there is an abundance of wild fruit in hawaii i assume considering the hot climate, that is why i think Hawaii, I have to get a flight from Melbourne to Hawaii, will be better if I have others, restore our health and connection with source energy, detoxing from the negative energies we have been surrounded by, my name is Harry and Im 20 , Im confident that even if no one comes I dont care Il go by myself , but others join, I have a tent i will sleep in, peace, fuck living in this city , i can live in citys later at life when im at peace and confident in what i am doing, right now this shit jjjust causase me 24/7 stress

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  1. dani99k

    hey, i know that its already been a year since you posted this but my situation is same as yours. i am sick of living in the city. if you are still there and accept new comers let me know. email me to this .

  2. James

    Please contact me as soon as you can.

  3. parallexmike

    Just wondering if you made it to Hawaii yet?

  4. beast-

    ok, where did all the comments go?

  5. parallexmike

    The Moloka’i Forest is the perfect place to check out, I spent 3 1/2 weeks there fat bikepacking did not see a sole the whole time and spending three nights on the beach was totally awesome. Before you go I would suggest picking up some Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds preferably the Survival Seed Vault Non-GMO Hardy Heirloom Seeds and just plant as you hike in your new local area “think permaculture” I didn’t see any wild pigs in this area so you should be good if you keep an eye on everything. And keep in mind once you go you will be homeless on one of the Hawaiian islands so being nomadic is a must. On the mainland they have been cracking down on the homeless for a while now so do a little research on youtube before you go. Also fish traps work better than fishing rods on this particular end of the island and there are more crabs so you shouldn’t have a problem finding food be sure to follow Waimanu Falls for fresh water. Also not a lot of tourism on this island, mostly natives. Good luck and take care

  6. Emily

    Where are you? I’ve been ready for this for awhile.

  7. shane

    Hey Harry! You sound like you’ve got the right idea!

    When are you planning on going? More details please

    I’m 28 and also needing to get away from this mundane consumerist world. Trees and beaches yes please.


    • Emm

      Hi Shane,

      I have the same idea as you, to find an alternative to this toxic society we are forced to endure, and it is only becoming more and more intolerable.

      If you’d like to discuss ideas on how to do this, please email me.