[before_listing id=301 images= youtube=null] I’m looking for like-minded individuals to plan & purchase a large acreage for off-grid woodland living in the UK, Ireland or islands. Either for community living or subdivision of land thereafter – I’m open minded about the details. Established woodland would be nice but I’m happy to plant & wait for it to grow too. Anywhere considered, but the more remote the better. Let’s have a chat about it![landbuddy_listing id=301 youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Let’s change the world- one small piece.”

  1. kelandu

    I am wanting to sell my council house and go and live off the land. I would live anywhere in the UK within reason. I wouldnt have enough money to buy lots of land and build too. I wont have much. But I would be willing to chip in to get something. Its knowing where to tart. I currently live In west yorks )

  2. Wessel Jonkman


    I’m looking for the same thing, but I am worried about the strict regulations concerning land in the UK. I would love to know more about any ideas though. Hit me up if you like.


    Wessel Jonkman

  3. Miguel

    My mother and family has a (now wild) farm with an old house and a ruin here in Portugal, up north. They are selling the place (something around 160 000 euros I think) in the sequence of inheritance and admesurement stuff. She would like to keep the place and restore it and I talked to her about cob building and she liked the idea. But we need someone to join.
    She has her share and can contribute with 1/4 of the price. Say something if you’re interested


  4. Alyssa

    Hi, unfortunately UK land is super-expensive at the moment. Even buying agricultural land with no hope of planning permission requires about £5-10,000 and acre in the southeast, thanks to stock marketers purchaing it as a stable & rising commodity. What sort of route to planning permission does everyone envision? Due to cost I was thinking the field to farm route (see ben law’s book or field to farm website) but this involves staying in a caravan a few years, and th land would be agriculturally tied, so not suitable for prospective developers. Other alternatives are seeking change of use with the council for a joint development (Simon Fairlie style) or buying land in a designated development area, though this will almost certainly mean an urban/suburban fringe or brownfield site, and is more expensive. What route is everyone thinking of taking, so we can see if our ideas match up? Also, please see the off-grid 101 for details of a £2,000 water wheel I’d like to use (so let’s find a stream!) Not sure what will be happening with land prices in the future, so let’s hope they drop down a bit in the next few years.

  5. Simon

    Hey, I am from Cambridge and looking to buy some land with someone in the local area. Somewhere ideally above sea level and living off wind, solar and maybe even hydro if we are lucky enough to find running water.
    I have a baby son so i am wanting to invest a bit of money to spend on a decent building

  6. Alexandra

    Hi, I am looking to purchase land and create a cob house (with assistance from an other (s) who know how), preferably with others of a like-mind also building for themselves, who, like me, for various reasons (vocation, my son’s needs +wishes etc.) would probably retain some links with gridlife.

  7. Dan

    Hi… I’ve been looking for a bit of land so I can build a cob house (clay/straw) but not had much luck so far but have thought of whether there would be people interested in buying land together.

  8. Alyssa

    I’ve never been- what are they like? I would expect cold and barren? Are the planning details etc the same as the rest of the UK? How inhabited are they? Is it possible to grow food so far north?

  9. bill

    I just spent some time in the Outer Hebrides and Orkney and had very much an idea that it would be good to start thinking about off the grid living in such a place. There seem to be others thinking much the same. I met a few and have begun corresponding with them.