I know this isn’t technically “off grid” living, but not all of us can or will live this way, there are far more people living within a city than living in a rural area. Honestly, most of the videos I see about people living in cramped boxes stacked one upon another (read:apartments), I cringe, I have lived that way and didn’t like it.



I saw this video and it blew me away, if I were going to live in a city center, I wouldn’t mind living like this. Evan Granoff took what they are calling the oldest mall in America (not the OLDEST mall ever, but the oldest still standing mall) and converted the upper floors into small apartments they refer to as “micro-lofts”, some are very small, not much more than a living room/kitchen, a bedroom and bath, the smallest units do not have a full kitchen, and the rooms are tiny, but the people they chat with love their small spaces, they tend to be professional people who work more than they are home, this works perfectly for them.



Watch this and let me know what you think of it. Would you live this way?

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