[before_listing id=446 images= youtube=null] Hi my name is John im 29 and have lived in south houston all my life and am looking to move to the country. I see things getting worse as more people have been moving to houston since the economy has gone down. I have done a lot of research into living off the grid, and would like to throw ideas with other like minded people.[landbuddy_listing id=446 youtube=null]

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19 Responses to “Leaving Houston”

  1. Art Weaver

    I have crazy level skills and knowledge on prepping and living off the grid. But my age prevents me from going it from scratch. I an scouting land in Wyoming for a ten family community. I’m looking for younger couples and families that would be interested in an arrangement to share this beautiful wilderness location with myself and my family.
    If you are interested, email me!
    Homes will be built into the landscape and share communal resources and areas. There is no construction on site at this time so I recommend an RV. If you don’t have an RV then you will need to be vetted to live there, as the winners are somewhat harsh!

  2. Johnny Bravo

    So update I got off the street and into a apartment outside of Denver but it only lasted for so long, eventually work, money, and bills start to come into play and yet again things can never come fast enuf. Right now im looking to move out to Terlingua, Tx which is where I was thinking of moving before I decided on moving to Denver.

  3. Derek

    We too are looking for a collective community to start or join. We live in a motor home and society and Houston is getting the best of us. I really dont want my two babies to grow up in this society. We have the skills needed but would like to meet like minded families and see what we can come up with by pulling our resources.

  4. Klyn

    Yet another Houstonian interested in self sustainability. Why don’t we all have a meet up and discuss a community?

  5. Farmer bill

    Hey guys! The answer is simple and not so simple. Going off the grid would require land. Texans cherish their land and in case you haven’t noticed land in rural Texas has skyrocketed in price good luck thinking you can just go off the grid and not be some kind of farmer or rancher because that’s what’s going off the grid would essentially mean. Good luck everyone.

  6. Diana

    I am south of Houston but still commute into Houston every day. I agree that things are changing and it is a good time to rethink things. I am always trying to learn skills and gather information to be ready to make a move off grid. I know i am not alone as it seems the number of people wanting to go off grid keeps growing all the time. I also believe an off grid community is the best way to go, just not sure how you go about creating one.

  7. Jermaine

    I’m also in houston and looking to go off grid. I’ve been bringing my prepper knowledge up to par with what I know about security and think off grid communities are the best route.

  8. joy

    Dave: I am thinking about land a bit outside Houston, what area were you thinking? I would like some nice land, have a custom home and small fruit and vegtable garden.

  9. David

    My wife and I live in Houston, we’ve been considering selling a downtown property, but where to go then, can’t stand the idea of moving to Soccer-Mom hell out in Katy. We are outdoors people though with a prepper outlook, which set me thinking that we should consider a small ranch on it’s own small piece of acreage, for fruit and vegetable small crops. the land outside of Houston is dirt cheap (compared to the land in the city). Seems to me we could go almost completely off-the-grid out there.

  10. Angela

    I’m with you Danielle…it would be better to get a group together assess skills of all involved and start a small community where all is equal..

  11. Danielle

    I quit my job. I’m selling my worthless material possessions I thought I needed at some point. I don’t know what I will do next but hopefully reading these blogs might help or advice . :) seems that other ppl would like a chance but don’t know how to start as well. I’m wondering if all should just oraganize and pick a place and work on it together.

  12. Danielle

    It’s so hard to make a choice. I wish it was easier to know if I could even offer anything to a community. I am open to classes before I would choose but I fear I would be running away from problems that will follow ppl like us. I just always picture zombie like ppl that didn’t think anything would happen or care coming out to grids in panick survival mode.

  13. Ryan

    Badass johnny im happy for you im looking to escape houston as well

  14. JohnnyBravo

    Im actually in Denver now i moved out here mid november 2012 and its great living. The freedoms of colorado fit my lifestyle as well i get to apply a lot of what ive learned in the past few years. Gear is very easy to come by and if you know the right people bartering and trading you can get most everything you need.

  15. Dan

    I am in Houston as well. Interested in simplifying my life and learning how to live as self sustained as possible. Any updates on your venture?

  16. mike

    I also live in Houston and couldn’t be more interested in fully sustainable design applications… There is a lot to learn if you are planning on building yourself.

  17. hyen

    i have been in Houston a few years and am looking to find good land west, to build a natural home with small organic subsistance farming. i am looking into ways to learn these skills. what have you found in your research?

  18. happyearthhomes

    Hello my wife and I are currently living off grid. in a off grid community in southern california we are looking for other people to join us in building a off grid community of our own near where we are now possibly or up north when the spring starts as we live in a rv full time

  19. sunandsea

    Im from San Antonio and i’m never going back, living in PA right now and loving the four seasons. I’m not off grid yet but i’m working to it. Looking for land or a community that is a fit for my family. I would said start by visiting off grid peps around you see what there up too.