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I am a 50 year-old artist. I have lived all over the country – and seen many types of cultures. I have been living semi- off-grid within the urban setting since 2008 when I lost my job and became “homeless”. I have not been able to find “normal” work since then. I have been living on charity. I am liberty-minded and spiritual, but non-denominational. I believe in Unity through Diversity – my life’s mission is to demonstrate many different kinds of people living and working together through the use of principle and consensus. I have been involved in alternative currency (barter currency) movements and have been bartering for 5 years. I would not return to Babylon if I could – I am getting ready to let it all go. It might take me a few more years – as long as it takes to find the group and build the earth ship (s).

My skills are in communication and relationships –

I have 3.78 acres in the San Luis Valley, CO. I have water rights but no wells yet. There is fresh water and thermal water. There are no building codes. There is more land available and it is the least expensive land I have ever seen, although the cost to drill is about $20 per foot. There are others who own property there who would be willing to share in the cost to drill. It is 30 mi from Crestone, CO & 16 mi from Saguache, CO. It is on a main road but it is desolate. It is in the San Juan Mountain Range. It is very beautiful in a high-desert way. There is sage brush, but no trees at the moment.

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I would like to build earth ship(s), a garden, and live sustainably with or without money, utilizing non-denominational spiritual principles and formal consensus, in community. Businesses of members are encouraged – bees, organic vegetables and farm products, classes, artwork, etc. Barter – alternative currency. There is more land available.

It is not entirely off-grid and it would be possible to have a land-line telephone and land-line internet.

On my website are both a link to formal consensus and to the details of the principles of self-governance as well as a brief history of the project. The principles are non-denominational spiritual principles which have been hammered out by trial and error and used with success to run the most liberty-minded entity of over 2 million members for over 75 years, with no government. They work.

My philosophy is Live and Let Live… but when people live in close proximity, they must also consider how their actions affect their neighbors – so Live and Let Live…thoughtfully and kindly.

I am looking for people who have skills and those who are willing to learn. I want people who don’t use drugs and alcohol to an excess such that it interferes with their commitments. People who believe in Live and Let Live but also are personally responsible, thoughtful, considerate and self-governing.

I am looking for people who are altruistic – either by nature or who have learned it through necessity and now love it. I am looking for people who are open-minded – who have the interior spirit of collaboration and ingenuity, courtesy and kindness, patience and tolerance, existing within them.
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9 Responses to “Left-Hand Monkey wRanch…”

  1. Joanna

    To Jeff:

    I would be willing to have you set up a tiny house on the property in exchange for work – I will contact you via email. Joanna

  2. jeff

    just found your listing and it sounds interesting. I am looking to settle in a tiny home or something similar. Would like to purchase small amount of land. interested in learning more if situation is still viable

  3. TommyB

    I have many skills in the construction industry and love working with my hands. I’d like to get a hold of you and see if I could be of any help.

  4. glen

    I live above the san luis valley. I have been off the grid going on 5 years. My house is made out of sand bags and I raise chickens and geese. I will barter if you need chickens or geese. Soon I will have ducks and some pheasants. There are about 4 families in the area that are trying to get a barter system going. I have built my place from recycled stuff. If you need some help let me know.

  5. joannagw


  6. tom_and_nina

    We are 40 + 27 years old, living in new york city, she bartends / waitresses and I run a small moving company, saving up to move out west and live off the grid. We have saved and purchased an old small 15 ft rv trailer and have mounted an extensive 650w solar system to it, with plans to use as a base system once we find land and build a small cabin. We dont have a lot of money but we are planning to hit the road this spring and go westward. We’d like to find a homestead to stay on and help out and learn more, either temporarily or if a good fit, permanently. I have a lot of Computer skills, Windows, Linux, hardware, networking.. Gardening skills, raised self watering beds, organic practices, solar powered irrigation pumps, tomato cultivation and other veggies. I have worked with horses, cows, pigs, chickens.. I have some construction experience.. I have a well rounded jack of all trades knowledge, some stronger in some areas, and much more to learn in others. She is extremly creative and resourseful, makes homemade organic soaps and vegetarian meals. We are skeptical of the federal government and the bankers that run the politics, and of most of society that are sitting ducks and contribute to the problems by being passive or supportive of the practices of the attitudes that are against that of the original frontier freedom oriented pioneers and self suffient DIY’ers who believe in limited government and personal responsibility.

    Ideally we’d like to find the almost impossible… A modest peice of land situated in a high valleyin the foothills with mild weather (not too cold, not too hot) on south facing tract, with a water table close to the surface to tap into, or an all year spring and / or stream, or at least a water collection system that is reliable year round.. Good soil to grow in and beautiful landscape. Thinking this may be in Northwestern or Eastern Arizona, Southern Utah, Northeastern or western New Mexico, Southern Colorado….

  7. timothy seeley

    would we able to come and live partly offgrid and help with have dog and 2 cats

  8. james

    Hi my name is james I own 5 acres very close to you apparently so thought I’d say hi. I’m a Jack of all trades construction, welding, mechanical are just a few examples this is my number9706199462 text is best. I’m moving there spring 2014 need help getting green houses set up

  9. Heather

    I saw your ad and I was wondering if you’d like to contact me? mustangrider1969@gmail.com