[before_listing id=187 images= youtube=null] i will like to be off the grid, live in a community and build myself a mud house or a earthship, been self dependant, have an organic garden and animals and all the grren energy which comes with it, etc…[landbuddy_listing id=187 youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “living free!!!”

  1. Allez

    If Romania sounds interesting to any of you please contact me. I can help with land and already have some ideas of useful systems we can build. Email: andreibtc@gmail.com

  2. ECO

    Hi send me a message if you are still looking, the land is still cheap now, prices will start to rise next year. If you have found a piece of land by now in another area I would also like to help you go off the grid

  3. margauxrainbaux

    Hi Eco, thanks a lot for that but may be it will be a barrier problem? as i was saying to Jacqueline I will be back from travelling in May 2011 but i will definitely consider

  4. margauxrainbaux

    Hi Jacqueline, I will be interested but i wont be avalaible from May 2011 as i am off travelling untill that time. May be we should exchange idea and talk

  5. Jacqueline LION

    I am looking for someone to come in on such a project with me. I live in Picardie.

  6. ECO

    If you consider going off the grid in Bulgaria check my ad in the classifieds section, I can definitely help you with land and to become self sufficient.

  7. margauxrainbaux

    Thanks for the reminder but i thought about all that
    and i did experience it a bit during my very long time travelling on the road. And every way of living have is hard but to deal with ;)

  8. Patrick

    IMO, there’s a LOT more to this than people think. Gardens, animals, and “earth-friendly” dwellings are the easy part. What is challenging is coming up with (hot water) showers, clothes washing mechanisms (that don’t require electricity), and money for RELIABLE energy generation (not propane, but solar/wind/hydro systems). This (these areas) is where it gets tricky and challenging! People tend to get “romantic” about their dreams and forget the basics – food, CLOTHING, and shelter … and the maintenance of those things! (plus basic personal hygiene)