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I am fascinated by the tiny home or tiny house movement, I have lived in fairly small spaces for a number of years, first living in a single wide, 14×70 mobile home, that started me on my journey to living with and in less. PB and I are good at living in tight quarters, we rarely bump into each other, even with the 2 dogs, we get along pretty well.

Here are a couple of more tiny homes, while these might not be ideal for your situation, it will give you ideas as to how to create a smaller space to live in. Personally I like the idea of having separate spaces for your living needs, perhaps a living room space, a bedroom, a bath/shower area, separate storage for the things you don’t need all the time. The nice thing about creating separate spaces for what you need is you can start out with the bare minimum of what you need to live, and add on as you can.

and this one is one of my favorite videos about living in a small space, Macy and her family (including her baby and large dog) live in less than 200 square feet, the ways she has created her space are so creative and quite doable!

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