fish for my food and cut my own firewood I see this shows on tv and I want go im ex military and can weld and do carpentry I can build or fix just about anything I love a huge vegatbal garden I can cann and smoke my own meet that I catch I just don’t know how to get started any info you van give me would be great thanks

  65. heath mosley

    I’ve been looking and looking for a operunity like this I’m 44 hard working and honest

  66. jason

    Hi scott.
    My name is jason I’m 32 and I kive and work in grand rapids mi.I grew up on a ranch in a rural area and Hunted, trapped and fished as a youth until I moved to the city. I’m a jack of all trades carpentry, welding and mechanics. I’ve owned my own chopper and hotrodshop. I work as auto body tech now. I hate the city and have been getting more distant from people every day and dream ofliving in alaska.so what I plan on doing in the spring is selling everything I own to move to alasaka I don’t really care if I get property ove been thinking about getting enough supplies together to get a air plane ride in to a lake at least a couple hundred miles away from any civalization. And try to survive.

  67. Jimmy

    I am very much interested in living off grid in Alaska and would like to become as self sufficient as possible by learning how to grow and hunt food as well as using renewable energy sources like solar energy. How far away are you from other Alaskan residents? I like the idea of being extremely isolated except from necessities such as hospitals. Do you have an email address that I could write to so that I can keep in touch with you? My email is jim5sc@aol.com.

  68. Scott L

    Hi everyone,
    I have left this ad up even though I currently have two people here. Thought it would be a good way to meet and help others who would like to come to Alaska so even though I don’t need anyone at the moment please contact me if you have any questions about living in Alaska. I also will be looking for people in the future as these guys may move on to other areas. One definitely plans on going to college in 2015 assuming Ebola hasn’t devastated densely populated areas. Both of these guys are doing great and loving this lifestyle. Actually surprised me how well they have been doing. One of them is Chance from Texas who responded to my ad in August. The other is an 18 year old from Chicago. He is a city boy who never knew that it actually got dark at night. I keep finding him sitting outside at night just looking at the stars or moon.
    Any way just a quick update on this ad for those who might be wondering. I wish I could have more people up as there seems to be plenty of you wanting to head this direction.

  69. Thomas

    Hi Scott, my name is Thomas I currently live in Indiana, Im 25, and living off grid has been a dream and passion of mine since the first time my father took me to canada fishing and hunting as a child. My father passed away when i was a teenager and ever since iv been waiting to have the chance to live off grid and live a fulfilling life free of corporate America and Technological America. I have lots and lots of skills and am always reading and trying to learn more as I go. From how you described yourself I think we are similar, I like people, but i prefer to be alone, Im a hard worker when work needs to be done I do it. If i see work that needs to be done, I do it. I have an income from my fathers life insurance and the money he left behind but its around 1200$ a month.My dad set it up that way so that i wouldnt get this huge some of money and start living outside my means and theres probably 20 more years of monthly payments so not only would i be able to work, I could support myself and even contribute to winter supplies or whatever is needed. This is something i want to do very badly. Im drug free, in shape, and I work until the job is done.I see that you have many years on me and i really think I could learn alot from your years and years of practical experience. Id like to talk further, If you would like to also my email address is ThomasGross141@gmail.com

    Have a good day Scott

    Thomas Gross

  70. NeverStopExploring

    My name is David, you sound like me Scott .I am 46, I have many skills, Logging in Colorado, Carpenter, Master Gardener, Green House Exp+, Living off the grid in Alaska is a dream of mine. I too enjoy others, but I am so comfortable being by myself. I am not a kid, but have a kids heart, I know when its time to work, and when to give someone their space.. Have a good one Scott.


  71. Trent

    My name is Trent. I’m 21 live in illinois. I’ve always had a passion to go off grid since I was little. I’ve been tree trimming since I was 19. I have little carpenter skills and mechanic skills. I do love to learn and I’m fast at it. I would like to talk to you more about possibly moving up their. My email is tmfp18@gmail.com. Or I’ll be back on here to see your comment. Thanks.

  72. Chance

    My name is Chance, I currently live in Texas and work for an oil company. I am 25 years old and have 5 years of diesel mechanic experience in the Marine Corps 2007-2012. I come from a line of mechanics, have a bit of electrical experience (not enough), and need to work on my carpentry skills. I own an F-250 that, if chosen, would most likely be getting driven up by me and would be ideal as an additional work truck. I don’t do drugs, don’t talk a lot..though this message makes it seem otherwise, and generally don’t require too much compared to most people. I hate a thief and lucky for you I have great tracking and gun capabilities in case the need ever arises.
    I have slowly started to downsize my possessions and bills and have been looking for property around the Fairbanks/Tok areas. As you said though it is a big jump to take for a beginner!
    I am big on principle and a fan of smaller government and more self sufficiency. Since ours tends’ to be going the opposite way, I would like to learn the ways of life up there and how to make it off grid in that climate.
    I am a hunter/fisher and while confident in those areas, I am not naive enough to believe I could make it without a green house/garden and learning which one of my hands contains my green thumb.
    I am very interested in learning how to build cabins, and have toyed with the idea of buying a shipping container or two and joining them for my own future place.
    I am not afraid of work, yet it gets harder and harder for me every day to justify going to work for some company (currently working 12 days on and 2 days off) only to pay bills and then barely have enough left over to cover the remainder of my expenses/fuel/maintenance etc. Same reason why it would not bother me none at all to post my two weeks notice to my boss!
    I tend to be a home body as it is, don’t watch much t.v. other than Mountain Men, Life below Zero, Alaska the Last Frontier and would enjoy the peace, solitude, and freedom of it all.
    Though it would take some adjusting on my part, I would love the opportunity to learn the skills that it takes to become more self sufficient and capable off grid.

  73. Scott

    Hi Rod,
    I just had a gal from the Madison Lake area up here for 3 weeks who is asking me daily to keep looking for property for her to buy. Second time she has been here so she could check out winter and summer. She is already saving money to come back for a couple more visits before moving up permanently.

    I am not quite sure how this works but will answer here for now while I try to figure out how to take it off site. Others interested in Alaska off grid might find some of it interesting. Rod it does sound like you have a good start on the skills needed to go off grid. This is getting late in the fall here and we will start frosting at night soon so everyone watches the weather close so they don’t freeze their gardens. Everyone knows that it gets cold here in the winter but most don’t understand just how dark it gets. That is harder on most people than the cold. The sun just barely clears the mountains around here in December. Most of the light is kind of a twilight or reflected light. No television and barely any radio reception. They did recently put in a cell tower with 4G for Internet so it feels like I’ve come out of the stone age. There is lots of property available that has no building restrictions, permits needed or property taxes. Once you pay for it it is yours and no tax collector is going to be bothering you. Once you have been here a year and establish residency there are some perks. Permanent Fund Dividend is paid out each year in October to each resident regardless of your age. It $900 last year but should be closer to $2000 this fall according to the state. Not great but it all helps. Now if I had 8 kids and a wife $20,000 would look pretty good. The state also has land buying programs that first go to the residents. Property is is financed by the state and most is remote and off grid. No credit check. 5% down and small payments. I just won two lots I bid on today. $300 down on one and the payments will be under $100 per month. They also have a remote property staking program for recreational cabins that they finance. So it is possible to get your own off grid place here without being rich.

    Rod I listed my ad here and on another site and there has been close to 15 contacts so far. I am trying to contact everyone and figure out who might work out best for both of us. I will try to contact you directly. Nick advised me not leave email address in the ad. I would like to find out more about you and what you are looking for. With all the interest I wish I could afford to have more people come out and check things out.

  74. rod

    Scott I am looking to go off grid currently work in Mansfield Ohio as a maintenance worker electrician and heavy equipment operator for a scrap yard I grew up in a small town called New London on a farm my dad was a professional trapper I grew up in a fur shed my family is always lived off the land.I’m sure I could be a good help to you and you could help me get away from society outside of my mechanical and electrical abilities I’m an avid Fisher and run lines daily I know things are much different up there than down here but I’m sure I will adapt quite well.