I’ve been exploring south argentinian national parks for three years now.

There’s plenty of uncharted and unsupervised land. I’ve got my own favourite personal spots, but there’s lots to choose from. The problem with all of them is the same. Settling in protected areas is illegal. Not in the going-to-prison sense, but in the kick-you-out one.

Here’s the secret: The reason so many sites are uncharted and thus unprotected, is reaching them is almost imposible. Patagonia forests are convered by this invasive species called Chusquea culeou, making it harder to make three steps without finding yourself trapped between walls of bamboos.

Being a third world country, rangers aren’t paid enough, nor there isn’t enough of them to cover the huge protected area Argentina has, even less to make their way through this dense vegetation that grows down south. Which makes it a perfect destiny for us “poor off-griders”

There’s practically unlimited land to be gained over there. But in order to transform it, plenty of effort needs to be put into it. Getting rid of that bamboo and fallen trees requires massive ammount of work, I can’t overstate this enough!

This is part of the reason I’m here, I just can’t do it by myself. And also, I don’t want to. Given how amazing I think this experience will be, I’m here to offer myself for guidance and as a partner in crime to create our own personal little paradise.

I’m an experienced gardener, I have all the crops and plantations planned out. Of course first clear fields are needed. I have made several cabins throughout my whole life and I’m currently researching and reading everyday to improve on this craft.

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I’m also an argentinian national and know perfectly how to get around everywhere without getting into trouble. I’m 29 years old, above all things I’m an idealist, and intellectual, and due to high moral principles is that I can’t be a part of this corrupted society anymore.

Ideally I would like to start with one person, but if you are a couple or group of friends don’t hesitate to contact me.

There are many chords to be carried out. Not all require intense physical exertion.

Willing to discuss any further ideas, suggestions and answer questions.

Peace. Juan.

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