[before_listing images= youtube=null] I found the perfect site! It’s 150 Acres and I only need about $10,000 to buy it!

Well Actually I need about $7500 for the down payment, $150 for the land transfer, and at least $1000 for legal fees.

The land is 7 Hours North of Toronto. The closest major city is Timmins Ontario.

I can’t afford this on my own, it’s tight and I have two kids at home and one on the way.

I also don’t want to live in the middle of no where absolutely disconnected from human beings. I love people, I just really dislike cities and society.

So the plan is to split the cost of the land with other people who have the same vision.

I’m looking for off-grid would be’s who wish to settle in a small community.

If several of us came together to cover the cost of land we could be one step closer to freedom.

I have been looking at north Ontario land for a while now and I really Love the place we’ve found. It has a few ponds, creeks and forests. Tons of wildlife and is surrounded by crown land with year round road access.
It is an unorganized township with no building permits required and only minutes away from several amazing fishing spots.

I have contacted the seller and made arrangements to see it late this spring when the snow melts.

I hope to have enough money to purchase the land by the time I go to see it. I’d like anyone who is interested to join me to view the land. For those who can’t make it I love taking lots of pictures and videos.

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If everything goes well I will be camping at the site for the whole summer with my family and staying when we are able to erect a permanent winter proof shelter.

Plans for the future include a lot of gardening, chickens, hunting dogs and of course solar power and rainwater collection.

Yes we plan to hunt and fish!

I grew up on St. Joseph Island in a 12×12 Cabin. We grew our own food and lived a pretty amazing life until my parents split up. I’ve been living in the city for almost 2 decades and want to give my own children a way better life than the one I’m giving them right now.

Since I’ve lived in the city I’ve worked mainly in construction and skilled trades. I can build a house from whatever I have around me and I honestly mean that.

I’m an artist and I’m really passionate about being close to nature. My partner and I spent the whole summer last year just wandering around Ontario outside on the trails and camping crown land. We lived in a wooden hut in a swamp for a few weeks and then walked 40kms down the trans Canada rail trail and back in 2 days just because.
That’s just the kind of people we are!

I keep wondering if anyone has found my hut yet. I miss that hut, I’d rather be there right now even though it’s freezing cold. I built it on crown land and I can’t exactly live there year round. It’s so important to me that we find and buy land that we can live on and build on for year round.

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When we lived in the hut my idea of solar power was using two dollar store solar lamps to charge AA batteries for my camera. Oh yes you can make a solar battery charger for $2. This is the full extent of my technical ability. I don’t know how to set up solar or water systems. I need help with that part!

I want to add some gardens, some chickens, some goats and my family especially. The only way I can do that is if I find people willing to work together on the dream of establishing an Eco-Village.

Who’s on board?

Anyone who wants to come stay and volunteer to help us our is totally welcome any time and always!

Please if you have at least $1000 and want to go off grid let’s pool our resources and buy this land!

I’ll share more details with people who contact me![landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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