Hi im living off grid in the high desert of NE Nevada and Im looking for others to join me in my adventure.It has always been a dream to found a village of friends and neighbors – a community of different types of people but with a simple common ideal freedom.

Freedom to build how you want to eat whatever you want without some politician telling you its approved for consumtion.

I dont believe we can truly be free unless we also adopt sustainable practices in the form of energy,water and food so this would be important as well.

I have always found it funny how many Americans will keep guns and ammo with the idea that they will defend their freedoms
and rights and yet make no attempt to provide for their own food,water and energy.

you are not free when you rely on a government to provide your necesities of

Do unto others,live and let live,mind your own business,be of service to others etc etc these would be important sayings in a village I want to live in.

I think I fell in love with the idea of a village while reading the lord of the rings
so the fantasy towns of Hobbiton and Bree
with good food, good beer and many different
types of people fulfilling differnt roles in the community appeals to me.

Thanks for reading

The above was just a copy and paste of an old landbuddy post I did

its still mostly relevent but some things have changed.Most notably

I want to focus my search initially to someone or someones with suitable skills and life expierience to help set up the community

someone retired looking for a cheap living adventure may be good

ex military maybee I dont have much money but I do have resources

such as a small piece of property, solar,wind, rainfall  catchment,

greenhouse,rabbitry, chicken run and many others.

The right person may or may not want to stay long term there is lots

of cheap land available in the area for someone that wants to stay long term and set down roots or it could be a short term adventure.

Yes the sunsets are amazing same with stargazing, lots of wild critters around to keep you entertained and tons of history if you are into that and want to look.(anyone into metal detecting)

The down sides very little employment oportunities if you dont bring it with you chances are slim you will find it here and yes

you will need some income because i cant feed you.

also as i mentioned before extreme weather conditions and there is going to be times when you just cant get to town.Mud,snow or ice could cut of access from hours to months unless you have snowshoes or something similar.

All I can write for one night but ill answer any questions as best I can.


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