We are a conscious couple who are interested in going off grid with other conscious people. If we all work together we can make it happen! Send us a message and we can discuss how we can make this happen :)

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3 Responses to “Lets work together to go off grid!”

  1. Jimmy

    Where are you thinking of doing this?… been working on the same basic idea

  2. zenhunter

    Im going off grid soon as i get my tax return im going into the flathead national park and not looking back my gear is Crossbow bolts both big and small game tips Sub-Zero sleeping bag Sub-Zero rated Thermo tent entrenchment tool skinning knife K Bar machete rain gear waterproof and insulated boots winter gear summer gear Flint fire starter kits a fairly advanced first aid kit lots of paracord fishing cord fishing hooks a couple traps Hammerhead Hatchet tarp duct tape flare gun cast net water purity tablets a saw rope bear gas and dont laugh but a katana sword cooking tools nails just gonna walk out there already scouted the area found a great spot

  3. LoneroftheDork

    I’m probably not ready to move yet but I’ve been looking at the ads on here and if the date’s a ways away I could at least take time to consider. Your ad here is really bare, do you not have much thought on it yet or are you just really open to suggestions? And what do you mean by conscious? If it’s a common term I hope you’ll forgive my newcomer lack of knowledge.