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Hello, I’m a 36 year-old single guy looking to get away from the city life.

I’m happily single, plan to stay that way. No pets, though I love animals.

I’m currently working on a 16′ dwell dome which I plan to live in year-round, granted I can find the right place. I’m designing everything to fit into a small trailer, so somewhat temporary/portable. I’m utilizing solar and passive solar along with an efficient wood-burning system, so I hope I can find somewhere without a lot of burn restrictions.

I do have basic building skills, and experience in various trades. I love building and designing stuff, especially in mid to late winter when the mild seasonal doldrums set it. I find being occupied with projects can be the best way to transcend inclement conditions.

I have limited agricultural experience, but I love the prospect of year-round greenhousing and so on.

I am accustomed to working full-time, and while I know while many homesteaders are more interested in 100% sustainability, I tend to be of the mind that it would be better for me to live somewhere where I could still earn a stable income, whether to pay rent or cover project overhead.

All that said, I do like to have a good time. Definitely not interested in living around anyone who is trying to go all prohibition or the uber-religious types. 

I plan to be mobile by the spring, if not sooner. Although I’m in Colorado, I’ve lived all over and would entertain anything if conditions were right.

Best of luck to all!

El the Dorito

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  1. Gen Agustsson

    i agree that life is short

  2. Jlscme

    Would u be interested in Maine? Send me an email; jlegra2933@gmail.com

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