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Josh Arrington posted this as a comment on a landbuddy story. But its worth reading – and responding to – in its own right:

I’m a 30 year old artist looking to begin a life off grid. Ive grown tired of life in the city and want to get back to my roots. I grew up on a pig farm in Texas, far from anywhere, working every day on the farm and providing for our every need. We gardened for our veggies and raised all our own meat. I learned to hunt by the time I was 5 years old and my father actually owned and operated a firewood business and a fishing guide survice. I left home at 15 to become a professional bull rider — that didnt quite turn out. :)

Then I tried my hand as a semiprofessional kick boxer, once again didnt quite work out. Finally i went to art school and became a professional artist. yeah I know, wacky mix of interests. Anyway, I’ll be thirty this summer and I have completely grown tired of life in the fast lane.

I truly am so very upset with not only the shallow lives people live today but also Im entirely pained by the fact that everyone seems to have lost their connection with each other. In this age of comunication we have lost the practice of true comunication. We have forgotten how to love others. We have forgotten the true meaning of family. i want to get back to the life I knew as child. I want to start a family and raise my children in a simpler way full of love and true devotion. I want to wake up every morning to a woman I love and devote my entire life to. I want to sit down at a table each and every night with my wife and children after a beautiful day of productive work. i want to truly provide for my family, the way I was raised to do so.
I’ve come to realist that finding a woman in today’s world who has the same ideals as myself is a very hard task indeed. So, having said that, I’d love to hear from others who feel as I do. Please feel free to email me any time.

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