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48 Responses to “Energy Design Service”

  1. Neil

    Hi this is an awesome article

  2. suzanne

    Would like an idea on the cost of a system to provide electric for my 7 room – 3 story – 800 square foot per floor. At the minimum I would need to cover my water pump for the well, refrigerator, some lighting and electric outlets, Beyond that maybe a bit more for luxury items like a TV. Also are there contractors around who could install a system in southeast Pennsylvania, US.

  3. Lauren

    Hi, I live in Mossel Bay, South Africa. Currently we are experiencing so much load shedding that I’d like to find out more about your product and pricing etc…Thank you

  4. Tony Delucia

    See many requests for info,specs,pricing,ect… I am also requesting info. Live in S. Dakota & sometimes the elec. goes off for many hours & sometimes days during the coldest winters. I need something dependable and safe. Have a great day!

  5. Sam

    Hi, I am moving to East Africa in April and really need this service personally and as a business

  6. erick

    yeah it would be nice to get a price thanks

  7. Diana

    Hi there, like all the others, I’d like more info, price etc…I live in North San Diego CA…thanks so much…

  8. Jiri

    Can you send me some info and prices about the 2.2k power kit? I’m from Belgium! Many thanks.

  9. Todd P

    Please let me know what it would cost to power our house in the Philippine Islands. Is it possible to power a small wall/window air con unit? Thanks.

  10. Monika

    I am interested information on a system off grid for a container home that would be in Latin America.
    What can you offer and we also need it to be efficient and safe for electro sensitive people.

  11. Liam

    Full details & price please. Can it supply 250v?
    Thank you

  12. Franchi

    Please email some information on the 2.2k system and price list. Thanks so much

  13. Reynoso Sunglao

    I am interested of this 2.2KWH system of yours pls. send me INFO and Price list of the unit. and other details.

  14. Vic

    Hi, to bad their wasn’t a form to fill out, in requesting info on the 2.2 systems, costs, specs, ect. And info on their other systems. (Or their link). It’s great to see so many people responding to your article!! I would also love the info. Thanks for your post, Vic


    please send information on 2.2 system we are using 235 kwh per month now and still reducing.
    14844 fish lake road, Grantsburg wi 54840
    thank you

  16. Robyn

    Please send me Australian $ cost (and any other information) about the 2.2 kw energy system- I live in Sisters Beach, in NW Tasmania, Australia, many thanks for your great work.

  17. Chambo Zeliang

    I live in India’s North East, and I want know the price for 2.2k system. Will it possible for shipping it to India or do you have dealing with some Indian companies to whom I can contact?

  18. Lisa

    And any other news.


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