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Hey everyone!!

So I am a single female, 27 looking to go off the grid and live off of the wonderful land of San Diego. The weather is nice year around and you don;t have to worry about harsh weather ruining crops or tiny houses or anything like that. There’s lots of beaches around of you’re a water person ( I am)

I backpack and camp a lot right now just trying to ease my transition into full time land living. It is hard doing it by yourself and I would love to have maybe 3 or more others that are seriously interested. I know of a few pieces of land that we could settle into. I do love to travel and would like to find a permanent homestead and still be able to pack up in an RV and travel for a month or so at a time, going to festivals, visiting other off grid communities, yoga events or whatever, again it would be great to have people that have that have similar interest. 

So back to living in SD, I am open to other locations within Ca, but I do not want to set up a homestead in a region that has extreme weather conditions! 

I do  have some carpentry skills. I would love to build my own tiny home. I can build shelves, storage units, bed frames, and things like that. I am detailed oriented, I am creative, I learn quickly, I have gardening & crop growing knowledge. I can and currently make home/body care/ personal items. So there will be no need to worry about buying them. ( soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.) 

I’m not sure what else to add so if you are interested please let me know!! 

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12 Responses to “let’s live off the land in SoCal”

  1. freerange

    We have a start up community, south Arkansas, over 60 acres.

    We have perfect growing weather, almost year-round season.

    We would love your help.

  2. Jesus

    living of the grid would be so incredibly awesome I love going hunting but i haven’t because I live in San Diego I do want to live off the grid

  3. Sandra Serrano

    I am highly interested in downsizing and living off grid. I currently live in Corona, CA. It looks like many of us live close to each other. Does anyone have any more information on how to get started?

  4. Dsylvester76

    Hit me up guys if you are serious.

  5. Mike Biello

    I’m also looking to downsize and live off grid. I’m in Temecula so not far from you. I love hiking and camping and going to festivals. I have been looking for a spot with a running stream or with good well water on it for a while. With this drought I’m worried about water being an issue. Might have to look closer to the moutains. I have 2 little kids from a previous marrrage so really can’t get too far from Temecula. I was hoping to find a couple people with like minded goals and beliefs to work with. I am working on being vegatarian and learning to grow food. I have been in the MMJ community for several years and make my own medicine with herbs and such. I have a very positve attitude. My religion is LOVE. I do what I can to awaken others to all the lies in society. I don’t watch tv but would like to have wifi lol. I enjoy reading and learning. Hopefully soon I will have a tiny house. :)

  6. Vicki

    I am a single mom with a great desire to live off the grid. I have given it years of serious thought and I feel now is the time. Please contact me if anyone is willing to open their community to us.

  7. Caleb Ramon

    Hello, My name is Caleb and I am just starting my road down the same path that your talking about! I grew up spending most of my time in the outdoors But its time for me to actually now how to create a healthy home base following eco-friendly principles :). I totally would have taken you up on your venture But I just started my own adventure in MT 3 months ago. Its been so exciting! Would love to pow wow with you though or perhaps share some ideas. You can find me on FB too.
    Here’s to Dreams!
    Caleb Ramon

  8. Simha

    Good luck this sounds like the best thing. im just super nervous on whether i could really do it.

  9. Valerie R.

    Good luck to you Sophie, and I sincerely hope you find some reliable comrades to share in the adventure! Ah, to be 27 again.. I’d join ya’all in a NY minute. Great area too, weather-wise.

  10. Ruben Martin Rivera

    Check my profile… I can build anything and am living off grid now somewhat in extreme conditions (Wa) Pac West… could use a change of pace & new skills if you will teach… Ruben Martin Rivera (TW)

  11. Nikki

    your ideas about living off grid sound great and I am very interested. I am in the inland empire in la county, about 1/2 the san Bernardino county line and close to the base of mountains, there are many empty plots of land around here that could work if you are willing to get settled in this area for a bit. I would enjoy traveling for a length of time but am looking to start school, however could stay put to keep the place going while you and everyone is gone. this sounds great and would like to work out details if you are interested.


  12. Nico Palermo

    This sounds so awesome i am also from southern California so i can vouch the weather will stay great all the time. My concern is how will we stake the land from the state what will prevent us from being up rooted.