[before_listing id=399 images= youtube=null] Hi im living off grid in the high desert of NE Nevada and Im looking for others to join me in my adventure.It has always been a dream
to found a village of friends and neighbors
a community of different types of people but with a simple common ideal freedom.Freedom to
build how you want to eat whatever you want without some politician telling you its approved for consumtion.

I dont believe we can truly be free unless we also adopt sustainable practices in the form of energy,water and food so this would be
important as well.

I have always found it funny how many Americans will keep guns and ammo with the idea that they will defend their freedoms
and rights and yet make no attempt to provide
for their own food,water and energy.

you are not free when you rely on a government to provide your necesities of

Do unto others,live and let live,mind your own business,be of service to others etc etc these would be important sayings in a village I want to live in.

I think I fell in love with the idea of a village while reading the lord of the rings
so the fantasy towns of Hobbiton and Bree
with good food, good beer and many different
types of people fulfilling differnt roles in the community appeals to me.

Thanks for reading [landbuddy_listing id=399 youtube=null]

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23 Responses to “Lets build a village”

  1. MDon240

    I’m interested in helping to establish your community. I have skill in aquaponics/hydroponics and know how to raise ducks. Professional mechanical designer, hydraulic engineer and agricultural developer by trade.
    Please contact me

  2. Madeline

    Hey there.

    Sounds like great idea. Could you e-mail me so we could speak further?

  3. Jim and Alyssaa

    We believe that your efforts to begin an of grid community is commendable. We recently have felt the great need to join such people. We are both educated and have our own incomes. We have our own RV and transportation, but wherever we settle must have access to internet. Please tell us if you have room for 2 more.
    Jim and Alyssaa
    P.S. Email is sunshinebirdies@gmail.com

  4. simpledoesntequaleasy

    I would love to learn more about your community and how things are going. If you have room for 1 more, send me an email at jtvanbr@gmail.com.

  5. Kyrie

    I would love to learn more about your community. Please email me; would love to hear more from you!

  6. Debbie5412

    This is great are you still on this website? Can you email me another location so I can talk with all or some of you? Great ideas!

  7. cornfed

    now there’s a great thought! touch base with me, Im all for this idea !! tg2lynch@yahoo.com

  8. chowan

    still looking

    not sure if this bumps the post but ill
    give it a try.

  9. rick

    I would like to do that here in northern bc.feel free to contact me at this email address…. recycler5669@yahoo.ca thank you all
    There are some properties i know of that have 200 plus acres and could be purchased and divided for approx $25,000 if there was 8 people or couples that would like to do the same.

  10. Travis

    this sounds great….where do we sign up? what is the start up cost?

  11. Jeremy

    Hey, guys sorry for the slow response. I will also post on the forum. I advise you all to research earthships for housing. Especially if you’re talking about drilling UP TO 300 feet in Montello to get water and damage the water table. Water catchment is the healthier, for both you and the environment, way of getting water. http://www.earthship.org

  12. Vincent Brunn

    Please send an email to the above address. I am interested in the same goals.
    My background is in Alternative Energy System Applications, Small Business Priciples, and formerly a licensed Realtor.
    This enables me to organize the various aspects into a viable vision of Self-Sufficientcy.
    If you are interested in connecting, email me.

  13. Tara

    Chowen, I am very interested in you concept. I had the opportunity to read several of the emails and want to add a couple of comments. You are exactly correct about creating or having a product to create wealth to support the community. My first concept would be to grow a organic crop. I am sure a water well will need to be drill for this but over time if a successful a crop can be shipped around the country. Another concept could be inviting individuals out to vacation off- the grid. I am sure there are many other suggestions but I think both of these concepts can be done with a small amount of money.

  14. johnny

    extremely interested chowman, i’ve been doing irrigation for the last couple years in texas and am ready to get the hell out of this state. hope to hear from you soon

  15. chowan

    here is the forum link it would be nice to hear everybodies thoughts,ideas and questions


    I think with jeremy and his wife we have at least
    3 established https://www.off-grid.net members already in the area. thats a great start even if we are not
    right next door to one another.

  16. chowan

    very cool jeremy have we talked before? please
    drop in on the forum and tell everyone what you think of montello and surrounding areas

  17. Jeremy

    My wife and I are doing the same thing. We’re building an Earthship and starting a permaculture farm just north of you outside Montello. We have 10 acres of land and are working towards moving that direction.

  18. Rebekah Boble

    Wow! I would like to know more also!

  19. chowan

    Hi its great to see some interest perhaps we can take this over to forum because i have had lots of trouble with landbuddy.
    ill start a new thread in forum where i can explain things easier.

  20. Lone Eagle

    Well Chowan, Ya right up my alley. I have lived for many years over in Elko and down in Ely. I an a I just saw the phrase earlier, medically retired disabled Veteran. Just curious where about in NE Nevada will the community be?

  21. Jay

    Hello Chowan,

    I am very interested in discussing with you the possibility of moving to Nevada and being your neighbor. Could you please contact me so we could discuss it further ?


  22. happyearthhomes

    Hey there bud i would like to talk with you my email is Joe.angler@yahoo.com are you willing to do owner financing and what towns are near by my wife and i do still need to work in order to succeed at our goal and what is local law like for building off grid homes

  23. elnav

    Chowan, your post echo some of my own sentiments but you did not mention one of the most important elements which is a sense of community. Not just sense of community but an actual yet intangible something that binds a collection of people together into what can be considered a spirit of common purpose.