[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] Life likes to throw curve balls at you. Been dreaming of living off-grid for a few years now with my family, bought land to do so on, and now we cannot continue forward where we had intended to.

We own two plots, a total of 61 acres, in Brewster county TX. There’s grid power on one that would have made the build and transition easier, and a large wash with significant greenery on the other for raising livestock. Both are unfortunately for sale.

My wife, our two kids, and myself find ourselves stuck in UT. It’s not a bad state to be in by any means, just a lot colder than we wanted. But we’ve been blessed with a family member who’s a complete and total idiot. I figured for a long time that prison was her dream home, and now she’s reaching that goal.

Needless to say, she’s not worth staying in UT for. But seemingly unlike her mindset, her two wonderful children, our niece and nephew, are worth obeying the laws and freezing through the winters for. We can’t take guardianship of them unless we stay here, and that’s a change of plans we’ll gladly make.

So we’re looking around eastern UT, from Duchesne to Monticello, for land we can buy (once we sell the TX land), to raise all 4 kids in a small homestead on. We already live in the area, just outside of Price, UT. We already grow as much as we can on our small lot and really want to add some animals to the mix. But the house, lot size, and (most significantly) city regulations are insufficient for a truly self-sufficient homestead.

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We’re open to the idea of finding a sub-dividable plot with someone (or family) who’s like minded. We even hope that whoever does buy our land in TX is someone who’d want to live there and steward the land. Goats, chickens, rabbits, gardening, and aquaponics are all high on our priority list. 15 to 20 acres would be terrific, but 5 is certainly workable if not under a city council with a God complex.

Anyone interested in our TX land, has land in UT, or just wants to chat, can email me at william dot m dot cooper @ gmail dot com.[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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