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im 18 currently living in north wales I’m looking to start living off grid weather that is on  my own or in a community, I am a very keen outdoors person I do a lot of hunting and fishing. I studied a level 3 diploma in Gamekeeping and land management and I’m currently studying level 3 diploma in agriculture both of these courses benefit to off grid living such as keeping livestock etc hopefully someone will be in touch kind regards Jordan

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9 Responses to “i would like to go off grid on my own or with a comunity to teach me”

  1. Janeiland

    I am starting a community in bulgaria if you are interested. I have properties and land just needthe right people

  2. jim beaudoin

    i am 53 and live in florida born and raised in nc, i draw a small check from the gov each month , i am a cert mech and carpenter i can do just about anything i have built a very nice jeep for my transportation also i am single i will be going off grid to live in a few months so i am looking for a place that i can go to please contact me , im sure there is alot i can do all the people around me.

  3. daniel

    36 year old male

    receives VA Pension

    Wants to live free, off grid with someone either new, already off grid, or an established community…

    Please email me

  4. Daniel

    Homeless 36 year old male, Ex-Military, draw a small VA pension if that helps…
    My email is danielburgess.1234 at

  5. Joseph

    There is a community currently in Wales, its called Lammas. Here in the United States there is a great community called Dancing Rabbit.

  6. Jay1984

    Hay Jordan I live in the UK we should start something over hear our self’s

  7. Tamsyn76

    I currently live in the province of British Columbia Canada on Vancouver Island. I’m looking to connect with like minded individuals in the Vancouver Island area. I can be contacted by email at


  8. MC

    How can I contact you?

  9. MC

    Hi Jordan, do you have an email address?