We are a Christian couple, with 6 kids and another family of 4 in the process of building our perfect community. We recently purchased 70 acres in the mountains outside of Daisy, OK. We have talked to others about our idea only to be laughed at or catch the ever lovely eye roll. We believe in home schooling, raising our own food, and living in harmony with the world around us. If this sounds like you, drop us a line and give us some more info about yourself/selves. Kids are welcome, as it takes a village, and we have triplets so we know help is a great asset! Bring your skills or whatever you think you have that would be of help, but please keep in mind this is a GROUP EFFORT! Lazy people need not apply, we are not looking to help you if you’re not willing to help yourself. There are some finances involved and any prospective persons would be fully knowledged about the going ons. Please feel free to contact us atomicbuildingpros@gmail.com

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  1. Josh

    I’m very interested